Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Here at Restoration Online, we offer a large variety of Kitchen sinks suitable for every occasion and function. As one of the main rooms in your home, it is important that you purchase a sink that will cater to all your needs and withstand the trials sent its way. You will need a sink that is not only stylish but can stand the tests of time and will flow with the everchanging trends.

Double-bowl kitchen sinks are a favourite of many and have been around for quite some centuries now. Though some materials and usages for double bowl sinks have changed over the years, their loyalty to many happy homes has not gone unnoticed by newer kitchen designs of today. They are still greatly appreciated amongst many kitchen renovations and still serve vital purposes where you need them to most.

With our extensive selection of double bowl sinks, you can choose from several different styles, sizes and finishes that are suited to both modern and heritage style homes. Brought to you by some of Australia’s leading sink manufacturers including, 1901 Sinks, Turner Hastings, Shaws Sinks, Fienza, Abey Australia, Meir and more! Depending on your project design and theme, you can choose a sink that is classy, cosy and a traditional white, or go, with black to create a luxury hotel vibe in your own home. With many other colours and materials to choose from, you can rely on Restoration Online to provide you with quality and premium products that will serve you faithfully for the upcoming years.

Double-Bowl Sink Vs. Single Bowl

Each kitchen is unique and caters to the need of the individual homeowner. When choosing a sink for your kitchen, you will want to think about the aesthetic, along with the functionality level you wish to achieve based on your own personal preferences. Single bowls and double bowl kitchen sinks both possess great qualities and so it will be up to you to make the final decision as to what will work best in your space. However, at Restoration Online, we like to make the online purchasing process as simple as possible, so please allow us to give you a quick rundown of both sink styles to help aid you with making your decision.

A single bowl sink is made of one large basin with no dividers. Double bowl sinks on the other hand consist of two basins as part of one unit which is separated by a divider. Traditional sinks have the bowls at the same size, however some newer models come with a 1.5 bowl or 1.75 bowl ratio. The means the unit can take up less counter space but you still have the benefit of have two separated bowls.

It is true that since the rise of dishwashers, double bowl sinks have slightly decreased in popularity. This is because the second bowl of the sink was typically used for soaking dirty dishes, which is now something that a dishwasher is also capable of. However, double bowl sinks have so many other beneficial points than simple dish soaking. Double bowl sinks allow you to accomplish everyday kitchen jobs both easily and efficiently.

Single bowl sinks are useful for washing large pots and pans. Installing a double sink on the other hand, means you can use one bowl to stack your dirty dishes and utensils, whilst simultaneously preparing a meal and vegetables in the other. It makes like easier for keen cooks and bakers and you can even store your drying rack in one side to help save on counter space, while still using the other side of the sink for other kitchen practices.

The choice is now yours, which sink will you choose to turn your dream kitchen vision into a reality?

What type of double bowl sink should you go for?

You will be totally spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a sink style for your Kitchen space. Our delightful range of fireclay double bowl butler sinks will suit any heritage style farmhouse, or a classic Hamptons home to a tea. Double-bowl sinks are very traditional and will work well in any older style kitchen. For a more modern look, however, why not choose from our range of stainless-steel double bowl sinks or a granite sink to complete your contemporary aesthetic.

With numerous installation methods, such as a drop-in or undermounted sink, you can achieve a kitchen design that belongs in a magazine! With these options on hand, your kitchen project will be completed with ease and be able to work efficiently in the end.

If you are still tossing up between which sink to go for, why not get in contact with us by giving us a call or sending through an email. You can then speak with one of our experienced and friendly sales team members to help you discuss the possibilities of your upcoming project and the options that may work best for you.

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We ship all our sinks with free shipping Australia wide! Regardless of where you are situated, whether it be Perth, Melbourne, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney or a little rural town or property, we ship to both regional and metro areas. This means that you can have access to these amazing products, no matter where you live in Australia, by the click of a button. Grab your double bowl kitchen sink today and have it shipped to your doorstep!