From The Anvil

From The Anvil

From the Anvil uses traditional ironmongery techniques to create premium handles and hardware fittings in Wales, U.K. Available exclusively in Australia through Restoration Online.


Have you ever heard of the term, ironmongery? This term is used for the manufacturing process of iron goods along with the selling of them for domestic use. If this sparks your intrigue, then please keep reading to find out more about this truly unique process and how we incorporate this as part of our Restoration Online Business.

Restoration Online is proud to introduce you to our premium range ‘From the Anvil’. A company that specialises specifically in architectural ironmongery. A fascinating process capable of transporting you back in time to the Middle Ages of England and beyond. From the Anvil, use olden day techniques with modern twists to bring you maximum quality products that not only look amazing but tell a story. The word ‘Anvil’, incorporated into the company name, plays as a major factor in this companies’ success. If the word ‘Anvil’ is unfamiliar to you, an Anvil is a metalworking tool used by blacksmiths for centuries, which consists of a large block of metal with a flat surface, where the object being created is struck. The Anvil also has a conical beak or ‘horn’ at one end which is used for hammering curved pieces of metal. From the Anvil use Anvils to create their fabulous range of blacksmith made products, which you can use in your next project. Not only do they use anvils in the creation of their products, but they have incorporated the metal working tool as part of their famous logo.

With over twenty years of experience, From the Anvil brings exquisite hand-crafted products by real blacksmiths, to the table, by forging mild steel and hot forging brass. Manufactured in Wales in the United Kingdom, you can have the opportunity to get your own one-of-a-kind products for your project that are sure to last a lifetime. Knowing that the products are also hand-made gives you the satisfaction of the time and effort that goes into each individual item. Choosing these products will really bring an old-world charm to your design, unlike any other.

Their Story

From the Anvil started from humble beginnings back in 1996 when Mark Underhill and his wife Bernadette started to sell ironmongery and fixings. These products were sold to joiners and builders in a small village found in Mid Wales from their family home. In 1998, new products designed by Mark himself were created which featured an array of traditional handmade ironmongery. These products were uniquely created using an Anvil and were made from steel that was forged by hand. This process ensured success amongst other competitors.

By 2000, From the Anvil had become an official business with approximately 50 handmade products up for sale. The company soon expanded to a larger factory to keep up with demand. Not long after, From the Anvil products were wholesaled to stockists throughout the UK. Overtime, gradually more new products were being designed and manufactured from mild steel, using hand forged methods which became their ‘blacksmith collection’. Other collections such as the ‘period collection’ were then added overtime. From the Anvil continue to make new products, finishes and work on advanced ideas to emphasise their quality artistry and refined design.

Production Methods

Run by a family-owned business, by mixing CNC technology, hot forging and traditional anvil hammer work using mild steel, solid brass, and solid bronze, From the Anvil presents you with one of the largest selections of ironmongery in the world! The production of From the Anvil products is brought to you by real masterminds, otherwise known as, expert blacksmiths. The blacksmiths are trained to forge mild steel and hot forging brass into exquisite high-end traditional and period ironmongery products. These goods are manufactured in Llandrindod Wells in the County of Powys in Wales. Adding these products to your collection is the perfect way to bring culture and imagination to your home.

The Ironmongery Products

The fascinating products From the Anvil consist of high-quality ironmongery door hardware, window furniture, kitchen fittings and the accessories to suit. Each product has been expertly designed and hand-crafted to suit many a home restoration or renovation project. Achieve the look you’ve envisioned for your door or window with great hardware, along with creating your dream kitchen design. From the Anvil is sure to impress not only you but your visitors and guests, who will be able to appreciate the quality and care you have put into your home build. You can even shop by ranges to have all your hardware matching throughout your entire home.

Door Hardware

If you’re searching for the perfect period piece for your door that will last, then you won’t regret choosing door hardware from this company. Their range of products are designed to accommodate a variety of build styles and aesthetics. Their range consists of door handles, including levers, knobs, pull handles and even decorative centre doorknobs. To complete the functionality elements required for your door, combine your handle with a lock or latch. Once you have chosen your desired style of door handle you can easily match it with additional door furniture. Every door needs it's hinges, so they can come next. Why not add a doorstop to the mix to create a protective barrier against your door hardware and your pristine walls. Additionally, you can choose to add other fixtures like a good old fashioned door knocker or coat hooks. They even sell push plates, so that you can complete your design vision to the very last detail.

Kitchen and Cabinet Hardware

If your kitchen is in need of a facelift or you have decided to restore old furniture pieces, then From the Anvil offer a great range of cabinet furniture including cabinet knobs, pull handles, drawer pulls, hinges, kitchen latches and hooks. These products are perfect for upgrading any space while keeping in tune with traditional aesthetics. During your renovation process, you’ll begin to see how much the little details can make a huge difference, proving how needed they really are.

Window Hardware

From the Anvil showcase a variety collection of window hardware made to suit many types of windows, such as casement, sash, awning windows and more! Decorate your windows with fittings that are fully functional and will allow for efficient window operation. Cater for windows that require espagnolette fittings, sash lifts, casement stays, hinges, casement or sash fasteners, curtain fittings, sash window accessories, friction stays and bolts. Not to mention, fanlight/transom window hardware, awning window hardware and curtain fittings. From the Anvil allows you to fully outfit all your windows to ensure a unified look throughout your entire home. Keep in mind that all the fittings are hand-made, so this means your windows will be of a higher quality than the standard.

Their Product finishes

If properly cared for, the product finishes from this company can last a lifetime. These finishes have been carefully curated to provide unrivalled strength and durability which will also match the overall feel of the product. Most of the finishes produced are for both internal and external use which adds a satisfactory element to the true quality of these super premium products. Their range of External Beeswax, Black, Pewter Patina, Brass, and Polished Bronze finishes through laboratory testing have achieved what’s known as a BS EN 1670:2007 Grade 5. This is the highest corrosion resistance rating possible and includes 480 hours of salt spray testing. Each individual finish carries high levels of UV protection, meaning each product is protected against sunlight and outdoor elements that would make them fade. When you purchase these products, you can rest assured that they are built to last and endure the tests that are thrown their way.


Based on the location of the manufacturer in Wales, our ‘From the Anvil’ range is imported to us from the United Kingdom. The items are then packed in our Australian Warehouse and shipped directly to your door. Therefore, there can be a slightly longer lead time for these products to arrive to you. With their high quality and unique designs, we think these exceptional items are worth waiting for!

We ship our products to both regional and metro areas across Australia. This includes major cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and many more! Whether you live in a quaint cottage in a small country town or a high-end apartment in the busy city, we will have the products for you, which you can receive, regardless of your location. We also ship our products overseas to countries like New Zealand. If you have your eyes set on any of our products, simply put through an order using a few clicks of a button and have it delivered right to your doorstep, ready for you to enjoy! It’s that easy!