Indoor Lights

Your indoor lights will set the tone and mood for every room, evoking ambient feelings and clarity of sight, depending on which room you are lighting and why you’re lighting it. One set of indoor lighting type is not ideal if you have the opportunity to dictate specific designs throughout the interior lighting of your home. The type of lighting you need in your bathroom, for example, will not be the same kind of lighting that you need in your living spaces and your bedroom. Within interior living spaces you want the freedom to dim certain colours and highlight others.

Of course, you can supplement your indoor lighting with additions like floor lamps and table lamps, but to get the base design right you should consider your placement of things. These include lighting such as downlights and the use of smart lighting solutions which help you to save on energy costs, as well as create the perfect ambient mood for every occasion and room use. By just selecting the right indoor lighting design, you can build the perfect look and mood of your home every time you switch on the lights.

Ceiling and Pendant Lights

Ceiling lights come in a range of types and styles and our exhaustive range includes chic contemporary styles as well as more traditional, vintage inspired pieces. Commercial lighting like strong LED lights can be stark and unforgiving but the look and feel of industrial design can offer your interior spaces an edgy, urban feel which works well when contrasted with more traditional light switches and other fittings. There are two main types of ceiling lights we offer, and these are semi flush and batten fix lights. Semi flush light fixtures are perfect for lower ceilings as they do not hang too far down like some other lighting, such as pendant lights. However, can still add a wow factor to any space, especially with the use of a chandelier design. Of course, you can always go the batten fix route, and these are a great example of how you can spruce up a room without the added cost of an electrician! The batten fix lights are specifically made as a DIY fixture to simply be installed straight over the existing plastic batten holder already on your ceiling.

Pendant lighting designs offer you a flexible design that works well in specifically light areas like your dining table and for use as kitchen bench lights. They can provide task lighting to illuminate key functional areas without blasting the surrounding room with unwanted light but adding a focal point to the space. As pendant lights are usually on a chain or cord, this makes them perfect to grouping together at different heights, due to the ability to shorten the length on site by your electrician.

Track lighting offers you the same control over lighted spaces. You can easily train your indoor lighting to illuminate things like bookshelves in traditional libraries, artworks along your walls, or use them as outdoor lighting solutions that clearly illuminate entertainment areas as well as stunning, albeit potentially hazardous, features of your garden like a pool, pond or landscaping.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are another feature which offer a softness to your indoor lighting and an opportunity to highlight period features of your home. Our selection of indoor lighting pieces includes specific period lighting fixtures like sconces and brass wall lights designed in the traditional styles of the Art Deco and Edwardian period. Evoke the timeless elegance of your favourite architectural design elements in either a period era home or a new home designed specifically to emulate the classical past with our exhaustive collection of high-quality reproduction design pieces that you won’t find in any contemporary lighting shops.

Lighting Brands We Offer

We strive to work with the best suppliers we can so we can offer quality products, great service, and a wide range of lighting solutions for your home. Our main lighting suppliers are Lode and Telbix lighting which are both Australian business conveniently located in Melbourne. Their ranges vary from lantern lights, outdoor wall lights, multi arm lights, lamps and many more!

With this large array of items, also brings the selection of a variety of finishes - Some of these include polished brass, black, chrome and bronze. No matter the project big, small, or in between, there is sure to be a light fitting right for your job, which will fit the aesthetic and design direction you are looking for.

Purchasing Lighting Online

If you’re looking for specific indoor lighting styles, then please contact somebody from our expert customer service team. With over 40 years of building and restoration experience, we can help you locate special indoor lighting fixtures and designs that blend effortlessly with your existing features, or help you design the perfect look and feel in a classically styled room. Every customer enjoys a personalised online shopping experience when they shop with us which includes screening every order before it’s shipped to ensure you have ordered everything you need and within the same consistent style and material. By helping you navigate the tricky world of historically accurate reproductions and detailed restorations, we save you time and aggravation and help you start enjoying the beautiful spaces you are creating. Order today from our selection of indoor lighting pieces available online and enjoy quick and accurate shipping direct to your project site. Keep in mind we ship Australia-Wide, including Tasmania, Queensland, and Sydney to name a few, as well as all regional areas in-between!