Small Laundry Sinks

Small Laundry Sinks

When in the middle of a home renovation, the laundry is often a neglected space that doesn’t get much thought until the end of the project. You may think that the laundry isn’t so special. It’s not the room for guests and its merely a room to complete a household chore. However, even though this may the case, it is important that your laundry functions to the maximum efficiency which will help to aid you in completing your daily tasks to a high and easily achievable standard. At Restoration Online, we believe in quality products that are practical and can be used efficiently to complete whatever the task is at hand. Therefore, we offer an extensive range of laundry sink options that you can choose from to turn your dream laundry into a reality.

We cater for all sorts of laundry styles, including Heritage, Hamptons, Farmhouse, French Country all the way to Industrial and Contemporary. This allows you to create a consistent theme flow throughout the entirety of your home between each room. We have the type of laundry sinks that will be able to meet the demands of your laundry. Whether you need a large double bowl laundry sink to have a laundry you can multitask in, or a single bowl laundry sink for those long soaks or a small laundry sink for your compact space. At Restoration Online, we have it all!

What Is The Purpose Of A Laundry Sink?

Installing a laundry sink is beneficial to you in many ways for a variety of reasons. You may know the reasons why you need a kitchen sink or a bathroom sink or basin, but have you thought about why there you need a sink for your laundry yet? You will find that many Australian homes have been outfitted with a laundry sink for convenience and practicality. Incorporating a laundry sink into your build will give you full control over the space and allows you to utilise the space completely. These sinks can be used to assist you with your laundry duties such as pre-soaking dirty clothes before they enter the washing machine. This means that keeping your washing machine cleaner for longer will be much more achievable.

White pieces of clothing and cloth can be pre-soaked and bleached within the sink rather than grabbing a spare bucket to do so. Don’t forget about your delicates! These can be hand-washed in the sink, a process ensuring that they stay delicate. Even your swimmers can be rinsed of chlorine in a laundry sink, so that these chemicals do not end up elsewhere.

If you have a beloved furry friend that is in need of a wash, then the laundry sink may be your preferred space to complete this task. Your pampered pooch can enjoy their wash while their fur remains out of your bathroom. Even small laundry sinks can achieve this if you happen to have a smaller lap dog. A laundry sink also provides a convenient place to wash your hands after a long day at work getting your hands dirty.

Benefits Of Small Laundry Sinks

At Restoration Online we understand that compact laundry spaces need the space maximised. When you don’t have a lot of room to begin with, adding in a large sink may seem a little intimidating and make you question the importance of a laundry sink. However, if this sounds like you, then we have you covered. Rather than trying to incorporate a large laundry sink such as a large double or single bowl, you can opt to choose from our fantastic range of small laundry sinks instead.

Our range of small laundry sinks are perfect for compact laundry layouts, tiny homes, and apartments or for anyone interested in minimalist living. Small laundry sinks come available as a small single bowl or a 1.5 bowl sink which is perfect if you are wanting to maximise your bench space. With so many styles to choose from you will be able to match your sink to your tapware and other laundry accessories. You can even shop by colour to find the small laundry sink that will be the same colour as your laundry taps and match your overall laundry aesthetic. Choose from colours such as white for elegance or black for a hotel luxury feel. There’s gold, copper, satin nickel, grey and more! You will be totally spoilt for choice, even when choosing a smaller sink for your project.

Laundry Sink Brands and Materials

Our range of sinks that we sell are suitable for many projects including your kitchen and bathroom. The laundry sinks that we offer are brought to you by some of Australia’s most recognised and trusted brands currently leading in the industry today. These brands that we choose to work with aim to provide the best products that will stand the tests of time giving you your money’s worth. These amazing and reputable brands include Shaws Sinks, 1901 Sinks and Taps, Turner Hastings, Fienza, Piazza, Meir, Shock sinks and Chamboard.

Due to our brand diversity of sinks that we sell, we are able to provide different types of durable materials for these products. Choose from 304 Grade Stainless Steel, Fireclay, Stainless Steel and even Granite! Whatever you need for your miniature laundry, Restoration Online has you covered. If you ever require any assistance with placing an order for your small laundry sink or have any questions about any of our products, do not hesitate to get in contact with us and speak with one of our friendly staff members who can assist you.

Related Products

If you haven’t already, it’s time to choose your matching taps for your small laundry sink. You may wish to opt for our range of Single Mixer Taps or Wall Mounted Taps which will again help you to save on counter space. We even offer washing machine stops if this is something you require. Don’t forget to incorporate a sink waste for your sink which will be the finishing touch to your laundry sink look.


Once you have the sink and taps in your shopping cart, you’re ready to place your order. We ship our sinks Australia wide to both Metro and regional areas. We send to major cities including Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and more! And the best part, we ship all of our sinks with free shipping! You only get the best deals when you decide to shop with Restoration Online.