Pedestal Basins

Pedestal Basins in Australia

A pedestal basin creates a classic vintage style for any bathroom. There is something magical about the stand-alone basin – it alludes to elegance in a way that not many others can achieve. If you are renovating, or building from scratch, consider installing a pedestal basin for the ultimate luxurious feel and to give your bathroom that unique touch.

The bathroom is a part of the home where you can really put your personal touch, and there are a vast number of items to consider when designing the layout. 

Many people consider the pedestal basin as a centre point for any bathroom. The way that it stands alone, and its clean lines make it stand out from the pack. They are especially ideal if you require a bathroom wash basin for that half bath, where all you need is a place to wash your hands. Check out our range today.

What Is A Pedestal Basin?

Pedestal sinks, also known as a pedestal basin, are a traditional style of sink that does not come with an accompanying cupboard, draws, or a bench. They are ideal for installations where space is limited, or you are seeking a stylish and clutter free bathroom space. These are neat and very easy to clean around.

More often they’re made from ceramics, although some are available in metal finishes. They are a standout feature of any bathroom, and they are as simplistic as they are functional. If you are after a solid and clean looking bathroom, you could be hard pressed to go past a pedestal basin.

A pedestal sink consists of two separate elements, the basin and the pedestal. Most people are familiar with the basin, it’s the part that holds that water, has a drainage point, and two taps, and the faucet. The pedestal provides the support for the basin, and it hides all the pipework. 

In most cases a plumber will need to remove the basin to get to the pipes if any work needs to be completed. As the pedestal hides all the pipework, you end up with a very clean looking bathroom vanity basin.

Choosing the Right Pedestal Basin for Your Bathroom

With a pedestal basin you have many options, and in our shop, you have 2 tap hole choices; these are a single hole, if you’d like to install a mixer faucet, or three holes, if your taps are separate from the spout. 

The layout you choose depends on which of those styles you prefer. If you are looking at a traditional, or vintage, style then we would recommend a three hole basin, and if you’re after a modern style, the single hole version is perfect.

Here at Restoration Online we have a range of traditional and vintage pedestal basins to choose from. Other options for our freestanding basins include the waste type, or drain hole. You can select from either a chrome or black finish, and either a mushroom, or button pop-up. While the style of pop-up is largely personal choice, for the finish, chrome is a modern style, and black is a vintage style.

How to Install A Pedestal Bathroom Basin

The most important part of installing a pedestal sink is to make sure you have enough room. Even though they are a smaller footprint than most sinks, it’s important to check before commencing any work.

In most places a new bathroom basin will need to be installed by a plumber, as you may need to alter copper piping, and the drainage may need to be rerouted to a different entry point. 

Even though the basin is supported by the pedestal, often it will be attached to the wall as well. So, you’ll need to make sure the wall is braced enough to hold the weight of the basin and as much water as it can hold.

If you are installing a pedestal sink, you may consider installing new cupboards and other storage options. The installation will often remove your existing storage to place the sink in that same space. 

Having a freestanding basin is a fantastic look for a bathroom. But, if you're not sure about the loss of the bench space and cabinets, have a look at our other range of bathroom furniture such as timber and standard vanities, and copper sinks. Our online shop has a huge range of many other items for your bathroom, you’ll be able to fit it out to whatever you need.

Where Should I Install A Pedestal Basin?

You can install a pedestal sink in a variety of places. However, they’re usually installed where space is at a premium such as, small ensuites, half baths, and places where a sink is needed but not necessarily anything else. 

They can also be installed in larger bathrooms, where you’d like to maximise your cupboard and bench space, and you have enough room for a free-standing basin as well. The possibilities are totally up to you, but they are elegant and will give your bathroom something special.

Buying Your Pedestal Basin in Australia

In our online shop you can purchase a bathroom pedestal basin of your choosing. We can ship Australia wide and back our products with a 21-day return policy. 

If there is something wrong with your purchase, you’re able to return it easily. Buy online to have these items shipped to both metro and regional areas Australia wide. This includes major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and many more!

We have a wide selection of products that will suit any home decor, feel free to have a look through our shop and find your next project!