Kitchen Knobs

Kitchen Knobs

Apart from making your life simpler through effortless handling of cabinets and drawers, kitchen knobs play an aesthetic role in beautifying your interiors. Making minor additions to your furniture in terms of updating cabinet knobs can make a major difference to your kitchen cabinet architecture. With over 40 years of experience in the building and restorations business in Australia, we at Restoration Online offer an array of cabinet knobs that complement a variety of kitchen designs.

High on quality and style, our knobs and pulls can enhance even the most boring piece of furniture in your kitchen. Be it traditional, modern, transitional, or premium hardware pieces, our versatile collection of kitchen knobs will spoil you for choice. Available in a range of sizes, our products come in a variety of make and finish such as copper, aluminium, brass, black, chrome, glass, iron, pewter, nickel, ceramic and bakelite to name a few. Our collection of decorative knobs is not just limited to kitchen cabinets but they can be installed in drawers and other furniture pieces meant for other rooms in your home as well. Our products are available in various shapes and colours so that you can quickly find the perfect match for your project.

Now, going by the wide range of hardware finishes and styles to choose from — shortlisting the right products online may seem an uphill task. The first thought that may strike you once you decide on investing in cabinet knobs is how to choose cabinet hardware.

Tips to help you choose kitchen knobs or pulls

The first step in choosing kitchen cabinet hardware is deciding if you prefer the look of a cabinet knob or a cabinet pull. Though kitchen knobs and pulls can be used interchangeably, knobs are mostly used on cabinet doors whereas pulls are installed on drawers. If you are having a hard time deciding which variation to opt for, you may want to experiment with both by installing the knobs on upper cabinets and furniture drawer pulls on lower cabinets. Our kitchen handles collection comes in various styles such as Kitchen T Handles, Kitchen Pull Handles, Cabinet flush pulls and our new range of half-moon handles.

Estimate the cost

Whether you are planning to style your new kitchen or refurbish some cabinet hardware in your old space, planning your budget is crucial before making any hardware purchase.

Our furniture knobs collection is for everyone. For those of you who are very stringent with budget the lowest-priced product in this category starts at $1.85 and for those who are looking for premium products, we also have silver finish knobs priced at $100.60.

Select the make, finish, and size

The next step is choosing the make and finish of the knobs. Offering every finish and style you would want to decorate your furniture with, Restoration Online has almost 500 styles of kitchen knobs at your disposal. The style and finish of the knobs you choose must align with the existing architecture in your kitchen. Be it the colour combination or the metals in use, the knobs should be a perfect fit to your antique or modern kitchen.

You can either buy the basic, robust options like chrome and brass for the most important cabinet doors and the fancy glass or ceramic ones for your pantry or occasionally used cabinets in your kitchen. You also need to select knobs based on the size of your cabinet, cupboard, or your drawer to ensure that your kitchen has a harmonious look.

Our Kitchen handles are brought to you by leading and trusted brands of the industry. Choose from our range of handles from Tradco Hardware or Castella. We also have a great selection of handles designed by Hepburn Hardware, Nostalgic Warehouse, Iver and Zanda.

Think about the comfort

Cabinet knobs are crucial hardware products that are almost used hundred times a day, hence you would want to choose something that would go with your comfort zone. Since you cannot touch or feel the knobs while making an online purchase, you may want to consider if you are okay with using decorative knobs that may have pointy edges or ridges or if you are more comfortable in handling basic dome-shaped or smooth-surfaced knobs. Making a choice becomes easier if you have your priorities sorted.

Now that you have enough information on how to shortlist the kitchen knobs, you may have questions on how to install them. At Restoration Online, each knob comes with a rear fix screw and has a single attachment point through which the screw can easily be installed to the cabinet board or drawer. If you are looking for any particular kind of knob or pull that you are unable to find under the kitchen knobs section on our site, you can refer to our furniture handles collection. If you still cannot take your pick, give us a call! Contact us and our team of experts will try to source other items, customise certain items based on your need or suggest you with an alternative.

We have a full-time team dedicated to assist you with your queries, cross-check your order, and ensure that there are no discrepancies right before your order is shipped. Our association with you does not end here, our after-sales service experts will be right there to help if you face any issue after the delivery of your order. Choose Restoration Online and give your kitchen the statement look it deserves.


Our kitchen knobs are shipped right across Australia, from Melbourne, to Darwin, to Adelaide to Perth. We ship to all regional and metro areas, so regardless of your location, you can enjoy our fabulous range of handles. We also ship our products overseas to countries such as New Zealand. No matter where you are you can still receive our products with just a few clicks of a button.