Cabinet Locks

If you look around your home, you’ll probably find you have many cabinets and cupboards, and at Restoration Online we sell cabinet locks and latches galore. Whether it’s for cupboard doors, kitchen dressers, glass display cabinets, electrical cabinets, key cabinets or even a suitcase, till or ice box, we have a lock to suit your needs. From cabinet locks, latches and catches to hasp & staples, push button furniture knobs and slide bolts our wide range of cabinet locks and latches is seemingly endless. Cabinet locks not only add elegant detailing, but they also provide security, child safety and they help you to baby proof you house. Our cabinet latches and locks come in a wide variety of finishes including antique copper, antique brass, polished brass, black, chrome, iron, satin nickel and pewter. With so much choice, you are sure to find a style that will fit in with your décor.


Freestanding cabinets were the norm in most kitchens up until the early 1950s. In fact, apart from the kitchen sink that had to connect to plumbing, most kitchen furniture was free standing. Having a freestanding cabinet in your kitchen is a unique architectural element that ties in with many traditional styles, and free standing kitchen cabinets are becoming more popular in modern kitchens too. A kitchen cabinet not only looks great, but it is a handy place to store extra kitchenware such as your precious china and serving ware. Glass cabinets also make a lovely place to display tea sets or your other favourite items. At Restoration Online, we sell kitchen dresser latches that have a simple spring latch. These latches hold your cabinet doors shut, which helps protect your breakable crockery and other special dishware.


Our kitchen dresser latches are available in an impressive antique copper finish which offers a rich and warm alternative to chrome, and the screws come in the same finish for a unified, professional look. And you can combine these with our antique copper furniture hinges and handles that will complement your latch perfectly. As well as antique copper, our kitchen dresser latches also come in a polished brass or nickel plated finish. They are also available in right hand and left hand versions. The right hand cabinet latch is for hinging on the right hand door of the cabinet and swings to the right, and vice versa for the left hand version.


Ice boxes were also very common in kitchens before electric refrigerators were invented, and now they are collectible items that are being restored by antique lovers all over the world. They can be a great vintage piece in a heritage home. If you are lucky enough to own one, we also sell ice box catches in a range of finishes including satin nickel, antique copper and polished brass. As with our kitchen dresser latches, our ice box catches also come in left and right hand versions.


As well as kitchen cabinets, there are many other cabinets, furniture and household items that require a lock or a latch. We sell a selection of cabinet latches that are part of our Nostalgic Warehouse collection that is available exclusively in Australia through Restoration Online. Because this range is imported from the United States, the lead time can be up to six weeks – but we definitely think they are worth the wait! They come in finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze, antique pewter, timeless bronze and chrome so you are sure to find a latch to match the style of your cabinet.


If your cabinets and cupboards are in an Art Deco style or you are after a more streamlined look, we also sell furniture knobs with catches that come in different finishes including chrome, antique copper and polished brass. We also stock hasp and staples that come in various sizes and finishes including polished brass, antique copper and matt black.


And if you are wanting to buy something that locks with a key, we sell brass cupboard locks and drawer/till locks that are made out of brass and steel. The cupboard lock and drawer lock are available in different sizes and come from the trusted Australian brand, Tradco Hardware. You can also buy spare keys to fit cupboards and tills from the Tradco Hardware range. You’ll need to specify at the checkout the lock type, lock item number and lock size.


And that is not all the cabinet locks and latches we sell! You can also buy polished brass double ball catches in two different sizes, antique copper or polished brass cupboard turns, and polished brass suitcase catches. We also sell cast iron slide bolts in a polished cast iron or antique finish, and two types of butterfly catches – a cast iron butterfly catch with an antique finish or a brass butterfly catch with a polished brass finish.


Our locks and latches also come with the appropriate screws, but how to install a lock on a cabinet will depend on the type of lock you are installing and the type of cabinet you are attaching it to. If you’re having trouble working out what you need, the knowledgeable team at Restoration Online are available to help. While you are restoring your cabinets, it’s a good time to look at all your other furniture, too. At Restoration Online, we sell a wide variety of premium furniture hardware. Whether you need furniture escutcheons, furniture hinges, wheel castors or other furniture accessories, we can help you with all your home hardware requirements. Shop online today and have these items shipped to both regional and metro areas all across Australia.