At Restoration Online we specialise in offering an extensive collection of vintage and traditional home hardware products online. Our online hardware store has everything you need to make every part of your home look new again. You never have to settle for only getting the job half done again. Our window hardware, door hardware, general hardware, furniture hardware, and locks & latches are designed for homes in every period.

Our online hardware store in Australia has what you need to put the finishing touches on any restoration job. Our vintage and traditional hardware lets you restore worn, broken pieces that are a part of your home’s or furniture’s overall design.

Door Hardware

Our collection of home improvement hardware includes everything you need to update your doors and create a statement of your entry and hallway. A good place to start is with your door handles, at Restoration Online we offer a huge collection of handles including lever door handles and door knobs to suit internal doors as well as front doors, our door handles are available in various functions to allow a seamless design through your home. Once you have chosen your door handles, it is time to add some decorative elements. Choose from door knockers, doorbells, letter plates, centre door knobs, house numbers & more to add a special touch to any front door. Complete your space with practical fittings such as doorstops, door bolts, push plates, cabin hooks and hinges. Get the door hardware you need to keep your entryways looking flawless while keeping you secure.

Looking for hardware for your double doors or French doors? We have a selection of French door hardware including French door latches, parliament hinges, flush bolts and more. These homes are typically found in the older style homes our products are made for.

Window Hardware

Part of our collection of heritage restoration hardware is one of the most comprehensive lines of window hardware in Australia. We offer fittings for all the major types of windows found in classic Australian homes.

Casement Window Hardware

Casement windows are windows that are hinged on the side and swing outside the house. Casement windows are commonly found in homes built approximately between 1915 and 1940, these home will usually be Federation, Edwardian or Bungalow design. Casement windows can also be found in homes as far back as the mid Victorian era.

They are available in both single and double window styles, double windows will either be rebated or have a mullion between the two windows (a piece of timber that separates them). For casement windows we offer casement stays, these are available in a sill mount or a side mount design in both a traditional look and telescopic models. We also offer casement window fasteners which are needed when a sill mount stay is used. When using a side mounted casement stay it holds the windows shut securely in the middle of the window, however when you are using a sill mount casement stay such as a telescopic casement stay then adding a casement fastener will help secure the window shut in the centre, otherwise if you push at the top of the window there will be some flex.

Sash Window Hardware

Another type of traditional window in Australia is the double-hung, or sash window, these are windows that slide up and down and are often operated by a rope and pulley system, or a sash balance. Sash windows are typical of Georgian (late 1700’s – 1830) and all throughout the Victorian period (1840-1900) (early, mid and late), they can also be found in Edwardian, Californian Bungalow, Art Deco and Post War (1940-1950) times. Sash Windows are also often used in newly built traditional homes such as French Provincial and Hamptons homes.

For these we offer sash lifts to lift the window up and down, sash fasteners which keep the window latched shut, and sash window accessories such as sash pulleys.

Awning and Hopper Window Hardware

If you are looking for reproduction window hardware you might be looking for a hopper or awning window catch. Awning windows are hinged up the top and are generally from homes built in the 1970’s. To latch these shut we have several awning window hardware such as spur catches and wedge fasteners. A similar type of window is a hopper window (typically in homes built in the 1960’s), these are hinged with a friction stay, we offer hopper window catches to latch these shut. Our range includes various types of catches that offer the same functionality as many homes already have one of these fittings existing and it can be easiest to replace with the same type of fitting.

Fanlight Window Hardware

Often found in heritage homes such as Mid & Late Victorian, Federation and Edwardian, fanlight windows are high windows above doorways, while usually called fanlight windows, they are also known as transom windows. For these types of windows we offer a range of fanlight window hardware such as fanlight operators, fanlight swivels and fanlight catches.

Add the finishing touches to any window in your home with our curtain fittings, we offer brass rods, curtain hooks, curtain brackets and more.

Locks & Latches

If you have an old-fashioned home, some of your door locks and latches might be worn out. We offer hundreds of models in different finishes and sizes to suit any door. In many older homes, a mortice lock was used in all doors, these are a great choice when you want to replace the lock as they are the same size, so you don’t need to fill the door to add something like a tubular latch. For standard modern homes regular interior doors use a tubular latch mechanism and low security bathroom doors use a privacy lock. We also offer Euro locks and deadbolts for your exterior doors for the security you need to keep your family safe.

If you have a heritage home, then you will find that our cast iron rim locks are reminiscent of the mid-late Victorian and Federation eras, and our brass rim locks are reproductions of rim locks found in Edwardian, Californian Bungalow and Federation homes.

General Home Hardware

Furniture Hardware

Upcycling an old piece of furniture is becoming more and more popular, with thousands of videos online for inspiration, you might have decided to fix up that old dresser or antique cabinet you’ve had for many years. A sand and a fresh stain or some vintage style paint can breathe life into an old piece. In the end you will be left with a quality piece of timber, you will feel accomplished and won’t have the same ikea items as everyone else!

Restoration Hardware Finishes

At Restoration Online we have a large range of stunning finishes for you to choose from. If you are completing a Bring a fresh look to every window in your house with hardware in a broad range of finishes such as black, brass, and many more gold, silver and bronze toned finishes.

Hardware for Vintage Styles Throughout the Era’s

Our range of period hardware has been specially handpicked to include realistic reproduction replicas to allow you to match the fittings in your traditional Australian home to the original antique pieces, no matter the era. All of our fittings and fixtures are new, made in a traditional design.

We have Restoration Hardware to suit homes from the following Australian Architectural Styles, read more about each style in our guide. Late Georgian – Late 1700s – 1830 Colonial – 1800-1850 Early Victorian - 1840-1860 Mid Victorian - 1860-1875 Late Victorian - 1875-1901 Worker's Cottage – 1840-1900 Federation/Edwardian – 1901-1920 Californian Bungalow – 1915-1940 Art Deco – 1920-1939 Post-War – 1940-1950 Retro – 1950-1969 The Seventies – 1970-1980 Modern/Contemporary – 1980-Present

If you need assistance choosing hardware to match the architectural style of your home, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team. If you have an older home and are not looking for something that must be an exact reproduction of the correct time, we have many home hardware items in classic, old fashioned, rustic, retro, vintage and ornate styles that fit well into any heritage home. Our classic hardware pieces also suit newly built traditional homes or anyone with a classic or rustic themed interior décor.


All of our hardware items are shipped Australia wide to both Metro and Regional areas. This includes major cities, such as Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Darwin, Brisbane, Tasmania and many more. These items can also be shipped overseas, including to New Zealand. Simply place the items into your cart along with your country and postcode to get the estimated tax and shipping costs.

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