Door Stops

Door Stops from Restoration Online

Door Stops are available in a range of styles and finishes to suit your traditional decor. Restoration Online offers magnetic door stoppers, bumper door stops, and wall and floor mounted door holders in both vintage and modern styles.

Our door stop collection is available in Matte Black, Brass, Chrome, Satin Chrome, Nickel, as well as bronze finishes such as Antique Brass and Antique Copper. Made from solid brass and rubber, these polished and brushed metal doorstops are designed to complement the rest of your door hardware, handles and hinges.

Whether you are looking for a doorstop that is mounted to the door, floor or wall; one that is round or small, with a hook or an extra-long projection, Restoration Online have you covered.

Designed to look and feel authentic, these decorative door stoppers combine practicality with classic, authentic design – preventing damage from a door slam while adding that finishing touch to a heritage home. Our door stops come in a range of different finishes so that you can match your existing hardware.

Benefits of door stops

Door stops are the most effective way to reduce and prevent unnecessary damage to your door, as they create a protective barrier between your door handles and the wall behind them.

When your door slams against the wall, this can cause damage to the paint work on the wall by chipping it and leaving ugly scuff marks behind. This can also damage your door handles also, leaving them looking battered and worse for wear.

If you want to avoid these issues, we highly suggest implementing door stops into your home décor. Not only do they add practicality to your life, but they will also provide you with decorative elements throughout your home. The care is in the details, and by adding door stops to your project, it will show your attention to detail.

A helpful installation tip to remember when purchasing a wall mounted door stop is to make sure that the projection of the door stop is longer than the overall projection of your door handle. This will ensure that the door will stop before the door handle reaches the wall.

Magnetic Door Stops

If you’re wanting to add some more modern features to your home, our wide range of magnetic doorstops is a way that you can accomplish this.

Magnetic door stops allow you the freedom to leave the door open if you are going in out constantly and means that it won’t instantly slam shut on a windy day. These doorstops do not only look stylish but add practicality to your daily life.

We offer both floor mounted and wall mounted magnetic door stops to suit your personal preference.

Floor Mounted Door Stops

If a clean, discreet look is what you are going for, then floor mounted door stops are a great design choice. Our floor mounted door stops are available in the traditional small oval classic design with a protective rubber stopper to provide extra cushioning for your door to land safely in place. There are also a selection of domed floor mounted door stops, that come included with concealed fix screws for easy installation. A black rubber ring is situated near the top of the door stop to provide protection to your door. All of these door stop designs in particular have been created by the well known, trusted Australian brand, Tradco hardware.

Perhaps you require a floor mounted door stop with a more contemporary design. The round door stops by Zanda will offer a more modern look to your front entrance. Floor mounted door stops by Zanda Hardware can be purchased with a rubber protective band, or you can try the magnetic door stop function for even more practicality.

Wall Mounted Door Stops

Wall mounted door stops can be fully functional when they are installed on either the wall or straight onto your door. These door stops are offered in a range of different styles, finishes and functions.

If you are going for a traditional authentic look and want to keep your door open, we have a wide range of Tradco hook wall mounted

The Square or Round Wall Mounted Door Stops by Meir can be added to any door to give it an instant modern look, with the sleek edges and bold finish choices.

Door Stops and Matching Hardware

When adding door stops to any project you may want to consider how you want them to tie in with the rest of your hardware. Whether you’re trying to match your door stops to existing hardware or whether you are wanting all your door hardware, including your door stops to match, Restoration Online has a lot of options for you to choose from.

To keep your design looking coherent, we recommend purchasing all your door hardware in the same finish to ensure an even colour distribution across your doors and throughout your home. For example, you can start by matching your Antique Brass Door Stops with our matching Antique Brass Door Handles. This is the same for any of our featured finishes.

Tradco Hardware in particular, offer a great range of finishes for any product. From here, why not go the next step by coordinating all hardware including your door knockers, window hardware, Doorbells, Light switches and much more!

Not only do we ship this hardware products Australia-wide, including to major cities such as Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane but we also ship most of our products to world-wide also! Whether you are in New Zealand or the USA, you can still gain access to these beautifully crafted pieces of hardware. If you live outside of Australia, simply contact us for a shipping quote.