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Add the finishing touches to your elegant, character-filled interior design with window hardware that not only looks the part but also stands up to the wear and tear of daily use. Here at Restoration Online, we offer a carefully-curated collection of window hardware, including window locks, window latches, casement window stays, and more. Read on to learn more about our industry-leading range of authentic, charming hardware pieces. Visit our sale page to take advantage of the best prices in our range, or browse our new arrivals and be among the first to shop our latest products. If you have any questions – or would like personalised design assistance – please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly, dedicated team.

When it comes to restoring an older property or renovating a newer home, every last detail counts. We understand this, which is why we have created a comprehensive, industry-leading collection of sash and casement window hardware, which includes: - Sash window lifts - Sash window fasteners - Sash window accessories - Awning window hardware - Casement window stays - Casement window fasteners - Transom window hardware - Curtain fittings. Our delightful window hardware products are available in a number of styles, materials, and finishes. We truly stock something for every property - both old and new.

The window hardware Australian homeowners trust

For more than a decade, Restoration Online has been the top choice among Aussie homeowners -- homeowners who appreciate the delicate, detailed designs of times past. Today, we continue to provide a leading range of fittings and fixtures, including casement window locks, casement window latches, and more. Shop online today and enjoy fast and affordable shipping across Australia. And please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team with any questions or concerns. We are ready to assist.

Different types of windows

When searching for window hardware, it is important to know what type of window you have. This makes the job of finding corresponding window hardware much easier. Each window type functions differently and requires certain hardware for smooth operation. Restoration Online caters for many of the traditional window styles, with a wide range of fasteners, stays, lifts and other accessories. If you are in the process of installing new windows and are wondering what window styles would best suit your project, here are some ideas of window styles you may choose to select from.

Casement Window

A casement window is attached to a frame by either one or more hinges at the side. Casement windows can be singular or found in pairs by sharing a common frame.

Casement windows are a great way to allow fresh air indoors. Our casement stays are the perfect way to hold your window open at multiple angles for long periods of time. Casement stays allow you to secure your window in place in a semi-open position or fully closed. Further adjust the position of your window by placing the holes on the metal bar onto the keeper, or by tightening the screw or pin. Casement stays are positioned at either the bottom of the window or on the window frame.

There are multiple styles of casement stays with different functions. This includes the traditional casement stay, the drop-pin, screw down, locking telescopic stay and locking casement pins. So many options to complete your window project.

Another great way to keep your window in place is to use a casement fastener. This fastener locks your window in place when it is not in use and uses a convenient handle to operate your window when opening and closing.

Sash Window

Sash windows are made up of one or more glass panels in a frame that are movable in vertical motions. These are also known as sashes, hence the term ‘sash window’. Sash windows can be made up of paned windows or individual sheets of glass.

There are quite a few accessories that can be used for sash windows. Typically, a sash window is secured in place by a sash window fastener. When it is time for the window to be opened, simply undo the fastener and lift using sash window lifts. Usually, two lifts are installed in both the bottom corners to allow for easy lifting of the window. A quick tip when purchasing sash lifts and fasteners, is that you will require a fastener per window. Based on the number of fasteners you calculate, you will then require double that amount for your window handles, as each window requires two lifts.

Awning Window

With a hinge at the top of the frame, Awning windows open by swinging out from the bottom. If your craving fresh air throughout your home, Awning style windows are the way to go as they allow for great ventilation. If you enjoy cool air flow from the outdoors even when it’s raining outside or someone accidentally left a window open during forecasted stormy weather, then awning windows are the perfect solution. The awning window design allows the window to stay open while acting as a shield, and acts as a canopy or shield to keep the rain out, with raindrops hitting the glass and sliding straight down.

You will of course need something to fight the gravitational pull to keep the window open and also hold it tightly shut when not in use. Restoration Online offers all sorts of Awning Hardware including Hopper window catches, wedge fasteners and quadrant stays to adjust the opening degree.

Transom/fanlight windows

A fanlight or transom window is a window typically positioned above a door or other windows. The main purpose of fanlight windows is to release heat that has risen and gotten trapped near the top of the ceiling.

For ease, why not install a Fanlight Window Operator, to easily open and close your window. Other fanlight hardware you may need, includes, fanlight swivels, fanlight stops, fanlight catches and even pole hooks to reach up and grasp the window.

Matching door hardware

Consider Restoration Online as your one stop shop for hardware. While you’re checking out window hardware, you may want to think about finding matching door hardware also. Our door hardware comes in multiple finishes and styles meaning you can either choose to mix and match your hardware or create a uniquely unison look throughout your entire home!


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