Your front door is one of the first things people notice when they visit you, so you will want to make sure it leaves the right impression! Restoration Online sells a range of attractive escutcheons to disguise any sized keyhole. From a decorative Georgian rope keyhole cover or a traditional covered antique copper escutcheons to a more modern looking polished nickel square escutcheon, our escutcheons come in a variety of styles, colours and finishes that can complement the style of any door.

At Restoration Online we have escutcheons to suit all lock kinds, including mortise lock escutcheons, euro lock escutcheons, as well as traditional style covered escutcheons. 

While you are updating the hardware on your front door, check out our stylish range of doorbells , door knockers , house numbers , centre door knobs and letter plates too. By adding these decorative but useful features to your front door, you can become the envy of your neighbours. And it’s not only the front door that can be enhanced by an escutcheon either. You may find, particularly if you have a more traditional style house, that you have many doors with keyholes throughout your home so you can update every door in the house at the same time. Escutcheons are an inexpensive touch to brighten up and protect your door.

Apart from escutcheons, we also sell other door hardware such as door bolts , push plates , hinges , door stops and cabin hooks , and we also have a beautiful range of French door hardware . With our wide range of premium products available online, we can help you create a door that really stands out. And if you need any help doing this, our friendly and experienced staff are available online to assist you.

What is an escutcheon?

Although you would have seen many escutcheons, and you may even have some in your home, it is not a word everyone is familiar with. Put simply, when referring to doors, an escutcheon is the flat piece of metal that goes around the key hole. The word escutcheon is actually derived from the Latin word scutum which means a shield. So apart from being ornamental and making your door look more attractive, escutcheons are also designed as a form of protection. You might notice that when you go to turn the key in a lock, it is very easy to miss the hole! Over time, this can cause the surrounding area to become damaged, but if you install an escutcheon on your door, this can minimise the wear and tear and protect your door from scratches. It also makes it harder for anyone to drill out the lock cylinder. Some escutcheons come in pairs, where one part goes on the outside of the door and the other one goes on the inside.

How to choose the right escutcheon

When deciding on what escutcheon to buy, there are a few things you need to take in consideration. Your choices will be limited by the type and size of lock you have on your door, and you will also need to take in account the style of your home, and of course your personal preferences. Restoration Online have a wide range of escutcheons designed for different types of locks, and in a variety of colours and finishes, so you are sure to find something that suits your needs.

If you are after a traditional look, we have a variety of ornate or antique style high quality escutcheons that are exquisitely designed. These escutcheons are part of our Nostalgic Warehouse range that is imported from the United States, and sold exclusively in Australia through Restoration Online. If you want something unique, we also sell an antique brass covered escutcheon with a hand-crafted finish so every product is different, and as the finish has a living patina, it is designed so that the depth of tones will change over time. We also sell a range of escutcheons to suit the Euro Lock. These are available in a range of finishes including chrome and black matte that provide a more modern look. Other finishes include antique copper, iron, nickel, pewter, polished brass, polished nickel and rumbled nickel. And if you want a satin finish, we have a range of escutcheons available in satin brass, satin chrome and satin nickel. There are so many different combinations of styles, colours and finishes to choose from, and they are all available to buy online!

To make installation easier, our escutcheons come with the appropriate screws included. Some of our more traditional escutcheons have exposed screws that you can see, but if you are after a sleeker, more contemporary look, we also sell a wide range of escutcheons with concealed screws. Our escutcheons also come with a warranty and can be shipped anywhere in Australia. You can check out the full details online.

If you are looking for escutcheons or any other door hardware, you have come to the right place. With over 40 years of professional experience, our team have selected a high quality and wide range of door accessories to suit every renovation, restoration or building project. We provide authentic vintage inspired escutcheons, as well as more modern looking fixtures. Whatever style or design you are after, we should be able to help you. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, so contact us today and we can add you to our ever growing list of happy customers.