Door Hardware

Beautiful hardware for your external and interior doors

A door can be a style statement in its own right when it is accessorised in the right way. At Restoration Online, we offer a huge variety of door hardware to suit all styles of property. Whether you’re looking for a classic design to suit a traditional home or something more contemporary for a modern property, we can help you create interior and exterior door styling to bring out the best of your home.

Exterior door hardware to set your home apart

Your exterior doors are the first thing your visitors see when they arrive at your home. For this reason, you need the right door hardware to give your property a unique appeal and demonstrate your own personal sense of style. Restoration Online is here to help, with an extensive range of exterior door hardware. From door knockers to letter plates, we can help you set exactly the right tone for your property. We offer decorative push plates to protect the paintwork of your door and attractive escutcheons to disguise the keyhole. We can even provide you with the perfect doorbell to tie in with the rest of your door design! And, when it comes to your other exterior doors, we’ve got those covered too, with our comprehensive range of French door hardware.

Create stylish doors inside the home

Interior doors don’t have to be bland and boring! Restoration Online offers everything you need to transform your interior doors into highly attractive design features. Whatever the style of your property and your own décor tastes, we can provide you with door hardware to compliment every room, from decorative hinges and centre doorknobs through to door bolts and cabin hooks, offering practicality as well as style. Even a doorstop can be a stylish accessory! Shop our door hardware collection here, or contact us for more details about our product range.