Kitchen Pull Handles

Kitchen Pull Handles

Restoration Online is your one stop shop when it comes to purchasing kitchen and cabinet hardware. Perhaps you’re in the middle of your kitchen renovation or have just moved into a new house and are wanting to replace the existing and worn-out kitchen and cabinet hardware. Our wide selection of Kitchen and Cabinet Pull handles have you covered.

Designed and manufactured from trusted Australian Suppliers, our extensive pull handles range comes in a variety of styles and finishes to suit any project. Our pull handles also come available in a range of different sizes, so that you can replace existing handles with ease and find the right handle lengths to suit your kitchen design.

What kitchen handles should you use?

When choosing your selection of kitchen handles, you will want to think about your layout and design for your kitchen. You will want to consider the size of your cabinetry, along with the kitchen style and the amount of space you have. If your kitchen has a particular theme, then choosing your kitchen handles to match is essential to creating your vision and bringing it to life.

You may like to think of your kitchen and cabinetry hardware as like pieces of jewellery for your kitchen space. Your kitchen décor can say a lot about you as a host and allows your dining guests and family to experience a piece of your personality when they enter your kitchen space.

You may choose to make your kitchen décor stand out and bedazzle your guests with a modern twist. Our range of modern Castella Vogue handles, Gallant Cabinet handles or even the Hepburn Ascot cabinet pull handles are just a few of examples that can help you achieve this look. On the other hand, you may be wanting to take a more subtle and elegant approach. If so, we have a whole range of traditional kitchen and cabinet handles to help you achieve this look. Some products from our traditional range include the Zanda Mayfair Cabinet Pull handle, the Castella White Porcelain Sovereign Cabinet Pull handle and the Tradco Telephone Pull Handle, to name a few.

No matter the style or size of your project, our extensive range of handles and helpful staff, here at Restoration Online, can help you fulfill the vision of your dream kitchen.

Which handle finish would best suit my project?

Choosing the correct finish is very important when it comes to choosing kitchen handles for your project. Depending on the style you have chosen for your kitchen, some finishes can really enhance the space, while others can make the environment look dull or plain. The colours chosen for your kitchen hardware can really make a big difference to the overall outcome.

When choosing your finish, think about the style you wish to achieve. Accomplishing the ‘Hamptons’ style, a popular crowd favourite, means choosing more contemporary styled products. This includes using finishes such as Matte Black, Nickel and Chrome for your products. A popular style for this look is also known as ‘shaker’, which can be paired with shaker knobs, drawer pulls etc to turn your whole kitchen into a Hamptons dream. Hamptons is also reminiscent to the luxurious French Provincial style which typically would use more ornate hardware.

The beautifully aged-by-hand pull handles in Antique Brass, along with Antique Copper and Polished Brass can all be used to create more traditional styles within your kitchen. Some of these styles refer to the Federation, Victorian and Edwardian eras. Some handles such as the Bronze Linea Italiana Cabinet Pull Handle can even transport your kitchen back to the times of ancient civilisation.

Keeping the continuity of your finishes running throughout your home and décor is a great way to create a seamless design. Keeping the same finish consistent with all your door hardware, window and furniture hardware helps to create a flawless, unified layout that flows evenly from room to room.

Can you mix cupboard knobs and pull handles together?

You can certainly choose to use both cupboard knobs and pull handles in your kitchen project. Kitchen and Cabinet Knobs are typically used on cabinets and doors, while Kitchen pull handles or Draw Pulls are often used on Kitchen drawers.

Whether you’re wanting to go for Kitchen Pull handles for your entire kitchen or whether you’re wanting to mix things up, Restoration Online is your one stop shop to explore your creativity.

Kitchen and Cabinet Pull Handle Sizes

Perhaps you are wishing to replace some of your existing handles for something fresh and brand new. Finding the right size replacements can sometimes be tricky. Either you need to find a pull handle with the same screw hole measurements as your existing, or you can opt to go for a larger handle that will cover your existing screw holes.

Our large variety of pull handles come in various lengths and heights, starting out as small as 76mm and growing to some of our largest handles between 800 – 1280mm.

Meet the suppliers

Great minds from all over the country have come together to bring these amazing products to the table. Our multi brand, range of kitchen and cabinet pull handles are brought to you by trusted Australian companies.

Starting off, we have one of Australia’s leading architectural brands, Tradco Hardware, offering a wide range of beautifully finished and high-quality products. Up next, we have another trusted Australian owned and operated company, Castella. Castella has designed ranges to suit a variety of styles and presents one of the best warranties in the market by offering a lifetime warranty on their products.

Nostalgic Warehouse is a high-end brand based in the United States and their amazing quality period-style handles and door hardware are available exclusively through Restoration Online. Additionally, we also have access to products from other leading brands such as, Zanda Architectural Hardware, Meir and Hepburn Hardware. All these amazing brands help to form our collections to provide you with endless amounts of options to complete your renovation or restoration project.


All of our Kitchen and Cabinet Pull Handles are shipped Australia-wide to all major cities, some of which include, Hobart, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. We also ship to all metropolitan and regional areas in the country.

If you live outside of Australia and would still love to have access to these products, then you’re in luck! We ship all these handles world-wide including to our nearby neighbour, New Zealand! Simply contact us or place the items in your cart along with your country and postcode to calculate a shipping quote.