Hepburn Hardware

Queensland-designed brand Hepburn Hardware offer quality cabinet handles and coat hooks in unique designs and finishes. Makeover your kitchen, bathroom or laundry with the Hepburn range.


Australian brand, Hepburn Hardware, create and supply quality hardware, accessories, and cabinet handles that are unlike anything else currently available on the market. Designed in Currumbin, Queensland, Australia, Hepburn Hardware have hand crafted an array of stylish yet eclectic kitchen handlescabinet knobs, and bathroom accessories that will individualise your home.

Made with organic and handmade materials such as ceramic, wood, rope, and brass the rustic yet elegant range has been designed to reflect the relaxed Australian lifestyle. The collection also includes unexpected materials such as leather, resin, and glass, and is perfect for adding texture to any room. Created to fit in with how people live, the high-quality craftsmanship and unique design of Hepburn Hardware cabinet pull handlestowel holders, and more, are suitable for residential and commercial applications, including hotels.

Inspired by the Australian way of life, Hepburn Hardware’s carefully curated range is hand crafted from start to finish with the aim to create hardware for kitchensbathrooms and wardrobes that is unique but also understated and classic. Each piece is made slowly and thoughtfully, highlighting the way they are manufactured, hand finished, and finally displayed and utilised in your home. From robe hooks and house number signs to drawer pulls and toilet roll holders, the Hepburn Hardware range is handmade with care and precision instilled into every piece.

Manufacturing premium, high-end drawer pulls and kitchen knobs takes time, sometimes as much as 18 months. This is because Hepburn Hardware are thorough and thoughtful at every step of the design phase to ensure the kitchen pull handles you receive are of the highest quality.

The design process begins with a hand drawn sketch which has form and function in mind, as well as style. The sketch is then digitised as a CAD file and then finally a 3D render for a more technical view of how the item will work. A sample is then crafted from wood and once approved, the model is pressed into sand filled wooden frames to create a mould. Molten brass is then poured into the mould and left to cool. Once the metal has cooled, the casted metal is removed from the sand mould, revealing the rough raw metal product. Each piece is then carefully and thoroughly polished by hand to create a smooth consistent finish and ensure evenness across the brass. Depending on the final finish of the product, some items are sent off to be electroplated in other metals, while others are treated to create different effects on the brass. Finally, the finished product undergoes close inspection and quality control to ensure you receive beautiful and organic pieces that will stand the test of time, and that you will love.

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Hepburn Hardware Finish Choices

Hepburn Hardware have crafted a unique collection of bold and timeless finishes designed to suit any décor. Whether you’re looking for something that is refined and contemporary; textural and durable; or timeless and elegant, you’re sure to find a Hepburn Hardware finish which matches your style and personal taste.

All of Hepburn Hardware’s products are designed to be mixed and matched. Have fun with your design and opt to mix different metals across joinery throughout your home or keep all metal finishes consistent to carry through an accent colour and make a statement!

Acid Washed Brass
Hardware in acid washed brass finish has been designed to patina and evolve over time and with use. The solid brass pieces undergo an acid wash treatment to give the appearance of aged brass. This finish tarnishes over time, though at a much slower rate than raw brass. High contact areas will remain lighter whilst areas which aren’t touched will become darker. This is due to oxidising with the natural atmosphere over the years of exposure. As such, this finish is perfect for use outdoors as well as areas close to the beach in salt air, as the exposure will only further deepen the aged appearance. Keep in mind that acid washed brass is a living finish which can differ from product to product, giving each handle their own individual identity.

Pair with bronze taps.

Antique Brass
Another living finish which will develop more character over time and with use; it has been hand finished to produce golden highlights peeking throughout the darker undertones. This charming and classic finish is a perfect for adding old world luxury to any room in your home.

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Satin Brass
Satin Brass is a popular finish which is bold and classy. A truly versatile finish, it is perfectly at home in either modern or vintage settings. It has a deep gold colour, and a subdued and smooth appearance with a slight sheen, adding elegance and refinement to any space.

Burnished Brass
Burnished brass fittings have a lightly brushed textured appearance across a satin brass surface. Items in this finish look particularly striking against darker surfaces so are perfect for drawing the eye and making a statement. The matte golden hues and fine brush marks work beautifully to bring warmth and texture to both traditional and modern settings.

Pair with brushed gold taps.

Scorched Black
To obtain this charcoal black finish, brass fittings are treated with high heat in a furnace to burn the brass, which takes on a mottled, scorched appearance. This rustic black finish will evolve further over time and with use, with brass undertones slowly peeking through areas that are handled the most. This unique living finish is perfect for all interior and exterior applications, including salty air environments.

Best paired with black taps.

Carbon Black
Carbon black fittings have a uniform texture and matte, powdery appearance. The finish is oxidised giving it subtle dark brown undertones. Items in this finish lend themselves well to more modern and contemporary homes, though can certainly be utilised for a slightly country farmhouse feel when installed on white cabinetry or in lighter spaces.

Pair with a black sink.

Polished Chrome
Items in polished chrome have been electroplated. This process involves taking the base product made from solid brass, placing it in a solution with other metals, and running an electrical current through the solution. This causes the metal particles to coat and bind to the brass. This is quite a simplified explanation – the process is much more complex – however, the resulting finish is one that is highly durable and suitable for any application, especially in wet areas like bathrooms or around the kitchen sink.

Polished chrome is a high-shine silver finish with cool, blue undertones. It is sophisticated and versatile and perfectly completements modern, futuristic decor, as well as vintage art deco settings. This ever-popular finish also easily coordinates with other fittings such as tapware and appliances, and never goes out of style.

Perfectly paired with chrome taps.

Polished Nickel
Another finish which is electroplated onto brass, polished nickel is also highly durable. Like polished chrome, it has a high-shine silver appearance, however, where chrome is quite cool nickel has a warm gold undertone. Hepburn Hardware’s most popular finish, this timeless and classic finish is perfect for adding warmth to any space and is complemented by cream-coloured cabinetry and wardrobes.

Satin Nickel
Manufactured in the same way as polished nickel, satin nickel is also highly durable. Rather than being polished to a high shine, the surface is treated to create a slightly brushed appearance, and results in a subtle and subdued finish which is understated yet classy.

Pair with brushed nickel taps and brushed nickel sinks.