Wall Lights

Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights can finish off your home and give it that fantastic curb side appeal you’ve been looking for. If you are replacing existing lights, then browsing our shop and looking for a set of wall lights could be your first step. Many people wait too long before upgrading their outdoor lighting and often they are the last thing considered before finalising a renovation.

In a renovation exterior wall lights should be planned and installed usually before the outdoor garden is completed. This is so you can tie it all in together and your outdoor lighting doesn’t look like an afterthought or clashes with the garden.

The way you light a home can be varied and there are many solutions to get the best out of your lighting needs. Most homes have exterior wall lights, with the common being the humble porch light, but garage lantern lights come a close second. However there are many more options available, you could for example use bunker lights to light up the side of a house, these are particularly effective down long dark passages.

Outdoor wall lights have been used for generations, and now with coloured LEDs available you can even install decorative wall lights. With the correct equipment you can control which light goes on at what time, the effects available are almost endless!

How to Choose Outdoor Wall Lights

Consider the use of your outdoor wall light. Is it just to see your way to get the key in the door, or is it to dazzle neighbours in your opulence? Or, and most likely somewhere between those two extremes? Most of the time, everyone just wants something that looks nice and be able to see their home clearly at night.

Outdoor Wall Lights can be a great way to showcase your home with being ostentatious.

There are a huge range of finishes and you are sure to find something that fits with your home style. You might have a federation style home and look for a traditional style outdoor wall light, or you may like the look of a nickel finish.

You could check with your current fixtures, have a look and see what those finishes are and choose something that complements them. Or you could go for a completely different look, perhaps antique black for the outdoor lighting, and antique brass for the rest of the home. It all depends on where you are going to spend the most amount of time, and what you want to be looking at the most.

While you are looking around our online shop, don’t forget we have many other items that you might like if you are considering renovating your home lighting, be sure to check out our: post lights, chain pendants, rod pendants, pillar lights and under eave lights. You can get lights for every part of your home and really make a good show of your newly renovated home!

How Many Lumens For An Outdoor Wall Light?

Lumens are a relatively new term, we used to use watts, but now with LEDs securely planting themselves on the eco-energy side of the fence, lumens are more important to understand.

Lumens are a measure of brightness, because that is literally what it means. It’s how light is measured, the more lumens the brighter something is; a dark light will have fewer lumens than a bright one.

When you're thinking about outdoor wall lights, you don't necessarily want as much light as on the inside of your home. You only need something that generally highlights a certain area. Ideally you’ll have different lumens available for different parts of your outdoor area. For paths you might have very bright lights, but for your garden, when you’ll only need to highlight them, you’ll go for a darker lumen rated bulb.

If you used all the same lumens in your outdoor lighting everything would look the same, there would be no contrast, and therefore not very interesting to look at. You need the shadows and bright contrasting each other to create interesting effects.

How to Plan Your Outdoor Wall Lights?

Like most projects planning is essential. Lighting, especially an outdoor wall light, can be very hard to get right, but by using the proper tools it can be done. The first step is to check what your existing outdoor lights are doing? Are they bright enough for the area? You’ve probably noticed some dark spots around your home and you’d like to highlight these areas properly.

Use your existing outdoor wall lights and measure how far the light penetrates, does it get dark at a certain distance? If you are between two lights and it gets difficult to see, place some reflective tape on the wall and put a stand-in light in that place. This could be a portable outdoor light, or a strong lamp from inside your home.

Step back and see what it looks like. If the lamp makes a difference, if you need to you can move the lamp to different locations, then mark the spot with some reflective tape and measure the distance to the nearest fixed light. Then you have the distance for the gap between your exterior lights. Keep working around the house until you have marked everywhere there needs more lighting.

Buying Your Outdoor Wall Lights

You can buy from a large selection of outdoor wall lights in our shop, we ship all over Australia and have a 21 day return policy, so if anything is wrong with your item you are able to send it back and select something that is more appropriate. Along with our exterior lighting we have a large range of interior lights as well. Please be sure to check them out!