Toothbrush Holders

Toothbrush holders at one of those often-overlooked bathroom fittings that have the potential to lift your bathroom to the next level. A toothbrush holder that compliments the bathroom as a whole while performing its basic functions of storing toothbrushes clearly and effectively is a must. They can add that touch of elegance, style and charm that makes your bathroom complete.


Choosing the right bathroom fittings and tub accessories requires careful consideration of what items will not only complement the style of the room but will complement each other as well. The first consideration should always be taps and shower heads and then the accessory items. Toothbrush holders are not to be overlooked in these considerations and you need to choose something that will complement your bathroom’s overall style and not look out of place. Practical considerations of functionality also need to be taken into consideration.


As bathroom fittings need to be considered as a group it is worthwhile to consider all of the bathroom items that the toothbrush caddy needs to match and complement. Our full range of bathroom fittings includes :


Shower curtain rail provided in a variety of shapes and finishes including polished stainless steel polished brass and antique brass.


● Wall mounted and free standing mirrors available in chrome or gold finish.


● Free standing and wall mounted heated towel rails in traditional finishes of polished stainless steel or gold


● Classic traditional style towel rails superbly finished in a variety of classic colours and styles.


● Stylish toilet roll holders in a variety of styles and finishes that will satisfy your needs for authenticity.


Soap dishes which are one item that simply has to match your toothbrush holder. Fortunately, we stock CB Ideal soap brushes in the same vintage and heritage style as their other product lines


● Classical and heritage shelves and racks to give you additional hanging and storage space. All finished beautifully and designed to match distinct periods to match your restoration needs.


Robe hooks to add that practical touch of classy convenience and style to your bathroom, provided in a range of heritage and vintage styles.


As you can see, your choice of toothbrush holders must be made with due consideration to all elements within the bathroom. When you’ve taken everything into consideration, we are confident that our quality selection will satisfy you.


Our toothbrush holder range is Australian made and features the CB Ideal range In vintage and heritage styles. Both styles are a single toothbrush stand featuring the classic five ring roulette design which allows the toothbrush to dry freely and provides easy access for up to five family members. Both the vintage and heritage models are perfectly suited to many bathrooms designs. These DIY wall mounted models are easily installed and will make wonderful decorative places to store your toothbrush in the bathroom


Finished superbly in chrome antique brass, brushed satin or polished brass they are designed to match the CB Ideal range of tapware. It should be noted that the polished brass variety may tarnish over time and this should be taken into consideration when choosing that finish for your bathroom. The tarnished appearance is sought after by some looking for a rustic aged look. The appearance can be prevented by regular polishing The easy wall mount options will ensure that you can place them at the right height and in the right place to suit your bathroom needs.


Browse our range of tap fittings, bathroom fittings and accessories to choose the right toothbrush holders and fittings from our online shop to make your bathroom the perfect relaxation haven. You can buy now and have your selections delivered to your door anywhere in Australia.