Are you thinking about choosing a vanity for your bathroom build? Perhaps you’re tossing up whether to go for a simple bathroom basin or for a high-end bathroom vanity. If you haven’t yet made up your mind and are currently in the searching process, then let us help aid you in your decision making. At Restoration Online we like to provide our customers with a range of options to suit their needs and bathroom requirements. Our range of vanities are capable of suiting an array of bathroom styles and aesthetics. We have double vanities, small vanities, corner vanities & mirror cabinets, so whatever you’re in the market for, we can supply it. There is truly something for everyone and you simply cannot go wrong when you decide to purchase a vanity from our company. Keep reading to find out why this is the case!

Everyone knows that a bathroom could never be complete without a basin. It serves many purposes and is the main motive for hygiene. From washing your hands regularly, to brushing your teeth, to rinsing your face after a long day at work. Let’s face it, we would be lost without one. This is why it is so important to choose a vanity that will suit the needs of you and your household. The vanity you choose must prove to be functional to meet your bathroom requirements and be able to blend in, complementing the rest of your bathroom style. Our vast range of vanities are offered in a variety of sizes, colours, materials and styles to transform any bathroom from dull to elegantly exotic. From Traditional vanities to vanities suited to a contemporary bathroom, Restoration Online as the bathroom unit for you. If you need help choosing a vanity, please do not hesitate to contact us to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team members who can help point you in the right direction.

The History of Vanities

What is a vanity and where did it come from? Vanities are comprised of three main components that make up the full unit. This is typically a sink, countertop, and a mirror, along with additional storage space. Many modern vanities have more added components such as lights, shelving etc. These three basic elements are the starting point for any vanity unit. The design of the vanity will highly impact its functionality and overall look in a bathroom space and is a major aspect that should be considered at the beginning of any bathroom project.

History shows the first vanities consisting of merely a table with a built-in basin, located within the bed chambers. This was a device used to wash your face both morning and night. As the plumbing world became more advanced, the ‘vanity table’ was taken out of the bedroom and placed in the bathroom. What began as a simple ‘toilet table’, morphed into a ‘dressing table’ then eventually became the term we all recognise today; a ‘Vanity’. Although the product had its humble beginnings, it has certainly grown in popularity over the years and is now one, amongst others, the most common bathroom fittings around.

Why choose a vanity over a normal bathroom sink?

Why opt for a bathroom vanity instead of a standard basin? Vanities can be very beneficial in many different circumstances. Even though Vanities are very large and take up a lot of room, they actually offer additional space that you can utilise in your bathroom, so the space does not go to waste. This space is offered in a variety of ways using mainly, drawers, cupboards and shelves built into the vanity unit. Many of our vanities offer customisations, so that you can choose the type of storage facility you require for your bathroom. This allows you to fully personalise your vanity to accommodate for your certain tastes and needs.

With this in mind, this leads to the next beneficial point. With a place to store all of your essential bathroom products, installing a vanity in your bathroom means there will be less clutter and it will be easier to keep your bathroom spick and span. This makes caring for your bathroom extremely easy and ultimately creates a less stressful environment. Another advantage of incorporating this unit in your next build, is the pure design and aesthetic benefits. A vanity allows for creativity and a full imagination. With clean cut lines, smooth edges, a range of colours and materials, there is no doubt that you will be able to create the bathroom you have always envisioned.

What Vanity Style Options are there?

Our vanities are brought to you by some of Australia’s most trusted and leading brands in the industry. This includes brands such as Vanitone, Turner Hastings and Fienza. These brands offer unique vanity designs that can cater for numerous bathroom builds ranging from old-world to the newest of the 21st century. Depending on the requirements of your bathroom, besides the standard vanity installation we also offer both wall mounted and floor mounted options, so regardless of your project we have the products for you.

The Vanitone brand offer an amazing range of traditionally based vanities which are custom made and designed to suit several heritage and period style bathrooms. Not only do they have a range of different size options you can choose from, but they also give you the opportunity to fully design the vanity yourself to the measurements you require. Their range of colours are offer a warm and nostalgic feel, varying from French White, Mahogany, Baltics, Walnut and more. If this wasn’t enough, you can also choose between two styles of basin, either white or ivory and classic or federation and the colour of the vanity knobs. They are made of high-quality pine with very few blemishes. Some of these vanities are available with wall cabinets or mirrors. You are completely spoilt for choice with these vanities from Vanitone, proudly brought to you by Restoration Online.

Turner Hastings is another well-known brand that offers a great range of vanity options. From their Coventry range with marble countertops to their wall hung Burnley range. These vanities offer both grace and elegance while being simplistic. If you are wanting a vanity that will blend in nicely with your existing bathroom fittings, then a Turner Hastings Vanity is the way to go. Choose between a number of wall hung, floor standing and basin stand vanities to complete your perfect vanity design.

The Fienza range is nothing short of magnificent. The possibilities are endless. A vanity from Fienza is the key to your contemporary bathroom success. These vanities are also perfect for the classic and forever popular Hamptons style bathrooms. You can pick your basin type, mounting style and size all online and have the vanity specially manufactured to these specific details. These are offered in floor mounted and wall mounted options giving your bathroom the feeling of extra space and freedom. This selection of vanities also is designed to suit a number of specific ranges of Fienza shower and tapware and matching bathroom accessories. Being so particular about these fine details means that you can create a harmonious style flow throughout your entire bathroom that will make you feel right at home and be a real eye-catcher for your visiting guests.

Related Products

Every basin needs its tapware, for which Restoration Online undoubtedly has you covered for. If you’ve decided on a Vanitone vanity then opting for a matching traditional/heritage style tap from suppliers such as CB Ideal would be the way to go. The CB Ideal range of tapware is suited perfectly to the old-world style and will suit the rest of your bathroom décor to a tea. Both Fienza and Turner Hastings offer matching tapware for their vanities as well, so your bathroom will feel really put together.

Last but not least, you can also buy all of your bathroom accessories and bathroom cabinets from Restoration Online from the corresponding brands. Rather than mix and matching all of your bathroom fittings together, you can simply purchase all of your fittings from the same brand and create a unified design that is sure to impress!


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