Lantern Lights

Lantern lights are a popular range of period style indoor lighting. From designer pendant lights to vintage and heritage lanterns, we have a wide variety of lantern ceiling lights available in various sizes large and small. Our lantern ceiling lights are also available in a several finishes such as black, antique brass, chrome, bronze and nickel so you’ll be sure to find something that matches with your decor. Our range of traditional lighting includes lantern lights in styles such as Art Deco, Country, Victorian and more. For home renovators or restoration builders looking for an old fashioned lantern light fitting – the Restoration Online collection is perfect for adding the final touch to your home or project.


Before we look at the different styles available, firstly what is a lantern light? A lantern light usually features a protective case or enclosure for the light source with transparent glass or openings so the light can be seen; often it has a metal frame with glass sides. Historically before the light globe was invented, the light source would have been a candle or a wick in oil, and the lantern light was usually portable and came with a handle. But these days, electric lantern lights can be hung from your ceiling creating a warm ambience and evoking an old-world charm.


Lantern lights are very versatile. They can be hung at various lengths depending on the height of your ceiling, and what area your ceiling lantern light is trying to illuminate. They are a great choice for homes with high ceiling homes. For example in a traditional house with a large foyer, a fixed ceiling light may be too far away to light up the space adequately. You can adjust the height of your lantern ceiling light to suit your needs. You can also vary the number of ceiling lights you have in your room. You might decide to have one large lantern light as a feature in the centre of your room, or you may prefer to have two or more smaller pendant lights spaced evenly across the ceiling. You can also choose between one, two, three, four or six lamp holders depending on the size of the room and the amount of light you want the lantern to emanate. With so much choice, you may need some expert advice! Our experienced team is available online or over the phone to discuss your lantern light requirements. And when your order arrives if you find it isn’t quite what you were after, we offer a 21-day change of mind policy where you can either exchange the product or get a refund. We want to make sure our customers are happy with their purchases.


Lantern ceiling lights can really brighten up your room not only with their light, but they can add warmth, personality and set the right style and mood for the space. From simple to ornate, at Restoration Online there are a range of styles to choose from. For example, if you want to make a bold statement in your entranceway, the Rutherford large lantern pendant, from Australian Company Lighting Inspirations by Lode International, features six lantern lights with hand-blown transparent curved glass panels that are set in a Rutherford bronze frame. As bubbles, lines or surface imperfections are characteristic of hand blown glass, each lantern will be unique.


Also from Lighting Inspirations in a simple, yet elegant design is the chrome Gatsby glass hanging pendant. These Hamptons hanging pendants feature one translucent conical glass shade on a Gatsby chrome frame and a single chain. As well as single chain pendants, we also sell lantern lights with rod pendants for a more streamlined look. In the Vermont range we have the four lamp holder lantern light in a bronze or chrome finish. Or if you are after a rod pendant with a more designer feel, we also sell the lantern pendant light with a nickel finish. This bench pendant is made by Telbix Lighting who also offer a range of other stylish lantern lights.


If you have a low ceiling, you may want to choose one of our lantern lights that are installed close to the ceiling. One semi-flush option is the Vermont ceiling lantern that has a stunning polished chrome finish, four lamp holders and features beautifully clear, curved hand-blown glass. Also suitable for low ceilings are the small Manor three light lantern that comes in chrome or bronze or for a more simpler look we also have the stylish Oregon close to ceiling light with one lamp holder. You can browse through our entire collection of lantern lights online.


And if you need to buy other indoor lighting products in addition to lantern lights, we also stock wall lights, multi arm lights, pendant lights, ceiling lights, kitchen bench lights, chandelier lighting and lamps. And it is not only indoor lighting that we take care of; we can provide solutions for all your lighting needs. By buying all your lights from Restoration Online, we can help you coordinate your lighting so that you have a consistent style throughout both your house and garden. Shop online today and we can ship your order directly to you across Australia. We can light up your home in no time!