Abey offers premium products including Armando Vicario & Gessi tapware, Chambord fireclay sinks, Schock granite sinks and more. Traditional and contemporary options are available to suit any style of home.


Abey is the Australian distributor of well-known European brands such as Chambord fireclay sinks, Schock granite sinks, Gareth Ashton, Gessi and Armando Vicario taps. Abey also manufactures its own range, such as the stunning Piazza sinks, available in finishes such as Black Pearl, Eureka Gold and Artisan Copper. The huge variety of designs in both traditional and contemporary style means Abey are a unique brand, with something to offer every style of home, from sleek and minimalist to traditional or French Provincial.

Who Are Abey?

Abey Australia are a trusted Australian Brand who have been supplying quality fittings and fixtures for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries for over 67 years. Abey Australia is well known to designers, architects and resellers across Australia for having the ability to supply high quality Abey Sinks, Abey Taps and Abey Bathroomware in a variety of price points to suit all project types. Abey offer a large range of brands in classic and modern styles, some are brought in internationally and Abey produce some of their own lines as well. Abey Australia is a company with high integrity, they work with and support both the Salvation Army and Apollo Bay Lifesaving Club. When selecting your new fittings you can trust in the Abey name.

Are Abey Sinks Good Quality?

Abey Sinks offer a collection of Stainless Steel, Granite and Fireclay Sinks from leading brands such as Shock Sinks, who product premium granite sinks made in Germany, as well as Chambord who make butler sinks made of fireclay in France. Each brand will carry a different warranty, however Abey only offer premium quality sinks which are backed up by long manufacturer warranties.

Abey Kitchen Sinks and Abey Kitchen Taps

Abey offer Abey Sinks and Abey Taps in a variety of colours, materials and sizes.

White Abey Sinks

If you’re looking for a white Abey Sink, then you could choose from a Chambord Butler Sink in white, these sinks are made of fireclay, they are a classic style sink known as a Butler Sink, Belfast Sink or Apron sink. Typically, these sinks are installed in classic, provincial and shaker style kitchens. Pair a white Chambord Abey Sink with a classic style kitchen tap such as one of Abey’s Armando Vicario or Gessi taps, they work well alongside classic kitchen handles by brands such as Tradco, Iver, Castella and Hepburn Hardware.

If you are after a more modern white kitchen sink, then you could consider one of the white granite Abey Sinks. The granite sinks are made by brand Shock Sinks, they offer an extremely high quality granite composite, designed and manufactured in Germany. These sinks are available with and without drainers, in various sizes in both double and single styles.

Black Abey Sinks

If you’re looking for a black sink, then Abey’s granite quartz composite sinks are available in black and a colour called stone, which is a deep grey colour. Abey Sinks also offer their stainless steel Piazza sinks in Black Pearl. Select from a double black kitchen sink or a single bowl black kitchen sink in both granite and stainless-steel models.

Coloured Abey Sinks

If you’re looking for an eye-catching coloured sink, a great option is a stainless steel Piazza sink. These are available in gold kitchen sink and copper kitchen sink styles. These coloured sinks are made of high-quality stainless steel, they are then plated in these stunning colours.

Abey Taps

Abey Taps offer a large collection of taps in classic and modern styles, meaning you will find something suited to any style new kitchen. Abey Taps are all made of solid brass backed by long manufacturer warranties. Abey Taps offer kitchen taps in both standard and pull-out spray designs, pull out spray taps cost a little more, however they will provide a lot of practicality in your kitchen. All the Abey Kitchen Taps can also be installed into a laundry.

Abey Taps offer a selection of taps designed for use in a bathroom, including basin, shower and bath sets. Their traditional range, Armando Vicario also offers telephone tap style styles. Abey Taps make their tapware in a range of colours including Chrome, Bronze and Brushed Nickel.

Abey Bathroomware

Not only do Abey Australia provide sinks and taps, they also supply a beautiful collection of Abey Bathroomware, this includes toilets and basins. Here at Restoration Online, one of our favourite bathroomware collections is the Abey Burlington range. This range boats stunning modern classic style of toilet, pedestal basin, console basins and mirror to add a classic touch to any bathroom you are building or renovating.

Abey Brands Explained

Abey are an importer and reseller of brands such as Armando Vicario, Gessi, Chambord, Piazza and Schock. Abey also have developed a range of items that are branded under their own name, Abey. All Abey products are high quality and are WELs and WaterMark rated for us in Australia.

How to choose a Kitchen Tap?

When you are looking around for a kitchen tap, there are a few things to consider. The main things we advise to look for are; Country of manufacturer, a lot of tapware is made in China, however some brands such as Abey Taps offer brands that are made in Italy. WELS rating, this is the water efficiency rating, the higher the rating the more water you will save. Warranty, we recommend choosing a tap that comes with a long manufacturer warranty, this will ensure you aren’t up for the cost of a new tap should you experience any issues. Style, when choosing your kitchen tap, make sure you have the rest of your kitchen design planned so you can ensure to pick a style that will suit in with the rest of your plan. Colour, chrome is always a great option as it is timeless, however there are several colours to choose from, just ensure the kitchen handles you have selected are available in the same or similar colour to achieve a cohesive kitchen design.

When purchasing Abey products from Restoration Online, you will receive our 5 star customer service and your will be delivered straight to your door Australia Wide. Contact our helpful team today if you have any questions about the Abey brands.