Laundries these days, in our modern society, are all about convenience, functionality, and ease, compared to the old-fashioned scrubbing boards, water and elbow grease required in histories past.

Laundries are often an afterthought when it comes to a home renovation. However, this shouldn’t be the case, as the laundry provides an essential service in your home and the way you live. As everyone knows, the term ‘hygiene’ in recent times, has grown in importance more than ever before. Having a laundry that is both practical and time saving effective, is vital.

We can now look beyond a simplistic laundry space and capture the essence of the other themes throughout your home. The possibilities become endless when choosing your laundry aesthetic. The way you choose to design your laundry can end up turning a lousy household chore into an entertaining exercise.

Choosing Your Laundry Sink

When choosing the sink for your laundry, there are many factors to consider.

You may want your sink to match a certain theme, colour, or aesthetic that ties in with the other rooms in your house. Whether you desire the classy Hamptons style, a traditional warm and welcoming country bungalow, or a bold, modern statement for your contemporary laundry, Restoration Online has the perfect range of sinks for you.

The size of your laundry space will also affect the type and size of sink you purchase. You will want to consider your installation style, which can include Drop-in or Undermount for example.

Types of Laundry Sinks

Sinks in the laundry are an important fixture as they are such a versatile product. The type of laundry sink you purchase will depend highly on what sort of activities you plan on using it for. These activities can include anything from cleaning or soaking clothing and other fabrics, to filling buckets of water, washing hands, and even bathing the family dog! Purchasing a sink that is at least 200mm deep is something to consider, as it is important that your laundry sink can accommodate all these needs.

Making the sink a centrepiece in your laundry is not an uncommon practice and can be achieved by installing the sink with an exposed front. This will turn any dull laundry into a classy statement room. The best type of sink to go for to accomplish this look would be any of the Ceramic Butler or Farmhouse Laundry Sinks. An exposed sink can offer a sense of cosiness and elegance, especially when doing your washing indoors on a cold, rainy winter’s day. These sinks are both heat and scratch resistant making it the perfect addition to your washroom.

Looking for a deep laundry sink, with plenty of room? We have you covered yet again, with our large range of deep sinks with plenty of depth, for all the puppy washing capers and bucket filling needs.

Perhaps your outfit is more of a modern style, or you may be dealing with dirty and muddy clothing. If so, you may wish to opt for a stainless-steel laundry sink. We also offer a range of Utility sinks for those long overnight soaks. Further to this, we also offer a range of simple laundry basins, double bowl sinks, laundry troughs and tubs to suit any laundry renovation project.

If you are working with a smaller space, where you only have room for a small sink, there is no need to fear. Our range of Belfast sinks are small enough to conserve space while still having the functioning capabilities needed for a laundry sink.

What’s the difference between kitchen sinks and laundry sinks?

As funny as it may seem, most kitchen sinks can be used in a laundry. You will just need to check that the depth of the sink corresponds with the depth you require for your laundry. Most of the sinks we sell on our website do fit this functionality criteria. If you ever feel the need to check if a product will be suitable for your project, our helpful and knowledgeable staff are here to help when you contact us via phone or email.

Laundry Taps

Choosing a complimentary laundry tap in addition to your amazing laundry sink, is the next step in your laundry project. Consider whether you need your tap to be installed on the laundry sink top behind the sink, or whether, due to limited space, you would prefer a wall mounted tap.

Types of Laundry Taps

Most laundry rooms consist of two types of laundry taps which include a tap for the laundry sink and a set of Washing Machine Taps. We believe that purchasing your tapware is easiest when purchased from a one stop shop, such as ourselves here, at Restoration Online. Therefore, we offer both types of taps. Purchasing both items from the same supplier will ensure continuity within your home and your selected theme.

Choosing a laundry tap

When choosing your laundry tap, think about how much space you can utilise and what space you would like to save. Larger areas offer the opportunity to have 3–piece tap sets, while smaller areas will often require a smaller tap, such as a mixer tap, or a pull-out spray tap. If you would prefer not to have a long spout and want to conserve more space, pillarcock/bibtaps would be the way to go.

To conserve space, try installing a wall mounted tap with a swivel spout. The swivel spout can simply be pushed aside and out of the way when not in use and the taps do not take up any precious bench space.

A pull-out style tap is extremely useful when installed in a laundry. Using a pull-out spray is handy when cleaning out your sink after a long washing soak, for washing the soapy suds off your pampered pooch or hitting a stain directly on your favourite shirt.

Meet the suppliers

Our Laundry tapware and fittings are supplied to us by some of the most well-known trusted Australian brands and offer you quality, premium products.

Shaws Sinks are one of the most well-known sink distributors in the country. Their sinks are known for their high-quality and they have been around for years.

When looking for matching sink and tap brands, look no further than 1901 sinks and taps that offer high quality, heat and scratch resistant sinks and a spectacular range of matching taps.

Turner Hastings is another trusted Australian brand, along with sinks and taps from other distributors such as Abey, Fienza, Phoenix tapware, Meir and the list goes on. Find and get all these products shipped to you by purchasing from Restoration Online.

For more related products, we have an extensive range of Bathroom fittings, light fittings and Window and Door Hardware, not to mention our range of Door Handles, which are all available for viewing on our website.


We ship all of our products Australia-wide, including to major cities such as Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Most of our sinks and taps come with free shipping Australia wide, a deal which you cannot pass up. Shop online and have your order delivered straight to your door.

Many of our products can also be shipped overseas to countries such as New Zealand. Please contact out sales team with any enquiries you may have regarding shipping of certain products to your country.