Single Hole Mixer Taps

A kitchen is the central part of your home and nothing makes it special like quality kitchen mixer taps. It could be the part of a kitchen rebuild or perhaps you are replacing an old and outdated model. Our shop has a wide variety of styles and finishes that can suit any kitchen. We have older traditional styles, all while containing modern technology, and these kitchen mixer taps are perfect for fitting in to most homes.

When visiting a home, at some point most people will go to the kitchen for something. Having an outstanding kitchen faucet and mixer taps, could be a talking point. It stands out, and can make or break your kitchen decor. You can start with the kitchen taps and move on from there when deciding how to renovate your kitchen.

Before making the purchase, consider how you are going to use your kitchen. Is the sink tap going to be used often? Or are you planning on installing a dishwasher and the mixer taps won’t be seeing much overall use? These types of questions can help in making the decision for what type and how high quality you need to go for when buying kitchen mixer taps. Taps for the kitchen come in a variety of styles and themes, many of these include: single hole mixer taps, bridging set taps, 3 hole kitchen taps, kitchen spray taps, pot filler taps, wall mounted kitchen taps, and drinking water taps.

The style you choose can largely depend on how many holes are available where the taps will be installed. If you are having the kitchen replumbed from scratch then the options are wide open. Otherwise it might be simpler, especially if you are installing the taps yourself, to stick with a similar layout to what was there previously.

After you’ve decided on the use of the kitchen mixer taps, try to settle on a budget. With a huge amount of styles in our online shop it can be quite difficult to pick, but settling on a budget will limit the scope and give you a suitable snapshot of what is available at your price point. If you can’t see anything that you like, try adjusting your budget slightly higher and see what is available, you may be surprised what is in the premium bracket.

Once you’ve selected your new kitchen mixer tap, you’ll need to settle on the finish. Most tap hardware is available in an assortment of finishes and colours. Try to choose something that compliments your sink and the bench top. If you have yet to upgrade those then they can be picked out at a later date, and you have free will to pick anything you like.

How to Change a Kitchen Mixer Tap

While the exact way to change a kitchen mixer tap will vary from model to model, for the most part all are reasonably similar. First thing you’ll need to do is turn off the water to the home, this is usually a tap located near your meter at the front of the home. For most homes it will be above ground, but occasionally it can be located in a service pit.

Before taking apart the old tap, test that the water is off by trying to turn the water on, you might get some leakage, but if it flows normally the mains water is not off. After confirming the water is off you can remove the old tap, start by looking for a locking screw and undo that. Then follow the hot and cold water pipes until you find the connection to the house mains, this is usually under the sink.

When the old kitchen mixer taps are removed, open your new taps and check that everything is there. It’s rare that something is missing, but it can happen if Johnny in the factory was having a bad day. Spread out all the items you have and match them to what the instructions say. If you’re not sure most manufacturers have a customer care line and you can call them on that.

After you’ve got all the pieces laid out, thoroughly read the instructions and locate the parts of your house mains that will need to be attached to your new tapware. Then follow the step by step instructions. Make sure you regularly refer back to each step after you have finished, you don’t want to get all the way through and have a leaking tap because you missed a tiny rubber washer!

When everything is completed and you're sure nothing was missed, make sure the taps are set to about half on, and turn the mains back on. Doing this means that the tap will run slightly, and you can turn it off when you get back. If the taps are off, water may leak all over the kitchen if there is a slight leak. After turning the mains back on, turn the kitchen mixer tap off and check for any leaks. If there are none give yourself pat on the back for a job well done!

Buying Your Kitchen Mixer Taps

At Restoration Online you can buy kitchen mixer taps from our online shop and have them shipped anywhere in Australia, with our 21 day return policy you can be sure that if something is not quite right with your purchase it can be returned easily. It’s also good to remember that we also stock bathroom taps and laundry taps, so you’re able to get a complete set all in one handy online shop!