Stair Handrail Brackets

Replacing stair handrail brackets is a fantastic way to improve an existing staircase. For most homes the staircase is purely a functional item, it exists to get people from one floor to another. Often the style is overlooked in favour of function, and stair handrail brackets are an example of that. If you're renovating or restoring a property that has a staircase, you may want to upgrade all the hardware to something better than the standard. For many old homes the rods can be made of bare iron, stainless steel, or even plain painted metal. In our online shop we have several available to buy, we have chosen finishes for a luxurious look and feel, we have polished brass and satin chrome. These two finishes are the most common to be installed on staircase handrails.


If you’re replacing a worn staircase, then you may need to do some further work to make sure that everything is going to hold in place. If the existing stair handrail brackets are pulling away from the wall, then it’s possible that they either have not been installed properly or the screw holes are loose and not gripping as much as they should. If they are separated from the actual rail, then it may be advisable to either replace the rail or repair it. However, for safety reasons it's probably best to replace the rail.


As with any handrail, when you remove it for repairs people need to be aware that it is not there. Consider installing an interim replacement, so they can climb the stairs safely. This can be something as simple as a rope that people can use as a guide while going up the stairs, just make sure that it is securely attached to the wall to provide support. If you are working in your own home, you can let people know so they are aware. If you're working on a job site, it may be best to put some signs up or if possible, block the area off until you’re finished.


When you are doing repairs to a staircase, or replacing stair handrail brackets, it’s a good idea to see what other improvements you can do in the area. Most of the time a staircase will be in the entrance or main floor area of a home or building. This area can be perfect for additional hardware to make your guests feel more at home. In our online shop we have many items that may help out, some of these include, coat hooks and standard hooks , brackets, corbels, and replacement wall vents.

How to Install Stair Handrail Brackets?


If you’re replacing the current stair handrail brackets, but not the actual handrail, then replacing can be straight forward. Remove the handrail by undoing all of the screws , and with the help of a friend, lift the handrail off and place it on the stairs next to the wall. Then take off all the brackets. If some of the brackets are loose, you’ll need to fix the holes. You can do this by drilling them out, then using a wooden dowel and glue, refill them. After the glue is dry, drill new holes to fit the bracket screws.


To check that all the brackets are in the correct position, run a string line from the first bracket screw hole to the last, all the screws should line up. If they don’t, you’ll need to drill new ones. This will make sure that the handrail is straight. Once all the brackets are secured to the wall you can replace the handrail.


If you’re using the same handrail lift it into position and secure it at one end and then the other. Then you’ll use the middle point, and then the following middle points until all the brackets are secured. If you install them all in a line you may end up with bowing at one point. If the old handrail has any worn-out screw holes you can fix this using the same wooden dowel and glue fix that you did for the wall. When the handrail is off it can be the perfect time to freshen up the paint or some other finishing product.


If you are installing a new handrail, you’ll need to lift it into position and then use some clamps to keep it there while you mark out all the screw holes. After it’s been marked remove the handrail and lay it on a flat surface and drill all the screw holes. Make sure you check the depth and be careful not to go all the way through the handrail. Ideally this is a good time to apply any finish to the new handrail. After everything has been completed you can install it, screw at both ends and then the middle points.

Buying Your Stair Handrail Brackets


At Restoration Online you can buy stair handrail brackets in our online shop. We have the most common finishes to suit all renovation and restoration projects. We ship Australia wide and offer all our customers a 21-day returns policy. If for any reason the items you buy are not suitable, you can arrange for a return and we’ll be happy to sort it out for you.


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