Small Sinks

At Restoration Online, we have a huge range of kitchen sinks, in materials such as fireclay, granite, and stainless steel in various colours. Our collection includes sinks for all different sizes of kitchens, whether you have a large, open plan kitchen with an island bench, a smaller, compact kitchen, or a butlers pantry, you will find something to suit your kitchen. Browse our range of small sinks today including leading brands such as 1901 Sinks, Shaws Sinks, Schock Sinks, Turner Hastings, Meir, Chambord Sinks, and Abey.

What are smaller sinks used for?

While we all love a large, spacious kitchen sink, sometimes this is just not practical. You might be renovating on a budget and trying to keep the same floorplan and sink size as before, or you may just have a small space to work with, such as an apartment, cottage or tiny home. Whatever the reason, the size of your kitchen does not mean you have to compromise on style or your home’s look and feel. Websites like Pinterest are full of tips on creative storage solutions and maximising space in your compact kitchen. Our small sinks are designed to be beautiful and functional, while taking up the least space possible.

Our small undermounted fireclay sinks are around 460-600mm in width, much smaller than some of the large 1000mm double bowl options, but giving the same classic look to your kitchen. We have options in black and white, depending on the style and colour scheme of your home. The benefit of installing your sink undermounted means your bench over hangs the edge of the sink slightly, maximising your bench space, unlike an inset sink where the lip would take up more room. There are also some drop in or inset sinks in Fireclay which are a little narrower, including the Shaws and 1901 Lab Sinks, and Cuisine bar sinks.

The tiniest sink options we have would be our Meir Bar Sinks in stainless steel, which are installed long ways, making them only 272mm wide. The downside to a sink this small is that it really isn’t designed for washing up dishes, so for a fully functioning kitchen, we recommend something a little larger for your main sink. Bar sinks, also referred to as island sinks and prep sinks, are often used as a secondary sink in a larger kitchen. They provide a convenient place for making drinks, prepping and rinsing food and utensils, and might have a drinking water tap with a filter. We have bar sinks in stainless steel and fireclay, to match your main sink and your kitchen décor.

What is the most popular kitchen sink style?

Fireclay Belfast and Butler Sinks, are extremely popular in traditional, Hamptons, French Provincial and farmhouse style kitchens. They come in both white and black colours. Genuine fireclay is a very durable material, with a non-porous finish that makes it scratch-resistant, hypoallergenic, impact resistant and heat resistant. They are easy to clean and care for and combine practicality with elegance. Our Fireclay sinks come from leading brands such as Shaws Sinks, 1901 Sinks, Turner Hastings and Chambord Sinks. You can read more about the benefits of fireclay here: Are Fireclay Sinks Durable?.

Granite sinks are another great option, often chosen for more modern and contemporary kitchens for their sleek look. Granite is a durable material, insensitive to temperature, scratch resistant, and made to last many years. Choose from colours such as white, bronze, stone and black, from leading brands Schock Sinks and Chambord Sinks.

Stainless steel is probably the most common material found in kitchen sinks, and at Restoration Online we offer a variety of stainless steel sinks in unique colours to add personality to your kitchen – choose from Black, Copper, Gun Metal, Brushed Brass and Brushed Nickel. The Piazza range by Australian brand Abey are fabricated and hand crafted from 1mm thick commercial grade stainless steel, feature easy to clean bowls and most include a drainer and sink grid. The Meir brand of sinks are made of stainless steel with PVD coating, and can be installed either flush mounted, under mounted or inset.

Which is better, a single or double sink?

A double sink is ideal for washing up large pots and pans, being able to soak items in one sink and still have the other sink free for meal preparation and washing up. However, the downside is that they do take up a lot of room, so are not really ideal for smaller kitchens. If you have your heart set on a double sink, we do have one sink in the Schock granite sinks range that may be suitable – our Schock Soho Granite 1.5 Bowl Kitchen Sink. With one and a half bowls, this sink is more compact than the larger double bowl options, but still has the benefit of two separate bowls with their own plug and wastes.

In our experience, customers tend to be happy with one, decent sized bowl. Our Fireclay sinks are quite deep, so they are perfect for using the space you have and still allowing for washing up large pots and pans. A sink around 600mm in width is a happy medium, still large enough for everyday use but not so huge that you are left with minimal bench space.

How do I order my small sink?

We recommend checking your choice of sink with your installer, such as your plumber or cabinetmaker. They will be able to confirm that the sink is a suitable size and style for your kitchen. Once you have the go-ahead, you can add your sink to the cart – some sinks may offer you the choice of choosing add ons such as different colours of plug and wastes or sink grids. You also may want to look at our range of kitchen taps – for a small kitchen, the most suitable options are usually Single Hole/Mixer Taps, however on Restoration Online we also offer Three Hole Kitchen Taps, Kitchen Spray Taps, Water Filter Taps and much more.

Our sinks all have free shipping included, and can be shipped to capital cities such as Melbourne, Perth, Darwin and Sydney, as well as regional and rural areas across Australia. Our sinks are shipped quickly and safely, with free shipping insurance included.