Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen Sinks

At Restoration Online, we have a host of high-quality kitchen sinks available that are perfect for any decor or design aesthetic. Whether you're searching for a classic 1901 Fireclay sink for your laundry or kitchen, or you want a rustic chic Butler sink and Belfast sink to complement your farmhouse decor, we have them in stock. They're resistant to scratching and heat, and they come built for long-lasting use.

Are Fireclay Sinks Durable?

Although fireclay sinks may look similar to porcelain or ceramic, which may make you question their durability in a kitchen environment, here are a few reasons as to why fireclay sinks are much stronger than you may think. The strength of the sinks comes from the genuine fireclay material that they are made from. The fireclay is reinforced with clay, making it stronger than any porcelain or ceramic. Our Fireclay Sinks are all handcrafted and are all offered with guarantees based on the quality of each product.

Fireclay Sinks are non-porous due to the advanced glazing techniques used on the solid fireclay. This means that nothing that enters the sink will penetrate the surface. The non-porous surface gives the sinks protection against odours and stains and makes it very easy to keep clean. Simply wiping the sink with soap and water will keep your sink looking fresh.

Fireclay sinks are also resistant to heat and impacts, which reduces risks of chipping, scratches, cracking and much more! Fireclay sinks are the perfect durable option to add to your kitchen, bathroom or laundry space and can even be used in outdoor kitchens.

Feel free to check out our fireclay sinks durability webpage to find out more information about fireclay sinks.

Undermount vs Drop-in Sinks

Depending on your project, you may be deciding on whether you want to go for a drop-in sink or an undermounted sink. Either of these sink types come with multiple benefits.

Having an undermount sink such as the 1901 Butler sink means you can complete your dream Farmhouse kitchen design, by having the front of the sink exposed while the other three sides are hidden. You can simply hide away the rim of the sink under the counter-top bench, which helps to not only provide a neat, clean countertop environment by sweeping any food particles straight into the sink but provides slightly more counter space also. It also means that the amount of leaning and bending over the sink when washing up is reduced, as the sink sits closer to user.

Drop-in sinks, otherwise known as inset sinks, are simply installed by ‘dropping’ the sink into the counter bench top. Inset sinks have a lip around the rim of the sink which hides any ugly edges of the countertop. This provides a clean cut and elegant look for your kitchen. All working areas of the sink can be cleaned and are visible.

Different Sink Brands

Here at Restoration Online, we offer an extensive range of sinks from various well known and reputable brands. Some of our most popular brands include, 1901 Sinks and Taps, Shaws Sinks, Turner Hastings, Meir, Chambord, Fienza, RAK ceramics and Schock sinks.

Shaws Sinks are a world-renowned sink brand and have been around for up to 115 years. There brand is very reputable, and they have an extensive range of high-class products to suit any sink project.

1901 Sinks and Taps is known for being a popular Australian brand of high-quality sink products. 1901 sinks are highly durable and have thick sink walls. Their sinks are known for never crazing and are heat, scratch, odour and stain resistant. This brand has a large range of sinks and is not as well known as Shaws sinks; however, these sinks are cheaper than some of the sinks from the shaws brand.

Another well known brand that are worth a mention is Chambord and the range of authentic French sinks that they offer. If you are wanting to add a sense of rich culture and timeless products to your design, Chambord sinks are a great way to go.

Double Bowl vs Single Bowl

Single bowl sinks are great to use in smaller kitchen spaces. When you have limited counter space a single bowl allows you to use your space sparingly while still adding charm to the rest of your kitchen. Single bowls also give you a larger space to work with in one spot, which is helpful when washing large pots and pans.

A double bowl sink is very helpful whenever you are washing dishes by hand. It allows you to separate the dirty dishes from the clean, which means not taking up precious counter space. Double bowl sinks are often larger, giving you plenty of room to place dirty dishes, washup and not have everything crammed into one small space.

Get Kitchen Sinks and More from Restoration Online

Our range of double kitchen sinks includes brands like Shaws, and we have durable and stylish sinks online from the industry leaders in sink manufacturing. You'll be able to find a range of farmhouse sinks, apron sinks, kitchen sinks, Belfast sinks, Fireclay sinks and double kitchen sinks all in stock and ready to ship.

No matter if you want a timeless copper sink, a sturdy stainless-steel sink or an elegant granite kitchen sink, we can help. Our high-quality kitchen sinks come at cost-effective pricing, and this helps anyone to afford one of our exclusive choices. Whatever you choose, our style range will fit seamlessly with your kitchen.

Take a look at our laundry sinks, as well as Drop In and Inset Fireclay sinks. With such a varied selection readily available, any improvement or renovation project is much easier! With fast shipping throughout Australia, it's easy to see why Restoration Online is the first choice for thousands of customers.

Matching Tapware and waste fittings

At Restoration Online we have all the matching tapware and fittings to use with your sink.

If you are purchasing a sink, why not purchase matching tapware from the same brand and continue the consistency throughout your project. Many brands that sell the sinks also sell taps, including 1901 Sinks and taps, Turner Hastings, Fienza and Abey.

All of our sinks come included with matching waste fittings, however, if you are wanting to match the finish of your tapware or want to use different coloured waste fittings with your sink we have many options available for different coloured waste fittings in multiple sizes. Add a protective barrier for your glassware and fine china by choosing a protective rubber sink mat.

Buy Kitchen Sinks For Sale Across Australia

At Restoration Online we service and ship our large collection of kitchen sinks Australia wide including to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Gold Coast and all regional areas of Australia. Our customer service team is available to assist with any product or delivery enquiry 8.30am – 5pm Monday Friday NSW Time, so please free to contact us with any questions you may have. We offer the best kitchen sink range available in Australia, from cheap affordable options to quality high end luxury brands in all standard kitchen sink sizes including 600mm, 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm widths.