Sliding Door Handles

Sliding doors are a staple of many homes. They can help you close off an open room or hide the door into a wall (known as cavity sliding), but they are best used when having an open swinging door is not suitable. They are fantastic space savers, especially when the area inside a home is at a premium.

Here at Renovation Online, there are many options when choosing your handles. If you already have a style in mind and these are simply an addition, then you probably know what finish and style you require. Check out our stylish range today.

For sliding doors off a living or passageway area, a simple flush pull is a great choice for your handle, this simply gives you something to hold onto to open and close the door. If your door slides all the way into a cavity, we recommend selecting an option that includes an edge pull to allow you to retrieve the door from the cavity with ease.

For bathroom doors, a privacy sliding door handle is a great option, these lockable sliding door handles provide low security locks for toilets, bedrooms and bathrooms.

We also have your covered with sliding door kits for entrance handles, these are available with a high security lock and cylinder to keep your doors secure.

Benefits of Our Sliding Door Handles

By upgrading your handles you can set the tone of your home. They are reasonably easy to install, especially if you’re replacing the handles in an existing door. Most often you’ll just need to check the measurements and possibly drill a new hole.

There are many reasons as to why you should consider upgrading. Small accents such as sliding door handles can really sell a home by giving the appearance of elegance and bold decor.

In our shop there are many door handles available including knobs, leversrim lockscreen door, and entry door handle sets. Take a look through our range today.

Choosing Your Sliding Door Handles

If you are just starting out on your renovation journey, looking at our door hardware can give you a feel for the options available. 

To start with, you can look at the materials the door handles are made from. The options available in our online shop include, brass, stainless steel, and zinc. Out of these, brass is the most common and allows you to choose from a variety of finishes. Selecting brass means that you’re able to match the decor of your home more effectively. It’s certainly our choice for the best sliding door handles!

For the finishes we have quite a variety available. Some of the options include antique brass and copper, black, chrome, pewter, polished brass and nickel, and satin brass, nickel and chrome. You’ll be sure to find a selection that suits your tastes.

Are Sliding Door Handles Universal?

For regular sliding doors with flush pulls there are standard measures, but there is no one solution for all. The best way to pick your new handles is to remove one and measure its height and width. 

If your door does not have flush pulls, but rather a standard handle, then getting the measurement correct is vital because there is usually no cover plate to hide mistakes. If the screw holes are loose, you may need to fill them with either wood filler, a sawdust wood glue mix, or drill out the hole and fill it with a suitable dowel and glue, then you’ll need to drill a new hole.

If you’re replacing the entire door, having a standard pull handle is easier to install because you don’t need to remove any of the door surface for it to fit properly. You can cut out a cavity to fit flush pulls, this can be achieved with either a jigsaw or a router. For the correct installation it is best to check with the instructions that came with your new handles.

Check the Screw Holes

You could note the screw holes in the door as well, although this is less important, but many handles are either a single screw hole, or a double. Have a look at the condition of the door that you removed the handles from. Is the screw hole all chewed out? How does the screw fit in, is it snug and tight or loose and all over the place?

If the screw holes are tight, then you could probably use them again without too many issues. If they are loose, you might want to consider buying a replacement handle with a different screw hole configuration. This will mean that the new handles have fresh wood to be secured to and the handles will remain firm for many years.

How to Adjust an Internal Sliding Door

Over time a sliding door may start to wear the internal wheels and then begin to catch on the ground and not clear the ground. This can result in scratch marks being left behind and the door feeling heavy when you close it. If the wheels or the tracks get too damaged it may refuse to work at all.

Luckily there are a few simple adjustments to make. As most sliding doors operate on a couple of rollers that are installed into a track, it is reasonably straightforward to fix them. Lift the door in place, they are usually lightweight, and pop the door off the rollers.

Inspect the rollers for damage. If they are damaged you can replace them from most hardware stores. Generally, you won't see these rollers, so the way they look is inconsequential. When the door is off, give the track a clean with a brush or the vacuum cleaner. This will remove any debris that may be causing the door to stick.

If the rollers and track are in good condition, replace the door and test it. If it is still not working properly, you can adjust the tack. There should be an adjusting screw in the track, use a screwdriver and adjust that until the door swings properly.

Buying Your Door Handles

At Restoration Online we have a variety of door handles available to buy in our online shop. We also ship Australia-wide and have a 21-day return policy.