Castor Wheels

A castor wheel is a wheeled device that is especially designed to be attached the bottom of something, often furniture, so that it can be moved around easily. You can add castor wheels to many different types of furniture including chairs, tables, couches, beds, pianos, desks … the list is endless. Castor wheels are generally made to swivel so they can move around in any direction. The amount of weight a castor wheel can bear will depend on the type of wheel you are using. They can be mounted to your furniture in several different ways such as with a plate mount or a stem mount. If you move your furniture around frequently, using castor wheels can save you from a lot heavy lifting or hard pushing, which can help prevent back injuries and other ailments.

There are many different factors to consider when deciding which castor wheels to buy. Firstly, you need to take into account the weight of the furniture. In general, the heavier the furniture, the denser and bigger the wheels need to be. You don’t necessarily want to get the biggest wheel with the highest load capacity if you don’t need it. For example an office chair is relatively light compared to a grand piano so heavy duty castors would not be necessary. You should also consider how often you will need to move your furniture. If it is going to be moved regularly, you’ll want to choose a wheel made out of a material that rolls more easily. When choosing castor wheels you also need to take into account the material your floor surfaces are made out of; whether it is wood, tiles, carpet or something else, as you want to make sure your castor wheels don’t scratch or damage the floor. If your furniture will be used in the garage or a wet, dirty environment, you need a very sturdy castor wheel such as one made out of metal.

It is important to balance aesthetics with functionality, so you’ll want to pick a castor wheel that looks good too, and not out of place. If you are restoring antique or traditional furniture, the right castor wheels can add a unique and interesting touch, and if your furniture is more modern you should be able to find a style in our range that complements your contemporary furniture, too. Our wheels come in a variety of colours and materials including brown and white porcelain, and brass. They also come in different sizes, diameters and thicknesses.

What different types of castor wheels are available?

At Restoration Online, we offer four different mounting types for our castor wheels so you are sure to find one that will fit your requirements. Or if you are replacing existing castor wheels, you will most likely want to get the same size, mounting type and bolt pattern as the original wheels. The first type is a bed castor which can be attached to your bed base in place of your existing bed feet. This makes your bed easier to move around the room, which is good for cleaning and vacuuming under the bed. The next castor type is a cup castor. These castor wheels have a cup-shaped attachment that you can put the leg of your furniture in. We have a variety of cup diameters available so you can match the size that best fits your furniture, and all our cup castors have the necessary screws included.

Next we have the screw plate castor. These wheel castors have a plate that you attach to the bottom of the furniture leg, as well as a stem that screws in to stop the castor wheel from wobbling. Our screw plate castors come in a variety of caster plate dimensions. We also sell tea trolley castors. As the name suggests, these castors are suitable for tea trolleys, as they are not made for heavy weight bearing. We have two different variations of the tea trolley castor; one is attached using a pin and socket, and the other one uses a screw plate. It is important that whatever castor type you decide on, that they are fitted properly and secured well to your furniture.

We sell castor wheels in two different finishes so you can select the one that best fits in with your style. If you are after a stunning antique look, you can’t go past our antique brass finish. This is a hand-crafted finish which means there will be some variations and each product will be unique. And because the finish has a living patina, it is designed so the depth of tones will change over time. If you’d prefer a more polished appearance, we also sell castor wheels with a polished brass finish.

As well as selling a wide range of castor wheels, at Restoration Online we also sell glass cups to put under your castor wheels. This not only helps to protect your flooring but it also stops your furniture from rolling about. You can also buy a range of other furniture hardware including cabinet locks & latches, furniture escutcheons and furniture hinges . Whatever furniture accessories and hardware you need, we’ve got you covered!