Sink Wastes

At Restoration Online, we have a huge range of kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks. Most of these all come with the plug and waste included, however sometimes there are cases when you may want to purchase one of these separately – for example, you may want to replace an old, worn sink waste, or you might be wanting a particular colour to match your taps. In our selection you’re sure to find a suitable waste - we have options for fireclay and stainless steel sinks, large and small sinks, for kitchens, bathrooms or laundries.

Our range of home fittings, hardware, tapware, sinks and accessories are designed to allow to create your dream home in your style of choice. Our collection includes designs for Hamptons, French Provincial, Industrial, country and rustic design themes, and bringing this together means paying attention to every last detail, from your light switches to your door stops, towel rails to sink wastes.

What are sink wastes?

All sinks and basins use a waste. A sink waste is a channel that connects your basin to your pipes, and allows water to drain away. A plug is then used to block this channel and to fill your basin or sink with water. This is often an overlooked part of any sink or basin, but in fact, without a waste, your sink would not be able to function.

There are different types of sink wastes, and we have a range available on Restoration Online. Basket wastes are popular options for kitchens as the basket can be easily removed, allowing you to catch and dispose of food scraps without them going down the drain and clogging your plumbing. Most commonly, basket wastes come in stainless steel, and most of our kitchen and laundry sinks come automatically with stainless steel wastes. However, due to popular demand, we also offer a range of basket wastes in other finishes such as antique brass, matte black, brushed gold and brushed brass. One thing to keep in mind when selecting a basket waste is the kind of sink you have – some are suitable for stainless steel sinks only, whereas others have extended screws that allow them to be installed in fireclay Belfast and Butler sinks .

Pop-up wastes are a common type of waste used in bathroom basins. They function using a lever, which raises or lowers the waste stopper, allowing you to fill up the sink or allow the water to drain. Our range of pop-up wastes encompasses many colours and styles to suit our huge range of sinks. Choose from shiny Chrome or champagne, brushed nickel, Tiger Bronze, matte black and more. You can also select wastes with or without overflows. Some bathroom sinks have an overflow, which prevents mishaps from overfilling the sink. If your basin has an overflow function then you will need to choose a slotted or overflow waste. We also can provide two piece plug & wastes, and a waste with a chain hook attached to the plug.

Are sink wastes a standard size?

Sink wastes do vary in size a little, especially with some old or antique sinks or basins. Most kitchen sinks manufactured these days use a 90mm size waste, including stainless steel sinks and fireclay sinks. For fireclay sinks, you need to ensure your waste comes with a screw that is long enough, as the base of these sinks is much thicker than in standard stainless steel sinks.

Regular basins generally use a 32-40mm size waste.

There are some exceptions, such as our 1901 Lab Sinks which use a 65mm waste, so if you are planning to purchase a waste for an existing or new sink, we do recommend checking with us to make sure you order the correct size and type of waste.

What other sink accessories do I need?

As well as sink wastes, we have a range of other sink accessories you may require.

To protect your sink, and to protect fragile glasses and dishes, we recommend using sink mats. A sink mat is a rubber mat that sits in the bottom of your sink. It is particularly recommended for Fireclay sinks, as these are made of such a hard material that you risk chipping or breaking glasses and plates when washing them up or dropping them in the sink. We offer a choice of black or white colours and different styles. For a double bowl sink, we recommend getting a sink mat for each bowl.

Another recommended accessory for our fireclay sink is a drainer. The 1901 Fluted Kitchen Sink Drainer is designed to perfectly complement our range of 1901 Fireclay Sinks. It can be either places on the bench next to the sink or recessed into the bench itself. It provides a perfect place for your dishes to drain after washing and looks beautiful to match the sink.

For your bathroom basin, you may also require a Bottle Trap – our range includes both S Traps and P Traps and come in a range of colours to match your bathroom taps and sink waste. Why have ugly exposed pipes, when even the pipes in your bathroom can be a beautiful feature!

How do I order a sink waste?

Most of our sinks come with a waste included, or have an option to select the waste you prefer. If you’re purchasing a replacement waste for an existing sink, or just want to purchase one in a colour to match your tapware, then make sure you confirm the size and type of waste you need. You can check this with your plumber, or the helpful Restoration Online team can also help via email, Live Chat or Phone. Once you know what you need, add the item to the cart and head to the checkout.

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