Discover a carefully curated selection of the finest quality Italian made taps. Available in a range luxurious and exclusive finishes and styles to suit any taste and style.


Established in 1960, Italian tapware manufacturer, Nicolazzi, has been crafting premium, luxury taps for more than 50 years. Respecting the time-honoured traditions of Italian design, every component is carefully thought out, constructed, and assembled by hand; each piece is born from an unwavering commitment to excellence, and a passion for creating timeless, classic tapware.

Located in the tranquil municipality of Alzo, Italy, Nicolazzi takes inspiration from the picturesque environment and surrounds to craft high-end kitchen taps and bathroom taps that are beautiful, functional, and most importantly, environmentally friendly. Made from lead-free brass and other corrosion-resistant materials, Nicolazzi’s expansive range of tapware and accessories, including watermark taps, do not release nickel or zinc into the water, making them one of the most eco-friendly, non-toxic tapware brands in the Australian market.

Nicolazzi’s classic tapware is not only stunning but is also extremely durable; drawing upon unparalleled expertise and using only quality raw materials, every part is hand-finished with the utmost care to ensure these luxurious offerings will truly stand the test of time. From sink taps to bath taps, each tap is rigorously pressure-tested before leaving the factory to ensure its quality and robustness. Nicolazzi taps are also covered by a generous 15-year warranty period, providing maximum peace of mind, and guaranteeing their quality, durability, and longevity.

With exceptional craftsmanship and unrivalled passion, Nicolazzi have created the finest collection of European style bathroom tapware, bathroom accessories, and kitchen taps, that is unmatched in build quality, design, or elegance. Their thoughtfully curated range of exquisite shower taps, basin taps, bath taps, 3 piece kitchen tap sets, and more, means consistency, quality and style are assured without compromise throughout an entire project.

Nicolazzi’s extensive range boasts a diverse array of handle options and period styles, encompassing vintage English spout taps, transitional gooseneck outlet taps, industrial wall mounted kitchen taps, French provincial telephone taps, art deco bathroom mixer taps, and modern pull out taps. It also includes high-end, hard-to-find options such as water filter taps, kitchen spray taps, bridging set taps with separate hand spray, and pot filler taps. Available in a myriad of bespoke finishes, and hand finished to an extremely high standard, these top-tier products will transform any space.

To truly appreciate the transformative potential of Nicolazzi tapware, their vintage styles pair perfectly with genuine, fireclay kitchen sinks such as those from Shaws Sinks, 1901 Sinks & Taps, and Chambord Sinks to create authentic French provincial or cosy farmhouse spaces. Alternatively, granite Schock Sinks will complement any industrial or modern style Nicolazzi taps. Finally, no space is complete without cabinet handles from leading Australian brands Hepburn Hardware or Castella, each offering a sophisticated and carefully curated range of furniture handles to fit any décor.

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Nicolazzi Finishes

Nicolazzi tapware and accessories are available in a myriad of decadent and bespoke finishes, designed to suit any décor style, ensuring a perfect fit for any application or project.

Chrome – Polished chrome taps are extremely hard wearing and designed for long durability. This strong, static finish will stand the test of time, never losing its sparkle or shine. Perfect for any setting from art deco to modern.

Brushed Chrome – Brushed chrome taps are the same as polished chrome taps in terms of hardiness and longevity. Instead of being polished to a high-shine, this finish is hand-brushed to give the tap a more matte, subtle finish. Brushed silver taps are best suited to industrial or modern décor.

Bright Nickel – The golden undertones of polished nickel taps are perfectly at home amongst other warm toned textiles and fixtures. Sometimes also called Pewter, this galvanic finish tarnishes over time, making it a popular choice for period restorations.

Satin Nickel – Satin Nickel taps, sometimes also called brushed nickel taps, are like bright nickel taps, however, rather than being highly polished, this finish is brushed by hand. The resulting finish is one with the appearance of steel, making it the perfect complement to stainless steel appliances.

Matte Black – Black taps offer superior versatility, fitting perfectly in any setting from French provincial, to Hamptons, and even neo-traditional. This highly durable and hard-wearing finish is obtained with a polymer coating, which is then oven baked to ensure superior protection from corrosion and scratching.

Iron – This dark galvanic finish is hand brushed to give an aged, ‘lived in’ appearance, and then sealed with a transparent, matte protective coating. Like gunmetal taps, iron taps lend themselves well to antique and industrial settings.

Matte White – Like Matte Black, this finish is obtained with a polymer coating that is then oven baked, resulting in a sturdy and long-lasting finish. White taps are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in modern, minimalist settings.

Rose Gold – This stunning, anti-tarnish finish is created from real, 24 carat gold. During electroplating, copper is added to a galvanic basin of an industrial salt KAu(CN)2, resulting in a gorgeous pink colour that is then polished to a high shine. Rose gold taps are designed to stand out and be the statement piece of any kitchen or bathroom.

Copper Plated – A finish exclusive to Nicolazzi, brass is electroplated with copper, which is then hand brushed and finally finished with a protective coating. The clear coating ensures this finish is anti-tarnish and long lasting, while also adding a slightly glossy sheen. Paired with the subtle brush strokes in the copper, the resulting finish strikes a perfect balance which is neither shiny nor matte but instead is soft and luxurious.

Tuscan Brass – Another finish exclusive to Nicolazzi, Tuscan Brass is achieved by treating the raw brass in a process of galvanic oxidation, resulting in a rich colour that is designed to further deepen and age over time. Being a living finish, care must be taken when cleaning to ensure the aged finish is not removed.

Dark Bronze – A hand brushed, dark galvanic finish that has the appearance of aged bronze, but which is anti-tarnish due to its brilliant transparent protective coating, resulting in an elegant and glossy finish.

Dark Bronze Matte – The same colour as Dark Bronze but which is coated in a matte protective lacquer, giving it a more subtle appearance than its glossy counterpart.

Raw Brass – As the name suggests, this highly popular finish is raw unprotected brass. This living finish, which is exclusive to Nicolazzi, will naturally age and tarnish over time and with use, resulting in a truly authentic and real antique look that is perfect for any restoration project.

Antique Gold – This soft and warm galvanic gold finish is hand brushed and finished with a matte protective lacquer, resulting in a truly classic colour which exudes sophistication and class while being durable and long lasting.

Bronze Plated – Similar in tone to Antique Gold, this hand brushed, galvanic finish is anti-tarnish due to its transparent protective coating, which also gives it a slightly glossy appearance. Bronze taps are subtle yet timeless.

Brushed Brass – Like raw brass, this finish is also unprotected brass which has been lightly polished to a soft brushed appearance, and which will develop a beautiful natural patina over time. Brushed gold taps strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern.

Shining Brass – Another living finish, raw brass taps are polished to a high shine. These stunning taps really stand out and make a statement. These can be left to darken over time as the brass tarnishes or can be polished regularly to keep them looking fabulous.

Gold – Genuine 24 karat gold plated taps, this deep and rich galvanic finish radiates elegance and class while also being durable with anti-tarnish properties. Gold taps are available in three different tones:
1. Gold – the deepest finish
2. English Gold – a very light, pale gold colour
3. Gold Brass – a bright gold which is mid-way between Gold and English Gold