Tubular Latches

At Restoration Online we have an extensive range of tubular latches in different sizes and finishes to suit your door and style. All the tubular latches come included with the compatible striker plate and matching finish screws. Our massive range of finishes include polished brass, chrome, black, satin nickel, antique brass and antique copper just to name a few. Within the different finishes we have 3 sizes available which depend on the backset size of your door. The 3 sizes available are 45mm, 60mm and 70mm backsets. All of the 3 sizes and finishes are reversible in which can be installed on either a left or right hinged door.

How to measure your backset size?

Firstly, if you have a brand new door most standard plain doors will require a standard 60mm backset, however if you are unsure you can measure the vertical piece of the timber that forms the edge of your door which is called the stile. Measure the stile of the door and divide the measurement by 2. For example if the stile is 110mm ÷ 2 which equals 55mm. So you would choose the measurement closest to the 45mm, 60mm or 70mm backset size, in this case it would be 60mm. If you are replacing an existing door handle, you can measure the distance from the edge of the door to the centre of the door handle to get your backset measurement. If you are unsure on how to measure your backset, you can contact our expert sales team for any advice and questions from Monday – Friday 8:30am -5pm AEST.

What is the difference between standard and spilt cam latches?

Both standard and spilt cam latches can be used on your passage door handles, however they both have different movements. Standard latches use a standard 7.6mm spindle. When your latch and door handle are installed, when opening the door knob or lever both sides of the lever or knob will move. Unlike the standard latches the spilt came latches are from our premium range in which also use a 7.6mm spindle, however the spindle is spilt. Spilt cam latches allow independent operation of each knob or lever when used in conjunction with a spilt spindle, meaning only one side of the door handle will move due to the isolated movement. Since the spilt cam latches are from our premium range the price is a little more expensive due to the quality of the product.

What are tubular latches used for?

Tubular latches are an important component to a functioning door handle. A tubular latch is a component that is morticed inside the edge of the door which allows the door to be opened and closed. The word latch refers to the tongue of the latch, in the act of the door being closed and remaining latched shut. Tubular latches are used on passage door handles in which do not require a lock. If you are after a locking door handle we have various locking mechanisms to suit your project. Tubular latches are also used on privacy door handles which are used for bathroom or bedrooms doors. There are two options when it comes to the privacy function. You can simply use the tubular latch which operates the door to open and latch shut and then the use of a privacy bolt which will operate the privacy turn function, or you do have the option of a privacy mortice lock which is mainly used to replace an existing lock with such a big hole morticed out in the door. If you are after a more secure lock for external use we also have a massive range of euro locks, cylinders and traditional mortice locks to match our door handles. Another option you may come across is locks/latches for rebated doors. A rebated door is a pair of double doors that have a small section/lip removed from the edges of the door. This lip allows the doors to interlock together, so it closes tightly on top of the other door with an overlapping lip. You can purchase rebate kits separately or you can purchase a complete lock with the compatible rebate/non rebate striker to go with your selection. A popular trend at the moment is the deadbolt lock which are used for external use like front doors. The deadbolts will be used for the locking mechanism of the door and you can just select a passage door handle with a tubular latch which will latch the door shut and the deadbolt will be used to secure the door locked. Our new and emerging brand Nostalgic Warehouse is a high end US brand that has matching deadbolts and door handles to match throughout your entire home. Whether you’re upgrading your existing door hardware or installing new doors for your build or renovation, we have different lock styles to suit all of your needs. We can also key alike the locks as long they are from the same brand at no extra cost. You can easily leave a note in the comment section in the checkout to request this.

At Restoration online we ship our latches and door handles Australia wide and offer a 21 day returns policy. We ship all across Australia including Sydney, Tasmania, Gold Coast, Perth and all regional areas. We also ship our our latches and door handles worldwide including United States, New Zealand and Thailand. If you add your order to your cart and select your shipping destination, the postage will calculate manually for you. Don’t forgot to get your matching finish hinges, door bolts and door knockers to add the finial element to your home. If you are in a rush, just contact our friendly sales team and we can discuss our express options with you.