Single Laundry Sinks

Single Bowl Laundry Sinks

When designing your laundry, you will want to think about how to tie it in with the rest of your home designs and décor. Laundry rooms are often overlooked in a project due too little to no guest activity inside this particular room, unlike your kitchen or bathroom. Therefore, many laundries tend to be a blander room of the home which is shut away from any prying eyes. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. Even your laundry can be a statement room of your home, with just a little smart planning and the right products. That’s where Restoration Online comes in. We can provide you with quality products in an affordable, convenient, and timely manner. Especially when it comes to choosing your laundry sink. Our range of single bowl laundry sinks provides you with some great options.

With Restoration Online, you will no longer be closing your laundry door when guests come over. Instead, you will feel free to leave it wide open as a room for your guests to admire. As long as you are a tidy and an organized individual of course, or even if you are just really good at hiding away the dirty laundry. Regardless of whether you want to showcase your laundry or just want to feel more motivated when it comes to doing this household chore, we’re here to help you turn your laundry vision into a reality.

What Are Laundry Room Sinks For?

Laundry room sinks have many beneficial purposes and are found throughout countless Aussie homes. Many laundry rooms would simply fall apart if they did not have a laundry sink that you can engage with. With a laundry sink installed, you can have complete control over your laundry which will make you feel much more organized.

Laundry sinks can be used for pre-soaking clothes before putting them in the washing machine. This process allows the bulk of dirt and other nasty substances to become softened and naturally be removed from your clothing to go straight down the drain, before mixing them with your other laundry. Some white pieces of clothing need to be pre-soaked or bleached and a laundry sink is the perfect candidate for this job, rather than a bucket. You can also use the sink for hand-washing delicates and removing chlorine from swimwear. If you have decided to not showcase your laundry, then you can always leave the clothes soaking overnight and no one will be any the wiser.

Sometimes pampering your beloved pooch isn’t always the easiest in the bathroom and you would prefer to keep your bathroom space free from dog hair. In this case, you can use your laundry sink instead to wash your furry friend. With a single bowl laundry sink, you will have plenty of room to maneuver and accomplish the task effectively and efficiently. The laundry sink is also perfect for washing your grimy hands, emptying mop buckets, and rinsing any paint products without the fear of staining your kitchen or bathroom sink.

Single Bowl vs. Double Bowl Laundry Sinks

When deciding on what style of laundry sink to choose from, you will want to consider your personal laundry need, which will assist you in narrowing down your decision. You will want to make sure that the sink you choose can stand the tests thrown its way and will last depending on how often it is used.

Both single bowl and double bowl laundry sinks come with their own individual benefits. You can install a single bowl much more easily into a compact space and save on counter space, while still having the feeling that you have plenty of room to work with. Double bowls tend to be much larger and can take up more valuable space. Double sinks come with a divider that runs down the middle which provides you with ample space to complete two tasks at once. At Restoration Online, we offer both of these options, so once you have decided on a preference, we will be able to accommodate your choice.

If you ever have any questions about any of our products or are wanting to place an order, do not hesitate to contact us and speak with of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team members. We can assist you with choosing the right sink to suit your project.

Laundry Sink Brands and Materials

The sinks that we offer cater for both traditional home designs with an amazing range of heritage style sinks. If your home is more contemporary, then we have an extensive collection of modern single bowl laundry sinks that will work perfectly. Cater to many well-known styles like country farmhouse, French provincial and ever popular Hamptons, to name a few. When choosing the style of your sink, you will want to consider the aesthetics of the rest of your house. This means you can have a complete flowing design from room to room, which will tie your home build together nicely and make it feel complete.

Our sinks are brought to you by some of Australia’s most trusted and leading brands in the industry. This includes brands such as Shaws Sinks, 1901 Sinks & Taps, Turner Hastings, Fienza, Abey, Meir, Shock sinks and more! These companies offer sinks in many sink materials such as fireclay, granite and stainless-steel. Not only do they come with these fantastic sink material options but they are also offered in a range of different finishes. This means you can shop by colour and find the perfect sink to match your tapware and other laundry and home accessories.

Related Products

Your laundry sink would simply be incomplete without some matching laundry taps to suit. Choose from laundry mixer taps to keep it simple, full laundry tap sets to suit a particular style theme or wall mounted kitchen taps to save on counter space. We even offer washing machine stops. The possibilities and opportunities are endless when you choose Restoration Online. Don’t forget to add a matching sink waste to your shopping cart and create a unified look throughout your entire laundry space.


Our sinks don’t only look amazing but purchasing one is so easy. Simply place the order online or over the phone with us and get it shipped to your location anywhere in Australia for free! That’s right, you read that correctly. We offer free shipping on all of our laundry sinks. We ship to both regional and metro areas including major capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and many more. Regardless of your location, you still have access to our amazing collection of products from your computer screen and just a few clicks of a button.