Outdoor Pillar lights

From the outdoor pillar lights that greet you at your entrance to the vintage post lights at your yard –outdoor lighting plays a pivotal role in deciding the architecture of your home. Apart from serving its purpose of illuminating exteriors, landscape lighting can double the aesthetic appearance of your home. Our online lighting store is home to the classiest collection of outdoor pillar lights, chain pendants, wall lights , lantern lights and every other lighting fixture you can ever think of.


All our light fittings are available with free shipping throughout Australia. We usually take 3-10 business days to deliver your order. And in case your order is urgent, call us, we’ll try to arrange some express options for you. In case you aren’t present at home at the time of delivery, you can either collect your order from the post office or arrange for a re-delivery.


As the name suggests, pillar lights are designed to be mounted on top of the pillars. These lights find their place on outdoor walls, terraces and paths as well. Also known as gate lights, pillar lights look their best when installed at the main entrance of a house.

How to choose the perfect pillar lights for your home?

Know the dimensions


The first step while choosing the perfect garden pillar lights is to make sure that the light fixtures match the dimension of the pillars. The height and width of the pillar and its top surface area will determine the size of the lamp you choose to buy. Knowing the measurements will prevent any sizing issues that may crop up during the time of installation.

Decide the style and design


Consider your home’s architecture before choosing the lights. Modern lights look good in contemporary and transitional homes, whereas antique lightings suit historical or traditional homes. Do you like fixtures that are ornate or you prefer sleek and simple designs? Available in antique black and antique bronze finish, most pillar lights are available in black shades, however, you may also choose a brown tone keeping in mind the existing decor of your garden. Our collection of Gothic Medieval garden pillar lights can instantly transform the look and feel of your home.

Choose a durable material


Durability is an important consideration when shopping for exterior pedestal lights. You may want to make sure that the fixture you select can withstand adverse weather for years to come. Aluminium is the most preferred metal for outdoor lighting as it’s lightweight and budget-friendly, however, weather conditions may cause it to corrode and oxidize in the long run. So those of you who are on a budget and won’t mind replacing this metal in the future — go for aluminium pillar lights. Those looking for expensive and long-term fixtures can choose copper and brass.

Check Out LEDs


We do not supply globes along with our fixtures, so here’s what you should keep in mind while choosing the bulbs. While incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are brighter, LED outdoor lighting is an energy-efficient option. If you need outdoor lights you can depend on for a long time, invest in some good LEDs. As for our pillar mount lights, 240V LED globes would work fine. Solar landscape lighting is another option for an eco-friendly way to power your outdoor lights.


Outdoor lamp post lights have been around since vintage times and bring an antique touch to any yard or patio. Unlike floodlights, our lamp posts can provide a lot of light without actually blinding people in the area.


One question that our customers often ask is “How tall are light posts?”


Garden post lights are mostly installed 6-12 feet off the ground to illuminate in an unobstructed pattern. The post can either be buried in the ground or anchored onto a concrete pad. While the shorter lamp posts are ideal for small spaces like home gardens, the taller ones are suited for larger areas such as pathways, driveways, and parking areas. So, if you wish your light post to be 6 feet off the ground, buy a fixture that is 8 feet long. Our post lights mostly range between 7 to 9 feet and are available in a variety of styles.


Outdoor lighting not only provides ambience but also secures your home. Whether you want to highlight a special landscape feature or light up dark spaces, our restoration experts can help find the perfect fixtures for your project.


Garage, parking areas and pathways need safety lighting in the form of post lights, column lights and wall lights. Driveway pedestal lights are also a great addition to your outdoor lighting plans.


You don’t want your guests to be blinded by glaring lights when they walk up to your door. Rod pendants , under eave lights or wall-mounted porch lights, can be used to create a warm and welcoming feel.


Outdoor dining, patios, stairways and the garden can be transformed into fun gathering spaces with ambient lighting. Stick with subtle, indirect lighting that helps create a restful mood. Pendant lights, ceiling lights and strip lighting around garden beds are best suited for these outdoor areas.


While you are putting so much effort in planning your outdoors, you may not want to miss our exhaustive collection of indoor lighting fixtures ranging from chandelier lights, lamps, multi arm lights, kitchen bench lights, wall lights and more.


If you are still looking for a specific kind of lighting and it isn’t available on our site, let us know. We can try to customise the product for you or suggest an alternative.


With our premium lighting collections ranging from pillar lights to indoor lamps, you can create a designer-crafted look around your entire property. Shop from Restoration Online and transform your living space.