At Restoration Online, we work with customers on both residential and commercial projects and supply a range of fixtures for your bathroom. One item that is commonly overlooked but is extremely important is the urinal! These are ideal for spaces that have separate male and female bathrooms.

Our urinals are contemporary but simple in shape and design, meaning they will fit in with any bathroom. Whether your bathroom is more of a modern style, has an Industrial décor, or is more of a country vibe, the urinal will not clash with any style.

Why do men’s bathrooms have urinals?

Urinals are installed in men’s bathrooms for efficiency. They take up less space and take less time than a regular toilet, and keep the toilet stalls free for number twos! They use much less water than a normal flush toilet, so are better for your wallet as well as for the environment. Urinals are also much easier to maintain and keep clean.

What are the different types of urinals?

The most common type of urinals on the market are individual wall mounted ceramic flush urinals. These are the type we supply at Restoration Online. We have two types of urinals available – top inlet and back inlet options. This is pretty self explanatory – the top inlet urinals use a cistern on the wall above the urinal, whereas the back inlet type have a cistern in the wall behind the urinal. Our urinals are made of ceramic and have a white gloss finish, making them easy to clean.

Another type of urinal is a waterless urinal, which uses a design that means gravity, rather than water, removes the waste. These do save more water obviously, so are great in large scale venues. The negative is that they do require more regular cleaning and a little more maintenance.

A trough urinal is another option, less visually appealing but is a simple and inexpensive option and can be easier in terms of aiming! These are usually made of stainless steel.

What do I need to know before buying a urinal?

Our range of urinals come from reputable Australian brand Turner Hastings. They have a 12 year warranty which reflects the quality of these products. They include wall hanging brackets and fixings, and a rubber inlet connection, and have an integrated ceramic trap. Our urinals have a 5 star WELS rating and are Watermark approved to Australian standards.

The urinals on our website do not come with the cistern included – this is something your plumber should be able to supply. We recommend discussing with your plumber whether you require the top or back inlet urinal before making a purchase.

You’ll also want to discuss with your plumber the type of flush option you are wanting. Urinals usually have a lever or handle to pull which manually flushes the urinal, but there are also sensor options on the market, which are a much more hygienic option. We are all a bit more conscious about being sanitary in the Covid era, so these are a great option to keep your staff and customers safe.

What toilet do I choose to match the urinals?

Any business with a bathroom is going to want toilets as well as urinals. Our urinals are from leading bathware brand Turner Hastings, who also offer a range of toilets that will complement the urinals. Choose from simple, standard toilets in the same gloss white ceramic material, or go for a floor mounted pan, which is a sleek and modern option, with the cistern hidden in the wall. We also have other brands in more traditional style if you prefer more of an old-fashioned touch. Rimless toilets are another option, which are more hygienic than regular toilets and easier to keep clean.

What to consider before designing your commercial bathroom

As urinals are generally used in commercial and public bathrooms rather than at home, there are a few other things you may want to consider.

The number of occupants is important. For a small bathroom such as a restaurant, office or pub, you may only need a couple of toilets and urinals, but in a large complex you will need to accommodate more patrons to avoid excessive queuing.

Water saving is another factor to consider. In male toilets, urinals are a great option because they use less water than a toilet, which can end up saving your business quite a bit in the long run.

Disability access is an important thing to think about. We supply a range of disabled bathroom taps and disabled handrails to help make your business more accessible to all of your customers.

Fixtures and accessories are something to consider. Basin taps are an important decision for the function and design of the bathroom. If your business is on the smaller side and you’re aiming for a less commercial and more homely feel, then you may want to consider items like pedestal basins, toilet roll holders, even light switches and door handles that match your décor. Our privacy locks with colour indicators are ideal for clearly letting customers know when the bathroom or stall is engaged.

Lastly, you will want to ensure you have researched your local building codes, as regulations do vary in different places. Understanding the codes and regulations for building or renovating your commercial bathroom can avoid having to make any costly changes down the track.

How do I buy a urinal?

After you’ve confirmed with your plumber which urinal will suit your bathroom, simply add to the cart and head to the checkout! All of our urinals and toilets include free shipping Australia wide. Our fast delivery service will safely deliver your items to capital cities including Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth, as well as regional and rural areas.