Castella Handles

The Castella collection of cabinet handles offers a wide range of traditional & modern styles in an array of stunning finishes. From Hamptons & Shaker to Provincial and sleek contemporary, choose your perfect design.



One of the most varied ranges on the market, Castella provides beautiful and excellent quality kitchen and cabinet handles.

Australian owned and operated, Castella offers architectural hardware to suit a huge variety of styles – from geometric and minimalist, to classic Hamptons and Shaker styles and ornate Provincial designs. Exclusive European ranges such as the Tuscan Foundry and Linea Italiana collections are made entirely of bronze, each piece unique and handcrafted.

Castella are paving the way but offering one of the best warranties out there in the market as all their products are backed up by a lifetime guarantee. This even covers the finishes, where adequate care has been taken in cleaning the item, which is not something seen with most suppliers. This just shows the very high quality of handles and knobs they produce, and the level of care taken to ensure customers are happy with their products for years to come.

Whether you desire a sleek, modern look, luxe statement touches or a traditional, heritage feel, the Castella range has countless options for any style of home or project.

Who Is Castella?

Located in Tasmania, Castella was established back in 2003 with the goal of bringing beautiful hardware to the Australian consumer that could be distinguished from the rest of the market. The company was built from a background in interior design and joinery, to bring superior crafted designs and quality pieces to life. They are now seen as leaders in the field as they have grown their network across Australia and the globe, in their mission to evolve and keep the outstanding quality they have become known for. They supply kitchen and cabinet handles to retailers across the entirety of Australia and continually are expanding.

Not only are the exceptional at what they do, they offer some of the best customer service available to their retailers and the end customer. This includes offering of samples either free of charge or for a small fee – Simply contact us for more information on this service if it is required for you renovation or new build. There is also the added benefit of offering express delivery as the standard shipping method to make sure you can get your items as quickly as possible.

How Do I Choose a Handle Size?

When renovating or even planning on building a new home, the selections to be made can be endless and become overwhelming. Here at Restoration Online we want to make sure this process is as easy as possible, and you can get items to fit your style. Each project is different, and we are sure you will find the right Castella handle to enhance your kitchen or furniture.

Luckily when renovating, the choices can be narrowed if you are just needing to replace your handles for that quick uplift of any space. In these cases, there are already handles installed and you simply need to find a style you desire and the correct spacing to retro fit the existing holes drilled. When selecting the correct size, you will need to measure the centre-to-centre distance between your current screw holes in your kitchen or piece of furniture. Once you have this you can explore the wide range of Castella handles and we have a filter system where you can select the centre-to-centre measurement required and you will just be shown these handles options. Easy as that!

When it comes to a new kitchen, this can be tricky, as not only do you need to select the kitchen tap and sink, you now have every option available to you for handles and knobs, and this can be daunting. Simply break it down to the steps of what design direction or finish you would like to stick with. Finish filters are also available on the site to make your shopping experience a breeze. Once selected you will need to check the space they will be installed on and decide on the size. When it comes to options of knobs, we generally suggest stocking with something no smaller than 30mm and no larger than 38mm, however this is dependant on the individual. Over the years we have come to see that anything smaller than this is no easy enough to grip or larger can look too out of place. Again, this depends on the space and the person using the knobs selected.

When it comes to the pull handles you will use, this is also dependant on the space and how they will look once installed. As every space is different, we suggest making a template that you can hold against the cabinetry to get an idea of the size of an item before purchase. Once you have a design in mind from the website, you can simply make these templates from cardboard in the same size as the handle. This will give a visual of how large of small each handle may look in certain spaces.

Modern Kitchen Handles

Something as simple as kitchen handles can make a huge impact when it comes to the final look of your kitchen. Castella have an extensive range of modern kitchen handle designs and some of the ranges include Urban, Stirling, Manhattan and Terrace.

Due to the fact the ranges are so varied, no matter if looking for something in a simple chrome finish with a streamlined design that is on trend, or warm toned brass handle for that sophisticated feel, there is sure to be a Castella range for you.

Hamptons Kitchen Handles

This style has made a huge comeback in the years and must be one of the most popular we have customers asking for when renovating their homes. Who can go past a matte black finish or rustic antique brass on a white background – It is such as simple yet bold statement.

If the Hamptons style is calling your name, you may want to turn your head towards the Castella Decade and Buckhurst kitchen and cabinet handle ranges.

Browse our online catalogue for inspiration and if you need any help, our friendly staff are here. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have to finalise your order. We ship Australia-Wide to major cities and regional areas such as Perth, Queensland, Melbourne and Internationally, so no matter where you are, you can purchase quality products.