Cupboard Knobs

At Restoration Online we have curated a collection of cupboard knobs as part of our furniture handle range to suit any style furniture or cupboard piece. Our cupboard knobs are available in small sizes such as 13mm which are a wonderful choice for a small piece of furniture, or even a grand father clock door! Our range also includes standard sizes such as 25mm, 30mm, 32mm and 38mm which are a great option for any standard drawer or cupboard on a piece of furniture or built-in cabinet, such as a kitchen, bathroom or laundry cupboard or even drawers. If you are putting a cupboard knob on a larger cupboard door, we recommend choosing a knob larger than 38mm.

Our offering is focussed towards traditional, vintage and heritage styles perfect for classic Australian homes such as Victorian, Federation, Californian Bungalow, Art Deco and Art Nouveau. In New Zealand these types of homes are often referred to as a Character Home. The classic style fittings we offer are also a perfect fit for new builds in a Hamptons or provincial design. Classic style fixtures also add a soft touch to a modern home. If you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary, we do also have a collection of modern furniture handles.

We bring you knobs from many quality brands which including, Tradco, Iver, Castella and Nostalgic Warehouse and Hepburn Hardware. Each brand has designed a range of handles that include furniture drawer pulls and cupboard knobs, to ensure you can complete your project with matching handles you need.

Which finish to choose?

Our cupboard knob collection has a huge range of finish and material options, colours like black and satin brass are popular right now, or you could opt for a classic choice such as a glass or porcelain knob. Consider the type of furniture piece you are restoring, if you are adding dresser handles, furniture ring pulls or pedestal handles, you will want to select a cupboard knob that matches these handles.

Brass Brass is a timeless choice, this gold colour is available in Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Brushed Brass and Antique Brass, it is really making a comeback in recent years and will be a finish that will never date. Brass adds some warmth to any room.

Antique Finishes Our antique finishes include antique brass, antique copper, rumbled nickel, distressed nickel and oil rubbed bronze. These finishes come with a pre aged look which are the perfect fit for any antique furniture piece.

Black Classic and hugely in style, black cupboard knobs suit traditional, Hamptons and modern furniture designs. This colour works well with other metal finishes in your home as it does not clash.

Nickel & Chromes Silver toned finishes such as nickel and chrome are a classic choice and extremely durable, they are available in polished, brushed, and satin options. Silver toned cupboard knobs such as nickel and chrome will stand the test of time with their durable electroplated finish that will not tarnish.

Glass Glass is a popular choice for cupboard knobs, it is available in clear, pink and green glass and is paired with chrome and brass finished bases.

Porcelain Porcelain is a beautiful choice when giving a chest of drawers a facelift, porcelain is available in white and also cream and ivory, with either a plain or crackled or crazed porcelain effect.

Bakelite Although not traditional bakelite, our cupboard knobs are available in an imitation bakelite which fit right into your retro project. We also have these retro bakelite handles to match.

Which type of knob do you need?

If you are upcycling a chest of drawers or antique furniture piece, you can use a simple cupboard knob, or you could take this opportunity to use a decorative furniture knob, such as a porcelain knob in a bright colour or a decorative Victorian knob, these knobs make a big impact and are best reserved for furniture pieces where you are using no more than 8 knobs. If you are adding new cupboard knobs to your kitchen, then we recommend opting for a kitchen cabinet knob, these knobs are simpler and more streamlined, which looks best when used in larger quantities such as in a kitchen. When selecting your kitchen cabinet knobs, keep in mind the colour you will choose for your kitchen tap as it is great to tie them together with a similar colour.

Where to place cupboard knobs?

Cupboard knobs can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and on furniture pieces.

Where to place a cupboard knob on drawers

When you are installing a cupboard or drawer knob on drawers, firstly, if you are replacing existing knobs, you will want to install the new knobs in the same place as the old ones, this will save you the trouble of needing to drill new holes. If you are installing knobs onto a new drawer, then we recommend the knob in installed in the very centre of the drawer, make sure you measure twice before drilling any holes!

Where to place a cupboard knob on cupboard doors

If you are installing knobs onto cupboard doors, if the doors are overhead cabinets, then you will want to install the knob on the bottom corner on the non-hinged side of the cupboard. If you are installing knobs onto the lower kitchen cabinets, then you want to install the knob on the top corner of the non-hinged side of the door.

How to install cupboard knobs?

If you are looking to update cupboard knobs as part of a DIY project, then you might be wondering how to install cupboard knobs to the door or drawer? Good news: it’s very easy! As a rule, 99% of cupboard knobs are rear fix (meaning they screw in from the back) so you can follow these easy steps.

- Measure and mark in pencil where you want the centre of your cupboard knobs to be

- Drill a hole in the cupboard or drawer just bigger than your screw gauge

- Sit the knob on the face of the drawer or cupboard, place screw through the timber, screw in by hand into the back of the knob and finish tighten from behind with a screwdriver to ensure they don’t work loose

- You’re done!

How to change drawer knobs

If you already have existing knobs and holes in the drawers or doors, then you can follow these steps:

- Remove existing knobs by loosening screws in the back of door or drawer with a screwdriver, you will need to check if the screws are slotted of Phillips head so you know which type of screwdriver you will need

- Sit the knob on the face of the drawer or cupboard, place screw through the timber, screw in by hand into the back of the knob and finish tighten from behind with a screwdriver to ensure they don’t work loose

- You’re done!

*Note that in some cases, the screws may be too long for your door or drawer. If they are, you may need to cut the screws down with a hacksaw. Before unscrewing all your knobs, try one out first to see if they fit. Cupboard knobs generally are hollow so the screw will fit inside the knob itself to allow more flexibility in cupboard or drawer thickness.

Cupboard knobs with backplates

A common problem when you remove your existing cupboard knobs is that they have left a mark behind the knob, in those cases it is best to choose a cupboard knob with backplate or purchase a furniture knob backplate. Just be sure to measure the diameter of the mark left behind by the backplate and select a cupboard knob with a backplate diameter bigger than the mark. Alternatively, you could sand and repaint the drawers and then you will have more flexibility as you won’t have a mark to cover.

How to measure drawer knobs

If you are wanting to replace your existing knobs, you might want to get a knob in the same size as you have now. Drawer knobs are measured by the diameter, the best way to measure this is to place two flat objects (like a book) on either side of the knob, and then have someone measure the space between the drawer knobs with a ruler. This will save you closing one eye and making a bit of a guess!

Cupboard knobs vs handles

If you are in the market for some new cupboard knobs or handles, you might be wondering why opt for a cupboard knob vs a handle. It is all just about your desired design! Cupboard knobs can be used on all kinds of applications, as can a handle like a drawer pull (you can use these on cupboard doors as well as drawers!). So just choose the design and look you want to go for, using a tool like Pinterest is great to give you some inspiration.

Are drawer knobs universal?

Drawer knobs are not universal, there are many different brands who offer different sizes. As a rule, though the screw thickness is pretty standard, so you can easily remove the knobs on your exiting furniture and replace with new ones by simply unscrewing the old ones and screwing the new ones on. The only thing you need to consider here is if the screw is any thicker than your existing hole in the drawer, it is very unlikely as the screw thickness is quite standard. To be sure you might want to consider buying just one drawer knob to be sure it fits, or worst case you might need to drill thicker holes in the timber.

Where do you ship?

At Restoration Online we ship world-wide, our head office is in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia. We will ship to any regional and metropolitan areas of Australia and New Zealand such as Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Auckland and Wellington. We will ship to most other countries in the world as well, simply calculate the shipping cost in the checkout and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team if you need any assistance.