Rim Lock Door Knobs

If you’re looking for a door knob to suit your rim lock, you have come to the right place. At Restoration Online we have a large range of mortice knobs that are designed for use with a rim lock. What makes them suitable is that the knobs are not attached to the back plate and the two knobs are attached to each other with a threaded spindle. The knobs are held tightly onto the spindle with a small grub screw at the base of the knob.

As these handles are made of sheet brass, they are quite light in weight which makes them suitable for use on a threaded spindle as they will not be too heavy and pull off the spindle.

With each pair of door handles you are supplied with two knobs, two back plates, a threaded spindle, two grub screws, an allen key to screw in the grub screw and screws in the matching finish of your handles to attach the back plates to your door. When you are using mortice knobs with a rim lock, you will not need one of the back plates as on one side of the door you will have the rim lock behind the handle, for the side of the door without a rim lock you will install the backplate behind the knob.

Our round rim lock doorknobs are available in the sizes that they were traditionally made in which are 45mm and 52mm diameter. We supply reproduction products so that they match your older fittings and are in keeping with your traditional, Victorian and heritage homes.

Rim Locks

When purchasing your rim lock door knobs you might either be buying a new rim lock, or replacing door handles on an old rim lock. If you are replacing old handles, consider replacing your rim lock as well. We offer a large range of rim locks in black, brass and cast iron, some decorative and some plain. Often old rim locks have been painted over, and although a fresh coat of paint will refresh your interior, replacing the entire rim lock will make a statement in your home.

Our rim locks are all supplied with two traditional skeleton style keys, some models are supplied with matching escutcheons, other models you will need to select these as an optional add on. You will need an escutcheon keyhole plate for the side of the door that doesn’t have the rim lock on it.

Mortice Door Knobs

These mortice door knobs are primarily designed for use with rim locks, they are sheet brass which is quite a light material. Read more about the differences of sheet, cast and forged brass here. Sheet brass handles are made with less brass as they are not solid, so they are a great budget friendly option for use on doors without rim locks. If you are using these handles on a standard door then you will require both backing plates they are supplied with. For use on standard internal doors, you will also require a tubular latch to latch the door shut. If you are wanting to latch these handles shut with a low security lock then you can select the privacy option, these are supplied with a separate privacy turn that will sit above or below the handle on the door. You will need a privacy and tubular latch if you opt for the privacy handle, this is so you can latch the door shut when you aren’t locking it.

These handles can be installed on an exterior door if you purchase a mortice lock and escutcheon as well as a pair of handles, however we do not recommend this unless your door is at least 45mm thick. The reason for this is the backplates need to be screwed into the face of the door, and when a mortice lock is installed into a door and you have face fix screws, you need enough timber in the door for the screws to attach the backplate without running into the lock. Even with a 45mm thick door you may need to cut the face fix screws down, however there will be enough timber to screw the back plates into.

Finish Options

When selecting your rim lock door knobs (also known as mortice knobs) you have several choices when it comes to finish. All of the handles are made of brass, if you choice for the brass colour then it is solid brass with a clear lacquer on top to help prevent tarnishing and prolong the life of the finish. If you choose a different colour, then it will be plated on top of the brass. For a traditional look that will match your rim lock, we recommend the brass, or black finish. We also offer these knobs in antique brass, antique copper, chrome and satin chrome. Also available in our range is mortice knobs with white and brown porcelain.

If you’re renovating or restoring your home, don’t forget about the details. We also offer a large range of door and window hardware including hinges, door stops and door knockers to revitalise your doors and casement and sash window hardware to bring new life to your windows.

We have an expert team based in NSW, contact us during business hours NSW time for any assistance you need in selecting your door handles, locks and hardware. We ship Australia and New Zealand wide include all regional and metropolitan areas including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland.