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Modern Door Handles and Knobs

A replacement door handle can be a personal choice, but if you're into a renovation project it can be hard to go past our range. Our door handles are perfect for many applications and will suit most urban areas. They will blend in seamlessly to most current facades and add a certain style to your home.

When most people think of a restoration, or renovation, they’ll think of an older style of home. But, in fact most restorations are just homes that have been neglected for many years, and this could be five or twenty-five. 

Regardless of the age of the project, by choosing modern door hardware you can bring a home up to date with current trends and ideas. Browse our range today.

How to choose your Modern Door Handles

Modern door handles usually consist of the most popular finishes, from black, chrome, polished brass or nickel, rumbled nickel, satin brass or chrome, satin nickel or steel, brass, and zinc. 

You should choose a finish that fits with your other decor and finishes. But if this is your first upgrade then the sky is your limit, you can choose anything that you like. It’s probably best to figure out the style you prefer and then think about the finish. Some of the styles you can choose from include traditional, modern, and premium.

Whichever you choose, the design should make a statement. They should give an indication to the type of home a person is entering. This is especially true if you're installing new entrance door hardware. 

Before you make a choice, check the dimensions of the door hardware you like the look of and measure it up against the door it will be installed on. Check how the handle will look, is the size in proportion to the rest of the door? 

Consider the use of the handle: where it will be installed and does that make a difference to the type of door hardware you need? If you are replacing kitchen handles, or furniture handles, finding something that will suit is the ideal way to make your home appear to have a consistent theme, which is especially true if your renovation project is for a resale. If you're planning on living in the home for a long time, then you can choose door hardware that appeals to you.

Are Door Handles and Knobs Easier to Break?

Designer door handles and knobs are made to strict conditions and while they are very strong, they do have moving parts, and given enough force they can break. However, this is very rare, and not common when used for everyday purposes. We’d never use one as a stepping stool, but for most applications then a door lever will give you many years of functional use.

If you are concerned about the strength of the lever handle, then you could install a pull handle. Pull handles have no moving parts and are installed with screws at both ends. They are usually a solid metal piece or welded together from a few pieces. These are very strong, with the weak point being the screws. But, if it’s installed properly, a pull handle will last almost forever.

How to Remove an Internal Door Handle

Probably the hardest part of installing an internal door handle is figuring out how to get the old handle off. There are usually three ways to do this, but all of them have one thing in common: the two door levers are attached together with screws. The hard part can sometimes be finding out how to get to those screws.

In some older styles, you can see the screws from the outside. You’ll need to unscrew these screws and eventually (the screws can be quite long) the handles will come apart and you can remove them, leaving only the internals behind. 

With a few styles, the screws are covered with a plate, so have a feel around for a grub screw. Grub screws are small screws that keep the plate in position, you can undo them with a hex key (Allen key), for easy access try to get a set that has a rounded head. Undo the grub screw and the plate should fall away and expose the internal screws.

For modern designs, the cover plate can be friction fitted using a rubber seal. To remove these, you can usually hold the plate and twist it and the plate will start to come away. If you need to, you can use a shim to help pry the plate away from the door hardware. After the plate is removed, you’ll have access to the screws.

When the levers are removed, you can undo the screws that are holding the internal workings in place. This is usually a couple of screws on the locking place, when these are undone you can remove all the workings. Then you’ll need to install according to the instructions and you're done!

Buy Your Internal Door Handles Online

At Restoration Online you can buy designer door handles in our online shop. We ship Australia wide and with our 21 day returns policy, if you choose something that doesn’t quite suit, you can arrange for a return. We have a huge variety to choose from, so we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your restoration project.