Nothing says luxury more than a glorious bathtub, situated in the midst of your bathroom. Beckoning you for a nice hot soak each time you enter the room. You can’t help but naturally feel drawn to it. Rather than putting your feet up on your lounge after a long day at work, the thought of relaxing your weary legs whilst being immersed in the welcoming arms of warm water, a calm atmosphere and where you can leave your worries behind you, sounds much more appealing. A bath is the embodiment of true relaxation, comfort, and serenity. It can be used to create the ideal spa treatment within your very own home. Simply place and light a few candles around the room, dim the lights, equip yourself with your cosiest towel and even play some soft, calming music for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Restoration Online is keen to get your path to pure serenity under way, which is why we offer an extensive range of Bathware to suit a multitude of bathroom designs. This includes designs such as transitional, Modern, Traditional, Farmhouse and more! Our range of baths come in many different styles and shapes and are made from sturdy materials. Brought to you by trusted leading brands, the main one being, Fienza and a delicate range by Turner Hastings, you know that your bathroom project will be made of quality and backed by experience.

A Historic Product

As a product that has been used for centuries, from the earliest tubs dug up by archaeologists upon ancient grounds to our modern-day bathtubs to date, a bathtub is indeed timeless. This includes the Roman Empire who were well known for their Roman Baths. Once upon a time, baths would fill up an entire room, much like a pool. These days they have been condensed down in size so that they can be enjoyed by many. The bathtub has been utilised and modified over the years as a way to wash and cleanse your body. More modern bathtubs came into play shortly after World War I and the bathroom ware industry began to boom. More products for this particular room in the home began to be manufactured and became popular.

In modern times, it can still be trendy to use bathtubs that have olden day features. It’s the perfect way to add a sense of royalty and charm to your bathroom, without even trying. If you’ve been thinking about incorporating a bathtub into your bathroom design, simply think of the amazing benefits it has to offer to you and your peace of mind.

Bathtub Styles

Regardless of your bathroom theme, Restoration Online has something for everyone, especially when it comes to bathtub styles. Perhaps you’re beginning your project by tackling a bathroom remodel, or you have your dream bathroom design for a completely new build envisioned, then let Restoration Online provide you with the ingredients to turn this dream into a reality.

Traditional bathrooms are not a thing of the past. They are timeless and continue to bring elegance and cosiness to homes all across Australia and the world. A traditional bathroom will require a traditional bathtub style to keep on par with the overall aesthetic which brings both warmth and character to the room. At Restoration Online, we offer the Classic Claw-foot Bathtub. A bathtub that delivers so much potential and is a perfect fit for bathroom styles such as heritage, farmhouse, Rustic and period bathrooms. We also offer the option for chrome, white or black feet for the tub. These colour options allow you to fit in with the rest of your bathroom decor to create a seamless flowing feel throughout the room. If you like the style of this bath but have a more modern bathroom, then you can choose from the black feet option to create a much more luxurious contemporary feel.

Bathtubs are not only used for traditional spaces. Baths are suitable for all modern styles also. The trick is to purchase a bath that resembles the overall feel of your bathroom. Modern bathrooms are sleek with clean cut lines which allows the eye to focus purely on the architecture of the product rather than getting distracted by extravagant detailing. Our supplier, Fienza, offer an amazing collection of contemporary style bathtubs which can be used for both large and small homes.

Our range of Corner Baths and Back to Wall baths are simply the best for smaller bathrooms or where you want a more compact floorplan. These are popular in many residential homes and apartments, where luxury meets convenience.

Freestanding baths are luxurious and create a perfect centrepiece for the room. They tend to be the main focus of the room which brings a relaxing and serenity vibe to your bathroom. They generate a high-end feel and will make you feel wealthy and prosperous when you run yourself a relaxing soak. You will be able to shape your own sanctuary where you can feel harmony within your home regardless of the type of day you have had.

Each bath on our website is unique and is available in an array of different shapes to suit your style which includes, rectangular, curved or round. Made from the very durable material UV stabilised sanitary grade Acrylic and offered in both white and black finishes, you can rest-assured that you will be receiving nothing less than amazing quality that is built to last. A white bath tub will provide your bathroom with a clean, fresh feel or you can use a black bath to create a hotel-luxury feel within your bathroom, that can be complemented with matching black tapware. We even offer the drop in baby bath made from sturdy fireclay which is perfect for your newborn or the grandparents who are planning on many hours of babysitting. There is really something for everyone and you will be totally spoilt for choice when it comes to your bath purchase.

Bath vs Showers

Nowadays life is all about convenience which is why you may think that Baths have no competition when it comes to choosing between them and a shower. However, both showers and baths, even in an efficiency-based world, both come with their pros and cons. There may be some points you wish to consider during the planning stage of your bathroom layout.

Showers generally use less water and are easily accessible for the elderly and injured. To take a shower is much quicker than running and soaking yourself in the bath. Showers are also perfect for bathrooms with minimal space.

We all know that baths are not only relaxing, but they help to heal the soul. Let’s face it, baths are the reason for the amazing invention of bath bombs. With a drop of bubble bath and the healing properties found in Epsom salts, you can sit back and relax and let your body absorb the beneficial minerals and sense of relaxation. Warm baths can soothe muscle and arthritic pain and steam baths can relive sinus congestion. A hot bath can also help with getting a good night’s sleep. Baths are also practical and can be used in families with children as they are deemed as a safer method of washing for kids. Baths do take up space however and can use more water, but the water can be enjoyed for a longer period of time. Baths are not always the best for the elderly however as they may struggle with getting in and out. If you’re worried about lying in the bath once the dirt has been removed from your body, fix this by installing a fancy Telephone Shower Tap, so you can soak and then rinse yourself off once you are finished.

So now the decision is up to you. Both utilities have benefits and disadvantages but are unique in their own way. It’s up to your personal preference along with your bathroom design as to what product will work best for you. If you are having difficulty deciding on one or the other, why not have both? That’s right, you can incorporate both utilities into your bathroom space. Install a bath or shower separately or combine the two together to save on space.

Related Products

Once you have your luscious bath installed, its time to add the finishing touches. You can’t have a bath without the source in which the crystal clear H20 flows from. That’s why we offer a fantastic range of Bath Tapware for both modern and traditional baths. Our tapware also can be either wall-mounted or floor mounted depending on your needs. We also have bath accessories so you can fit your bath with the perfect matching plug and bath wastes, to complement all your bathroom accessories.

If you’ve decided to go with shower and are incorporating it with your bath or are simply just having an individual unit by itself, we have a wide variety of shower tapware for you to choose from. If you have any questions about our products and would like to place an order, please contact us, and speak with one of our helpful and friendly sales team who will be more than happy to assist you.


We ship our baths Australia wide, so if you have your eye on a particular bath or style, it can be yours with a few simple clicks of a button. Our website is unable to calculate shipping for these items. Therefore, please request a shipping quote on the product webpage. If you place an order, we will contact you with a shipping price. You will be able to cancel your order if you are unhappy with the cost. We distribute our baths to regional and metro areas including cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and more! Get online today and start shopping for your dream bathroom!