Bathroom Sinks

Restoration Online has a wide range of bathroom sinks and accessories that are sure to suit your needs and taste. Our range of basins and vanities range from the simple and stylish to the elegant and sophisticated. Whatever your choice, you can be assured of the finest quality bathroom basin being supplied to you.


The bathroom basin is an essential and integral part of your bathroom. First and foremost, it must prove to be functional for your needs and blend in with the rest of your fittings and complement the style that you wish to create. While the need for functionality is critical, there is still plenty of room to allow you to express your personality and style through the bathroom basin, whether you’re looking for an ultra modern feel or wish to go more traditional with a gorgeous copper sink that evokes memories of times past.


Whether you’re designing a bathroom for a new home or refurbishing an old one, we have a range of bathroom sinks that will offer you a variety of style and functionality choices


There are many decisions to be made before making your sink basin choice - wall basin or vanity? What type of vanity? What about a pedestal sink? Does the material that the basin is made of make a difference? What colours will complement your bathroom?


To assist you with your decision, we have compiled this bathrrom sink buying guide

Wall mount basin sinks

If you’re looking for a minimalistic modern bathroom, it may pay you to look at our range of wall mount bathroom basin sinks. Before deciding on a wall basin unit, it is important to ensure that you have sufficient fixing points and plumbing where you want to place the basin.

Pedestal Basins

Pedestal basins are a wall basin that is also fixed to the floor as well as the wall. They make a great choice for traditional style bathrooms and their design makes them a perfect choice for the smaller bathroom, ensuite or powder room.


Our vintage white pedestal basin, made from fireclay and with single and three taphole options makes the perfect choice for those looking for the vintage bathroom feel.

Vanity Basins

There are varying bathroom vanity basin designs all of which have their advantages. The choice ultimately may come down to aesthetics. You can choose from any of these vanity styles-:


● Inset basins have a raised rim and sit inside a cut hole within the vanity unit. The rim height can range from being almost level with the service to a few centimetres high. The rim provides the advantage of preventing some spills, but on the downside may prevent water from being easily swept into the basin.


● Undermount bathroom sinks require a custom hole to be cut in the vanity unit. The sink sits beneath the top of the unit allowing water to be easily swept into the sink. This particular choice is popular with families. Our range of undermount or undercounter basins have fairly standard wash hand basin sizes, ranging in width from 440 mm wide to 560mm wide.


● Countertop basins come in a wide variety of styles and colours ranging from our aged copper sinks through to our modern pompeii round fireclay basins. Some of these types of sinks are called vessel sinks. They are decorative in nature and often laced in bathrooms that don’t see a lot of traffic.


An interesting variation is the slimline wall mounted vanity basin that could be called a pedestal vanity.

What are basins made of?

The basins in our bathroom sinks are made of either vitreous China/ceramic material, copper or fireclay. All have their advantages.

Vitreous china is an extremely tough material that is hard to scratch or crack. It provides a non porous surface.


Fireclay sinks are made by fusing clay and glaze at very high temperatures to produce a ceramic material that is similar in appearance to enameled cast iron.


Copper has a distinctive look and is noted for its antibacterial qualities and strength.


You can choose from a range of premade vanity units that conform to standard Australian design measurements. Vanity units come in a range of colours and finishes and are made from MDF or timber, Styles range from sleek modern, to premium timber. Corner stands and traditional washstands are all available.

Average bathroom sink dimensions

When selecting your bathroom sinks, it is important to keep in mind the size constraints that you are working with. Our site can help you to choose bathroom sinks according to various average bathroom sink dimensions Bear in mind that the following sizes are guides only


Undermount sink size between 40cms and 60cms long and 30cms and 45 cms wide


Inset sink size between 40 cms and 60 cms long and 30cms and 50 cms wide
Pedestal sinks 60 cms long and between 48cms and 60 cms wide


Wall mounted sinks between 48 and 60 cms long and 46 cms and 58 cms wide

Tap Holes

Careful consideration needs to be given to how many tap holes you require in both bathroom and kitchen sinks . If you prefer the traditional separate hot and cold taps, you will need three tap holes. If you prefer a modern style “mixer” tap then you will only need one tap hole. Make sure you choose the correct tap holes when selecting your bathroom sink.


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