Indoor Wall Lights

As the name suggests, wall lights are attached to the wall rather than the ceiling or the floor As well as providing sometimes much needed additional light, interior wall light fixtures can be very decorative and brighten up your home. Whether you live in a period era house, or a new home designed to reflect the classic past, we sell elegant pieces that you won’t find in a contemporary lighting shop. From your foyer, hallway, entertaining room or bedroom, interior wall lights can be a practical and attractive lighting solution on any wall. They not only create a warm atmosphere, but they can make the space feel larger, brighter and homely. From elegant and ornate crystal chandeliers and frosted glass lights to chrome wall sconces, our carefully chosen interior wall light collection has something to suit everyone’s taste and style. Our interior wall lights come in a variety of colours and finishes including antique brass, bronze, chrome, nickel and polished brass. We sell high quality reproduction pieces designed to evoke timeless elegance.

If you are looking to create some old-world charm, we have several chandelier interior wall lights to choose from such as the waterfall chandelier, the antique brass chandelier light and the crystal chandelier. And the good news is, even though they have a traditional, old world feel about them, they come with the reliability of modern-day light fittings. We also sell other crystal wall lights including one from the Venice range which is by Australian brand Lighting Inspirations and is made with genuine crystal drops. Check out our full range online. And if you like chandeliers, we also have ceilingchandelier lighting, options available.

If you live in an Art Deco style house, there are also several interior wall lights to choose from including the Art Deco wall sconce. If you are not familiar with the word sconce, it refers to a type of wall light that is usually directed upwards and outwards rather than downwards. Traditionally, the light source for a sconce was a candle or a gas light. And if Art Nouveau is more your style, we also sell an Art Nouveau indoor wall light that is available in a nickel or bronze finish.

If you would prefer a more classic, vintage look, we have the Nova vintage wall light that comes in a chrome or bronze finish, with options to have one or two shades. And if you like retro, you can’t go past our chrome retro interior wall lights from the Futura range which are also available with one or two shades. If you are looking for a more ornate style, we also sell the brass Victoriana indoor wall light that comes with frosted etched glass. Or if you have an urban décor, our polished chrome industrial indoor wall lights are a must have item and will give your home an edgy look. With their functional, straight forward design they will be an enhancement to any room. And as with many of our wall lights, they can be mounted facing upwards or downwards depending on your personal taste. Our selection of interior wall lights is very extensive so whether you are looking for Hamptons style wall lights, wall lights to fit a more country decor, candle wall lights or chrome industrial wall lights, we have something for everyone!

How to mount wall light fixtures


The position on the wall where you mount your light fixture will depend on the purpose of the light, the design of the light, the height of the ceiling, the structure of your wall and the style of your house. An interior wall light for reading in bed is going to need to be mounted at a different height to a wall light in the hallway, so you need to work out what height is right for you. If you are replacing an existing wall light, you are likely to be guided by the position of the original light.


When it comes to the electrical installation, the law in Australia states that any electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrician. Each state’s laws vary slightly, but they have the same general idea. There are a few things you can do yourself such as changing a light globe, but in most cases you’ll need to use a licenced electrician. This will reduce the risk of an electric shock, or an electrical fire if the light is installed incorrectly.

As well as interior wall lights, at Restorations Online we also sell other indoor lighting products including lantern lights, multi arm lights, pendant Lights, ceiling lights, kitchen bench lights and lamps. And it is not only indoor lighting that we take care or; we can provide solutions for all your lighting needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable team would love to discuss your lighting requirements, so contact us today. And if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for on our website, we are often able to source other items too, or at least point you in the right direction. With years of restoration and building experience, we can help you create the perfect look and feel you are after.