Grandeur Hardware

Grandeur Hardware

Grandeur Hardware create extremely high quality door handles and hardware. These beautiful products will stand the test of time. Suitable for traditional and modern style homes.


Grandeur Hardware is a sister brand to both Nostalgic Warehouse and Ageless Iron, which are all high-end US brands which fall under the ‘Regal Brands’ label. Grandeur Hardware offers a vast selection of period-style handles and a range of door hardware, which is only available in Australia exclusively through Restoration Online. The designs offered by Grandeur Hardware are made to suit numerous home designs that cover many traditional architectural eras and styles. This range offers door handles in the form of doorknobs, levers, and entry sets, along with a variety of door hardware which includes deadbolts and hinges. These products come in many gorgeous finishes, such as, lifetime brass, Polished Nickel, Vintage Brass, Antique Pewter and Timeless Bronze that are made to be admired.

If you’re looking for products that will not only look amazing but are of high quality and longevity, then these products from Grandeur Hardware will be perfect for you! Grandeur believe in only producing the finest quality handles and this is why they exist as part of our premium range. If you are a builder or at home renovator, then this collection will surely nestle its way into becoming your favorite products used throughout the build. Incorporate these, never before sold in Australia, vintage style door hardware pieces into your project and enjoy for years to come.

About Grandeur Hardware

Grandeur Hardware’s motto is ‘Luxury for Life’ and they stick by this motto like glue. Grandeur Hardware is a true USA representative, designed by inspiration to create unrivalled traditional and transitional hardware within North America. This sparked the deep desire to create all products with the finest of materials which carries from technical craftsmanship and is backed by strong warranties for your benefit. Each product comes in a glamourous black box, complete with a microfiber polishing cloth, to keep your products looking spick and span.

All products have been designed in such a way that the products can be mixed and matched to fit your personal taste, allowing you to put your creativity to the test. These products are guaranteed to enrich your project and will give any lifeless home a major facelift. When you are designing the layout of your home décor, you will want to take into account the colours that will be present. To create your desired aesthetic these elements are major contributors to the finished look. This is why Grandeur believe that the finish of a product is just as important as the functionality of the product itself. For this reason, they have spent a lot of time harnessing and perfecting each essence of their finishes for you to choose and enjoy.

Grandeur strongly believe in quality from start to finish to match their ‘luxury for life motto’. Although many companies will use hollow brass knobs, brass look alikes and glass rather than crystal, Grandeur take it upon themselves to bring you the real deal each and every time. Which is why they use solid brass knobs, the highest quality hot forging brass and 24% lead-crystal knobs. Forging from solid brass ensures minimal defects, which can then be hand-polished, and hand finished. Even the locks for the door handles have spring-assisted knobs and levers to make them robust and are backed by a lifetime warranty. With the attention to detail, you can rest assured that the product you receive will be nothing less then the finest.

Products and Style by Grandeur Hardware

The beauty and functionality of grandeur products go hand in hand. Each product is smooth to perfection but uses efficient and sturdy mechanics to create a smooth operating device that brings satisfaction every time its used. This brand creates complete units that can be purchased as a whole or can be customized to the handle you desire. Even though these options are not all listed on our website, you can always request this when you contact us. Speak with one of our helpful and friendly sales team members to either place your order or ask any questions you may have about the products. By using these products in your next renovation or restoration project you are sure to make a grand first impression to your family and visiting guests.

Start by choosing your desired door handle, whether it be an Entry Handle Set, a fancy Doorknob or a Door Lever for your front door. Then continue with a harmonious flow of matching handles throughout the interior of your home. Add matching hinges to each of your doors in the same finish which will complete the unified look and give your house a high-end rich feel. Explore Grandeur’s extensive ranges, which include, the Arc style, Fifth Avenue, Circulaire, Carre, Georgetown, Georgian Newport, Grande Victorian, Parthenon, Soleil, and Windsor styles. You are completely spoiled for choice with these ranges and there is something in there for everyone.

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Our supplier of he Granduer Hardware products is located in the US and as such, we get these products imported to us here in Australia. The items are then swiftly packed and shipped to your location as soon as they arrive. Therefore, there is a lead time of approximately 3 – 5 weeks on these products once ordered. With their high quality and unique designs, we believe that these exceptional items are worth waiting for!

Even though there is a wait time on the products, this does not stop the fact that they can be shipped anywhere within Australia and even overseas, to countries like New Zealand! We ship to both regional and metro areas including cities such as Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and many more! Regardless of your location, you can still have access to this fabulous range of architectural hardware.