Gainsborough is one of Australia’s most popular hardware brands. Easy to install, excellent quality & stunning contemporary styles at affordable prices make this brand a favourite among builders and DIYers alike.          


When you arrive home, ‘Enter with style’ – as the logo states. Gainsborough hardware is one of Australia’s most commonly used brands of hardware for home restoration and renovation projects.

Affordable products that illuminate your home are offered in a beautiful variety of finishes. Gainsborough’s motto is ‘The most important thing isn’t what’s on your door, its what’s behind it’. Restoration Online couldn’t agree with this statement more! The engineering it takes to get hardware just right, can be a complicated process. However, Gainsborough has taken the time to study and create door hardware that will last. Not only are Gainsborough products affordable but they are easy to install with many DIY options available for the keen individual. Built on strong morals, Gainsborough have produced a line of quality products that are stylish and built with security to keep your home safe and secure.

About Gainsborough

The Gainsborough brand began in 1967 in Melbourne, making their story pan out over 50 years. The manufacturer offered fine porcelain and decorative door hardware. Within these 5 decades the company built a strong reputation based on their production and development of leading-edge door hardware. This collection consists of door levers, locks, deadbolts, and other important accessories. Gainsborough offer variety with several different styles to suit an array of home aesthetics. In the year of 2018, Gainsborough joined in union with Allegion and their numerous brands. This makes up the Gainsborough collection that is offered today. Their products are developed right here in Australia and can be used as a part of everyday living. Gainsborough have developed trustworthy hardware by fusing together both style and security, which is backed by years of innovation experience.

The foundation of the brand is based on three main characteristics. Contemporary style makes number one and is the main style driver behind the Gainsborough product range design. Staying in line with the ever-changing trends can be difficult but this is an area in which Gainsborough excel. Each product is developed using the latest contemporary materials and finishes.

Next Gainsborough address their desire to make life easy for the individual consumer. The company achieves this by focussing on the creation of their products using the latest technology from installation to use. They do this by simplifying the design so that anyone can use their devices with ease, making each product user-friendly at affordable prices.

Peace of mind is the icing on the cake for the Gainsborough brand. Each customer deserves to feel safe and secure in their home. Gainsborough pride themselves on responsibility while producing products that not only look the part but function securely protecting you and other families in their homes Australia wide. Gainsborough provide you with security and convenience without having to sacrifice style.

Gainsborough Products and Ranges

Outfit your home with Gainsborough and have a complete unified design that will leave you feeling satisfied with the result. Gainsborough can help you achieve your desired look for your home with their extensive range of products offered in the latest styles and finishes. The best way to achieve a consistent look is to purchase products from the same supplier as the design, range and finish will all be matching. Gainsborough go a step further to provide unique ranges to showcase their variety of styles that they have to offer. These ranges include Allure, Angular, Avant, Choice, Enchant, Ferro, Neue, Rivera, Sierra, Tradepro and Trilock. Each range is filled with contemporary product designs that are perfect for any modern build.

If your front entrance is in need of a facelift, then Gainsborough has you covered. Replace your aged with brand new door hardware! Choose between a lever door handle or a doorknob, with various backplate widths, styles and shapes. Add your matching locks and latches in the same finish and you will have a fully outfitted functioning door, that not only looks great but feels enticing. If you would prefer a more simplistic choice, there are many pull handles to choose from in both large and small options. Deadbolts make your home more secure, so you can feel safe each time you leave. Security plays a big part as one of Gainsborough’s core beliefs and achievements. The deadbolts come available in both single- and double-cylinder options. Meaning you have the choice between either having the deadlock keyed on one side with a thumbturn on the inside or choose to have it keyed on either side for extra high security. If you have sliding doors, then pairing your regular door handles with Gainsborough’s sliding door handles in the same finishes will ensure a matching design.

For general hardware, Gainsborough have a range of affordable and useful door stops, door bolts and additional hardware parts and accessories to cater for every situation. Choose from a range of beautiful finishes to suit your home décor. These finishes include Satin Chrome, Satin Brass, Matte Black, Chrome, Polished Brass, Antique Copper and even white. You’ll be left with a nothing short of a masterpiece.


We ship all of our products Australia wide to both regional and metro areas. This includes to all major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth. Simply place an order online and have the items shipped straight to your door. If you would like to place an order or you have any questions about any of the products do not hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team members. We are here to help you create your Restoration dream!