Light Switches

Light Switches

In every build or remodelling, the finishing details like light switches always matter the most. You can forgive some design issues like your kitchen bench not being precisely where it was supposed to be or a change in tapware design owing to plumbing constraints or restrictions on your final available space, but light switches and indoor lighting are the accents that jump out of your overall design when you get them wrong. This is doubly important when you are painstakingly restoring original features in a period home or remaining faithful to traditional design in reproductions.

Types of Light Switches

We are the restoration and building specialists with over 40 years of experience and we have selected the highest quality and most faithful reproduction light switches and lighting designs to ensure that you never have to get the final details just slightly wrong. Our selection of switches includes Federation style round switches and round power points to ensure that if you are trying to remain faithful to your original design, you can. Our heritage traditional switches and round power points include antique and polished brass designs. If you’re looking to evoke traditional elements in a fresh, contemporary design, consider our chrome traditional styles which offer the same curves as authentic styles with a new age edge. Ensure you have everything you need with our selection of round mounting blocks and accessories and mechanisms.

Light switches aren’t the only detail you need to get right. Other practical design elements which heavily impact the overall look and feel of your home designs include ceiling fans and fan controllers. Search by specific period to source accurate Art Deco Bakelite Switches which include TV aerial sockets. Let no detail go under designed and choose everything from your dimmers switch to your push button controllers in the style, the material and the colour you need to maintain your ideal design vision.

Just because you’re intending to remain faithful to traditional Bungalow Switches doesn’t mean you have to lose the contemporary elements that make twenty-first century living in Australia more comfortable and convenient. Choose mounting blocks for all of your mod-cons including smart functions and motion sensor controllers. Options include two way and three-way switches and dimmers for led downlights throughout your home as well as garden lighting for setting the ideal entertaining mood. Stay cool in summer with genuine looking fan controllers and other mechanism accessories. We also have Ceiling Pull Switches available for purchase so that you have all the items you need for your renovation or restoration project.

Light Switches to suit your design style

All of our light switches and accessories are made to the highest Australian standards and offer you comfort and safety without compromising on design. If you’re not sure what type of light switch you need to replace existing fittings in your period home, or you’re sure whether you can even replace your original features, then please get in contact with us. We’re happy to help each and every customer, offering personalised shopping experiences which ensure that you get exactly what you need to bring your design to life just like you imagined.

For designers looking for edgy and interesting pieces to include in their contemporary designs, look no further than the timeless beauty of classic design periods. While you may not have a traditional Federation home or a mid-century build to work with, that doesn’t mean that you can’t include elements of those classical design periods in a fresh, new contemporary setting. Bungalow styles are renowned for offering unique shapes and introducing interesting lines to places that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find them. Contemporary light switches tend to place practicality and function above dynamic and unique design. While light switches are essential and offer a very specific function for every user and every home, they don’t have to blend into the background, pretending that they’re not there at all. Bungalow light switches are available in distinctive diamond patterns that offer something a bit new and a bit different to your contemporary design. Available in a range of materials like chrome, bronze and antique brass, you can play with colour, texture and lines in a small area of your home that is often overlooked.

Similarly, Art Deco period fittings, including light switches, are distinctive by their repeated use of clean lines and box-like structures. Decorative lines often come in threes on Art Deco pieces which offer the onlooker a pleasing sense of symmetry. When we see symmetrical designs, we see order and calm amidst the chaos. Art Deco architectural style can often be contrasted very effectively with bold colour choices and soft furnishings which invite detailed and chaotic design choices overlaid over your simple fittings, like colourful and textural Bohemian inspired style. Our Art Deco pieces are also available in traditional materials like Bakelite light switches which not only offer a very specific visual aesthetic but also an auditory one when they are used. The sound of a Bakelite light switch is very distinctive and it’s those tiny details that can make all the difference between you enjoying your final design and you absolutely loving it.

Placing an order

Before every order leaves us for its intended destination, an expert staff member will screen it to ensure that we have not only picked your order exactly as you ordered it, but that you haven’t forgotten anything or accidentally ordered a product not in keeping with the rest of the design style throughout your order. We’ll contact you in this case to quickly check before we send, saving you time and aggravation in the long run. Our exhaustive range of contemporary and traditional style light switches are available to order online, with fast shipping direct to your project site.

Matching Hardware

If you want to have a continuous theme running through your home, why not purchase all your hardware in the same matching finish as your light switches. Whether it be the famous polished brass, durable chrome, or the aged antique brass finish, you can match all of your hardware in your home using Restoration Online as your one stop shop. Get your door handles, kitchen handles, window hardware, door hardware, door stops, hinges, door bolts today! You can even shop by colour for the finish you require.


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