Post Lights

Outdoor post lights are a great way to illuminate your garden, paths or driveways. These lights are a wonderful addition to any garden and will give you a comforting sense of security as well as creating a warm and welcoming feel for your visitors. Restoration Online offers a large range of traditional post lights and coach post lights delivered Australia-wide.


Not only do post lights, also known as light posts or lamp posts, make a statement but they also have many practical uses too. Firstly, they are a good safety feature for your home. If you have visitors arriving after dark or if your guests need to move from one location on your property to another, having lights installed will make it easier for them to see where they are going. Being so high up, installing a post light can be an excellent way to cast light on your driveway, entrances and other pathways. Outdoor lighting is also a good security feature as it deters burglars, vandalisers and other unwanted intruders. If you have a large garden or outdoor area, having post lights can help you to make better use of the space at night. The additional lighting can allow you to play outdoor games such as bocce and croquet in your garden during the warmer months. Outdoor lamp lights can also make entertaining and eating outside at night much easier. Exterior post lights can also be used to shine light on some of your beautiful outdoor features such as a rockery, a water feature or other decorative landscaping.


If you are restoring a period home, the garden will be one of the first things people see, so don’t forget about your outdoor areas when you are doing your planning. At Restoration Online, we sell a range of elegant light posts topped with different lantern designs. Our traditional style post lights are made from aluminium and glass, have one lamp holder, and come in either an antique bronze or antique black finish. They come from Lighting Inspirations, which are part of the Lode International group of companies that has been trading for over 50 years, with a long history of supplying quality lighting products.


The Flinders range has a gothic, medieval style of lamp and comes with a three piece standard post or, if you prefer, it also comes with a more ornate domain post. Or if you are after a gothic look but want a more angular lantern, you can take a look at the Albany post light range as well. We also stock posts lights from other ranges including Mayfair, Tilburn, Waterford, Strand and Wellington. With so many different ranges to choose from, you are likely to find something you like. But if you can’t see exactly what you are after on our website, please get in contact with us as we are often able to source other items as well, and if we can’t we will point you in the right direction. Our sales team are very experienced and knowledgeable and would love to discuss your lighting solutions with you. You can contact us online, or if you prefer you can give us a call and chat to us on the phone.

How tall are post lights?




Post lights are not all the same height, so you can choose from a variety of heights and select the one that best suit your needs. At Restoration Online, we sell post lights ranging from a frame height of 223cm to a frame height of 281cm. The lanterns on the posts also come in different shapes and sizes, too. If you require a shorter light, we also stock pillar lights which can be mounted on top of pillars and poles and can create a lovely ambience around a garden or pool area. We sell pillar lights that match with the style of our post lights so whether it is a very tall post light or a light on a shorter pillar mount you can create a consistent look across your whole garden.


If you have an exterior wall in your garden that would be suitable to mount a light on, you can check out our range of outdoor wall lights as well. Or to light up your undercover patio, verandah or terrace, we also sell chain pendants, rod pendants and under eave lights that are suitable for outdoor use. Again, these outdoor lighting solutions are available in a range of styles, so you can buy one that matches the style of your post lights. By planning and coordinating all your outdoor lighting, you can create an enchanting garden and outdoor entertaining area that you and your friends will love spending time in.


Whatever your renovation needs, with many years of restoration and building experience, Restoration Online can help you create a style that you will love. Whether it is outdoors or indoors, we can help you find the products and accessories you need. Shop online today and starting making your dream home a reality.