Bidet Tapware

A bidet is a great addition to any bathroom, and if you need to replace the bidet taps, then we have a selection available so you can upgrade and keep to the style of your bathroom. You can shop for bidet taps and any other taps that you’ll need for a bathroom renovation project in our bathroom taps section of our online shop. In there we have a wide selection of taps available and you can find almost anything to suit your budget and particular style.


If you’re installing a bidet for the first time, you may need to make more room for it, as many modern bathrooms, while functional and new, do not make a provision for a standalone bidet. You may need to get a plumber in to install the bidet and make it functional. Like sinks, bidets are often sold without any hardware and you’ll need to purchase the bidet taps separately. While this may seem a bit unusual it allows you the choice to find the perfect set that compliments your bathroom. In our shop we have a wide range of taps, including a bidet mixer tap, usually the taps are stainless steel. However, depending on your bidet model, you may have separate taps for hot water or cold water. A bidet at its core is not much more than a low sink that you can sit on to wash your privates after using the toilet. It can take some time to get used to if you’ve never used on before, but most people adjust quickly and would never return to only using toilet paper.


While bidets are increasing in popularity in Australia, we are sorely lagging the rest of the world. There is nothing bad about a bidet, in fact it offers many good changes; you’ll use less toilet paper, they’re more hygienic, and they’ll save you money. If your home has an older bidet, replacing the bidet taps can be a great start to giving it that fresh and new appearance.

How to Install Bidet Taps?

The way you install bidet taps is very similar to installing taps for any shower or basin. The first step is to remove the old taps. Taps most commonly come apart in either one of two methods. The first is with a visible screw, this is usually marked with a ‘C’ for cold water or a ‘H’ for hot water. It’s important to remember which is which for when you put the taps back together, although it’s generally not hard to change over if you get it wrong. In most homes the left tap is the hot water tap. Undo the screw by hand, if it is stuck or slippery you can use a wrench, but most of the time your fingers will be enough. The second method is with a small grub screw, use a hex key to undo it and the handle will come off the spindle.


After the screws are undone you should be able to remove the tap handle and the cover. At this point you may need to shut the water off, you can do this either at the mains to your home or at the bidet, if there is a shut of tap near the water pipes. For your water mains you can usually find this out the front of your home, near the outdoor garden taps, in some homes it may be inside a trap. After you turn it off, release the pressure in the pipes by turning on the garden tap and letting it run until no water comes out (this should last only a few seconds).


With the water turned off, use a suitable wrench to remove the old internal tap workings. Depending on your bidet, the taps should be accessible from the rear of the unit. Unscrew the nuts and remove the old taps, these should come out easily, but they may need some assistance from a rubber mallet. After the taps are out give the entire area a good clean before installing your new bidet taps.


To install the new taps, follow the manufacturer's guide, but in general they will be installed in the same manner as the ones you took out. Reverse the process for installation. After you’ve secured the internal tap workings, turn the taps on full, and turn the water mains back on. Ideally complete this with two people, so if something is not right and you have a leak, they can tell you to turn the water off.


While it is possible to replace the taps yourself, if you are not that confident, or have never changed a tap before, it might be a good idea to get advice from a plumber. If you’re installing a new bidet, then a plumber will be needed anyway, so it’s best to have your taps at hand ready for them to install at the same time.

Buying Your Bidet Taps

At Restoration Online we have a wide range of bidet taps available, and we ship Australia wide. We offer our customers a 21 day returns policy, which means that if your taps are not exactly suitable you can arrange for a return and select something else.


In our online shop we have a wide range of tap hardware. You can choose any from our bath taps, telephone taps, and non-mixer taps among many others. All our taps are available in a variety of styles and finishes, we’re sure you’ll be able to find something that makes your bathroom perfect.