Furniture Knobs

Whether you are a cabinet maker, kitchen joiner, furniture flipper, interior designer, or casual crafter, we have a large selection of furniture handles and furniture hardware that will be perfect for your next project.

Choosing the correct handles and hardware for a particular piece of furniture can completely change the look and feel of your décor. Our vintage and antique style furniture dresser handles and furniture accessories add the flair and refinement of historical designs, with the accoutrements of modern manufacturing and materials. By contrast, our modern and contemporary style furniture knobs and furniture drawer pull handles feature smooth, subtle, functional designs that elegantly integrate with minimal interior designs.

After going through all the trouble of filling in old screw holes, sanding, priming, and painting a piece of furniture, the last thing you’ll want to do is chuck on just any old, cheap, flimsy, generic handles from your local hardware store. Thoughtless selections like this can cheapen the overall finish of your project and diminish your hard work. Installing authentic and quality furniture knobs should be the crowning moment of your restoration project. Lucky for you, Restoration Online have a massive selection of unique and well-made furniture knobs and furniture accessories which will take your project from ‘meh’ to magnificent.

Our furniture knobs are made from a range of quality materials including brass and 316 grade stainless steel. We also have authentic wooden furniture knobs, traditional porcelain furniture knobs, and stunning glass furniture knobs. Our furniture knobs are available in a variety of metal finishes including polished nickel and satin brass. We also have chic copper furniture knobs as well as classic pewter furniture knobs. Our cupboard knobs are available in sizes ranging from 13mm and 16mm, for petit jewellery boxes and small drawers, all the way up to 38mm and larger for tall boys and chests of drawers. We even have matching furniture knob backplates which are perfect for adding extra flair and extravagance, or for covering up marks left by older handles without the need for sanding or repainting.

If you are building or restoring an iconic piece of furniture such a kitchen dresser or a captain’s desk then you’ll want to peruse our range of cabinet locks and latches, furniture hinges, and furniture escutcheons. These reproduction trimmings from Australian brand, Tradco Hardware, will give an impeccable finishing touch to your new ice box dresser or restored writers desk. For those giving new life to a bureau or side table, look no further than our furniture dresser handles. Pair with matching pedestal handles on your cupboard doors and drawers to tie separate pieces of furniture together and create beautiful flow and harmony through the décor in your home. Whether you’re handy with a hacksaw or a simple hobby carpenter, unique and original fittings such as our tear drop handles and furniture ring pulls will set your pieces apart.

Unsure what furniture knob would be best suited to your project? Trying to replace or match existing furniture hardware, but having a hard time finding the perfect piece? Fear not! The knowledgeable staff at Restoration Online are here to help. Feel free to email us with a photo of your project or furniture handle that you are trying to match, and we’ll make some recommendations from our extensive range of dresser handles, furniture knobs, and furniture accessories. You can get in touch via webchat, phone, email, or by submitting a form to our contact us page.

Are Furniture Knobs Universal?

The short answer is no, furniture knobs are not universal. Furniture knobs come in many different shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes, and these will vary across different brands and ranges. Concentric circle pattern furniture knobs with backplate; 35mm diameter fluted furniture knobs; plain, porcelain furniture knobs; small, brushed gold cabinet knobs; large wooden furniture knobs; brass Tradco furniture knobs; nickel Nostalgic crystal cabinet knobs; iron furniture knobs… the combinations are endless.

All our furniture knobs are supplied with screws included. While the gauge of the screws and/or bolts that are supplied with our furniture knobs tend to be a standard size, the length of the screws can vary between manufacturers. For this reason, we always recommend waiting until you have taken receipt of your order before drilling any holes in your drawers or doors. Most furniture knobs are supplied with screws suitable for 25mm thickness wood and can usually (though not always) be cut down on site by your installer if the wood is a bit thinner than 25mm.

If your drawer or door is too thin - as can sometimes be the case with shaker style kitchen drawers and cabinets - in some cases, you may not be able to cut the screw down short enough to be suitable for installation. In these instances, you will need to source different screws from your local hardware store. We’d recommend taking one of your furniture knobs or furniture handles with you so that you can test the screw will work.

If your cabinetry drawer or door is thicker than 25mm then we’d recommend making the wood a bit thinner at the screw hole site. This can be achieved by making a small recess in the back of the wood that the screw will sit in. Alternatively, head to your local hardware store to source a longer screw.

The exception to the rule is Australian furniture knob brand, Castella. They have screws in different lengths available for their cabinet knobs and cabinet handles. If you have purchased a Castella furniture knob and require a different length screw for your installation, please contact us – be sure to have your order number handy.