Kitchen Drop Handles

Kitchen Drop handles

You walk into the kitchen and notice that your kitchen cabinetry is looking a little worse for wear. Whether it’s because the screws are loose and it’s caused the handles to droop or perhaps your current handles don’t really suit the theme you want to create for your kitchen and its time for an update. You may have just moved and don’t like the current handles on your cupboards and would like to switch them out for something that’s a little more your style. Whatever the reason, Restoration Online has you covered with an amazing range of Kitchen Handles that are perfect for any occasion and style.

Some kitchen designs call for an older style of handle to give a sense of old-world charm. This is right up our alley, as we provide traditional hardware fittings for all sorts of projects. Kitchen drop handles are a great choice to go for, if this is the look you are wishing to achieve. They can be installed in your kitchen, bathroom or even on drawers of dressers and other similar furniture. The way they hang, and swing feels so elegantly relaxed. These handles come available in multiple fashions, sizes and finishes to compliment your heritage project.

Kitchens and Handle Styles

Drop handles are typically installed on drawers in a kitchen space. The design of the handle, allows you to grasp it and pull the drawer towards you and then push it back in. They gracefully hang giving a sense of tranquility and balance in your kitchen. Drop handles aren’t only used for their functionality but also their appearance and tactful art style they can provide within a space. They add charm and dignity to any regular drawer giving it a sense of purpose and one you can take pride in. Many drop handles have a porcelain handle piece incorporated into their design, which doesn’t only look beautiful when adjacent from your kitchen chinaware but provides excellent grip to the user. The porcelain comes in an array of shades, including white, ivory and crazed which adds further artistic elements to the product. The traditional handles often are made with intricate pattern designs, so you can feel the class radiating from them within your kitchen. They also have a warm welcoming feel about them, which will make you want to reach for your cupboard drawers at every given opportunity.

These handles are presented to you by some of Australia’s top leading brands such as Tradco hardware and Castella. These suppliers understand that kitchens can come in many shapes, forms and sizes, which is why by bringing these handles to the table, or to your drawers to be exact, they can cater for numerous kitchen styles. This includes many of the heritage and vintage style kitchens such as rustic, country or farmhouse styles. When you have a simple kitchen, adding these small elements such as kitchen and cabinet handles can truly make a big difference to a project. It adds character and a homely feeling which some home builds struggle to achieve.

At Restoration Online, we aim to create a home feeling that makes you excited to come home every day and be a part of. That makes you say the words ‘there’s no place like home’. Whether you are in the middle of a new build, a renovation, or a simple restoration project, Restoration Online is here to cater for your specific needs. Although we do sell many traditional style fittings, we also satisfy the needs of modern contemporary projects, as well as transitional projects which have elements of both.

If you are in the market for products that suit any of the above styles, then you have come to the right place. We understand that shopping online is not always easy, so when needing to ask any questions or if you would like help placing an order, you can contact us to speak with one of our professional sales team members. We aim to provide helpful, friendly, and good-old fashioned customer service to each and every client.

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Perhaps you have already bought your kitchen handles and are looking for some other products that will match. If this is the case, then we may just have something in our 10,000+ range of products that will suit your project vision. If you’re looking for handles to go on your drawers and kitchen drop handles are not really your style, then you should check out our great range of kitchen pull handles, or draw pulls. For something a little more contemporary, you could opt for our half-moon handles which come in a range of great colors to suit your kitchen aesthetic. When shopping for your kitchen cupboards, cupboard knobs may be the way to go. You can always mix and match your products by using kitchen knobs on your cupboards and then draw pulls on your drawers. Using one type of handle across cupboards and drawers can also offer a clean uniform look across your kitchen. The possibilities for designs are endless when you start to think about it!

While upgrading your kitchen, you may also feel the need to purchase a sink and tapware while you’re at it. We have an extensive range of these products also. Don’t forget about your other home hardware and door handles to! You can consider Restoration Online as your one stop shop for all of your upcoming house building and furniture renewing needs.


We ship these products nation wide to both regional and metro areas. This includes cities such as Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane and small rural country communities. If you reside in an overseas country such as New Zealand or the United States, you still can purchase our hardware, as we also ship worldwide! No matter where you are located you can purchase products from our online shop and have them delivered to your front door. Quick! Jump online and online and order your products today.