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Door Locks and Latches

A door lock can also be a beautiful detail on your front door while protecting you from intruders and securing your home. Restoration Online stocks a range of amazing designs and top-notch security door lock options and locking latches to fit a variety of styles and tastes.

Whether it’s a latch lock, front door lock, or for your bathroom or entry door, choose from our online catalogue of quality exterior door locks and interior privacy locks to keep your home safe and secure. We offer a handy security rating for each of our listed exterior locks, which you can find within the product's specifications, so you know exactly what level of security each lock offers you.

Among our collection, we offer contemporary styles and vintage-style pieces for heritage homes. The hardware we stock will not only protect your home, but will also look good while ticking off some serious security goals. Even our doorknobs and door handles can be coordinated with our door locks, so you can maintain your design aesthetic without sacrificing function.

Explore our range of door latch parts and locks

In our external lock range, we carry mortice locks and rim locks and Euro locks with various finishes, including brass and antique copper. If you’re looking for something a little more vintage, you can use a skeleton key lock at entry points like your porch or balcony door. We also stock dead bolts and door latch parts if you need to replace these components on your external door lock.

We have a great range when it comes to our internal door lock options, like privacy locks for personal spaces and bathrooms or passage latches for sliding doors, smaller bathrooms and areas you’d like to have the option to close off at times. We also have a wide range of door pull handles and keyless dummy handle hardware.

How to choose the right door lock

We offer an extensive selection of exterior and interior door lock options that keep your family and home safe while reflecting your unique design style.

It's important to know what type of door the lock is intended for first. To keep exterior doors secure against unauthorised attempts to open them, keyed entry function locks are generally recommended. The added security of a deadbolt will protect you in case one of the locks fails or is forgotten, ensuring your home is still secure. These locks can also only be opened by an outsider, but insiders can also unlock them without a key to maintain safety standards in case of emergencies.

Interior locks are typically used for modesty and privacy to either prevent unpleasant interruptions or prevent access to a space in the first instance. Because it works on both sides of the door, a passage lock is the most common type of lock we’ll see inside. If you are using a room, you can lock it from the inside, or you can lock it from outside to keep whatever is inside private while you are away. Latches can be handy, and typically they’re installed on the inside of a space, like a smaller bathroom.

Something to keep in mind is ensuring you match the strength of your lock with the strength of your door frame. This can be an overlooked factor in purchasing a secure exterior door lock but will ensure your lock does the best job it can.

How to install a door latch

With Restoration Online's free door scheduling service, you can easily install or replace door handles and hardware. Building contractors, designers, tradespeople, and even home renovators can utilise this service.

With the help of our hardware experts, we'll ensure that you're equipped when it comes to finding the right latch lock for your home. We’ll request access to your door schedule as well as your finish and style preferences before we make recommendations. We’ll then provide you with a detailed quote.

Of course, we also recommend hiring a professional tradesperson to install your lock so you know it’s done correctly and without compromising security. If you have any questions when it comes to door installation, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Where can I buy the best door latch near me?

Browse Restoration Online’s vast selection to find what you need. As one of the country's leading builders and restorers, we offer a wealth of experience in selecting the right products for your project, especially when it comes to selecting the right door lock for your home. 

Pair it with our door scheduling service to ensure that you’re buying the best fitting lock for your needs. With our team of experienced home renovation experts, no answer is too tough for us, and we love helping our customers make the best choices for their homes.

Before we ship your products, we have a rigorous screening process where we will look for things like design consistency, size, and making sure all the parts you have ordered are to specifications and in their entirety. Our customers love our personalised service, and we’d love to help you choose the right solution for your home. Get in touch with us today.