Vintage and Modern Toilet Suites

It’s not a bathroom without a toilet, right? Despite its importance, the toilet is often overlooked until the last minute during renovations. When it’s thrown in as an afterthought, your toilet can disrupt the look and personality you want to obtain. But when you take the time to choose the right style, your toilet can become a dazzling addition to your bathroom.

If you’re looking for the best selection of vintage and modern toilet suites in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Restoration Online, we are Australia’s preferred supplier of all the items you need for your restoration projects. 

We offer a variety of toilet suites including close coupled, In-wall cistern and pipe styles that are perfect for your next renovation project. Whether you’re looking for a traditional white or a unique vintage option, we guarantee you’ll find some of the best toilets online when you shop with us.

The Best Toilet in Australia 

If you need to buy a new toilet for your bathroom, we offer a wide range of high-quality, durable products that not only look amazing but will also last for years.

Love that vintage look? Check out our old-fashioned High-Lever Cistern Toilet, complete with a pull chain. This lovely piece is sure to make a statement in your bathroom, especially when paired with one of our classy bathroom sinks.

Looking for something a little more traditional? We carry a range of heritage toilets with unique styles including Kingston, Birmingham, and Georgia models in either P-trap or S-trap options. Our white Kingston toilets are a great addition to your modern bathroom. Finish off your perfect look with accessories and décor from our bathroom collection.

If you’re looking for a toilet seat that adds theme, warmth, and serenity, along with an inviting appeal to your bathroom, we have wooden toilet seats available that will help you fulfil this vision.

All our toilets and bidets are made from vitreous china, chosen for its durability, stain resistance, and sanitary properties. We also ensure that all our toilets meet WELs standard so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re doing your part for the environment.

P-Trap vs S-Trap Toilets

The water seal at the bottom of the toilet is referred to as an S-Trap or P-trap. This water seal stops sewer gases and other smells from leaking up through your toilet and escaping into your bathroom. Depending on which set out option you have, this will determine the outlet drainage point location.

When the toilet waste pipe connection goes through the floor this is referred to as an S-trap. The distance between the wall and the centre of the pipe in the floor is known as the ‘set out’. To differentiate between an S-trap and a P-Trap, just imagine an ‘S’ turned on its side, as this is the same shape of the S-Trap waste pipe when it’s installed.

A P-trap toilet on the other hand, has a waste pipe that goes directly through the wall, rather than the floor. The ‘set out’ for a P-Trap toilet is the measurement from the floor to the centre of the waste pipe. You can also imagine the letter ‘P’ on its side to remember the differences between the two different waste pipes.


Bidet toilets have steadily been growing in popularity overtime, as they come with many amazing benefits. Bidets provide your bathroom with a high-quality feel, while reducing the cost of toilet paper and providing both a hygienic and environmentally friendly appeal.

The oval basin shape not only looks great, but provides you with quality and comfort. The bidets are made from vitreous china to increase durability, sanitation, and stain resistance. We have a range of styles and sizes to choose from, including the traditional white bidet to the rich ivory bidet.

In Wall Cistern Toilets

If you’re looking to modernise your bathroom, choosing an In-Wall Cistern Toilet would be the way to go. Instead of having a close-coupled toilet with the cistern sitting directly on the toilet pan, an In-Wall Cistern means that you can secretly conceal the cistern within the wall behind your toilet, leaving only the flush plates exposed.

Not only does this provide a clean, sleek look but it also frees up space in your bathroom, making it look bigger and less busy. Check out our range today.

Toilet Suites from Leading Manufacturers

Meet the masterminds behind these fabulous toilet suites:

  • Turner Hastings is an Australian-family owned and operated business. They have been supplying Bathroom Ware, including their range of Turner Hastings Toilets, for over 25 years. They take pride in their customer care, which allows them to provide products of top quality to the public.
  • RAK is proud to be one of the leading ceramic brands in the world. The company commits itself to environmental and sustainable practices, from product design and efficient operating processes for all their products. Please feel free to check out our range of RAK Ceramic Toilets.

Both suppliers manufacture their products to meet the WELs standard and are also WaterMarked to suit the Australian Standard.

Shop Toilet Suites and More

Whether you need to buy a toilet, bidet or urinal, or perhaps you need to purchase other bathroom fittings, such as bathroom tapware, Restoration Online has got you covered. 

We make it easy to buy toilets online with a wide selection of options, high-quality products, and accessible prices. These products are shipped Australia wide to both regional and metro areas. Contact us with any questions, to learn more about our products, or to buy your toilet suite today.