Door Pull Handles

Installing door pull handles is a quick and efficient way to revive old doors, cupboards and drawers. As they are a relatively simple design and structure the choices available are huge, but there are a few tricks that you need to follow to make sure you get a high-quality set. 

Something that people forget to do is to get enough of them at the same time. Many companies make handles in batches, and different batches can have very slight differences. Although this could be something as minor as the shine on the handles, when you put them together in a row, such as a set of draws, if one is not as shiny, it will stick out like the proverbial sore thumb.

The best way to avoid inconsistencies in your door pull handles is to buy all the door handles you need in one go, or at least all that you’ll need for the current project. If you're restoring a kitchen, count all the pull handles and add one or two. This will future proof your renovation, as if a few years down the track a handle breaks you’ll have a spare ready to go, and you won’t need to replace all of them again. Handles come in and out of style quite fast, and trying to replace a handle with some that you bought five or six years ago can be difficult.

How to Replace Your Door Pull Handle

For door pull handles there are a few things that need to be considered in order to get the most value out of your purchase. If you’re replacing a current set of handles, measure the distance between the screw holes. This will give you a guide for the length of handle you need for a seamless install. 

Depending on the application of the handles if you wish to go beyond this measurement you may need to replace the door. If your door or drawer never had any hardware or handles installed, then the sky is your limit! You’re free to choose anything that piques your interest.

Have a look through our selection of door handles and choose a style that fits your particular tastes. We have a huge variety – including traditional, modern, transitional, and premium. 

Choosing the Right Finish

After you’ve chosen your style, you can look at the finishes available and they can usually match any other decor in your home. 

Getting something that fits with what you currently have is important, as your door pull handles should blend into the other elements in your home and not stand out. 

The finishes we have available include: 

  • Antique brass and copper
  • Black
  • Chrome
  • Glass
  • Crystal
  • Iron
  • Polished brass and nickel
  • Wood.

How to Install a Door Pull Handle

If you’re replacing a current set of door pull handles, and you have a new set that is the same width, installation is relatively simple. 

  1. Use a power drill and the appropriate bit. Most handles use Philips head screws, but occasionally you may find flat head screws (especially in older handles) and unscrew the old screws. If the screws are tight, or the drill skips and strips out the head of the screw, you might need to drill out or cut the screw. You can cut off the head of a round headed screw with a cutting blade in a grinder, or if the head is countersunk, you’ll need to drill it out.
  2. Once the old handles are removed, put them aside and give the area a clean with a damp cloth and then dry it thoroughly. If you’re installing into wood, you can give the area a light sand to make sure you get a smooth and clean fit. 
  3. Put the new handles up against the existing holes and using a screwdriver (avoid using a power drill here, as you’ll get a cleaner finish without it) tighten the screws until the door handles are secure and tight. Give them a quick test and you're done!

Adding Handles to a New Cupboard

For new drawers and cupboards, you’ll need to draw a perfect square or rectangle on the surface. Make sure all your lines are straight by using a spirit level and draw in the outline with a pencil with the edges running in line with the screw holes. Check that the gaps between the handles are all even and once you’re happy with the general layout, you can make a template guide for the screw holes.

A template is basically a scrap prince of wood, with the screw holes drilled out. You can make the template by temporarily installing one of your handles. Mark the holes on the wood and drill them out, test fit the door handles and if everything is good use this as your guide for all the others. 

Ideally make the template fit to an edge of the door face you’re going to install the handles onto, this makes it easier to fit them. Clamp the template in place and either mark the holes with a pencil, or if your confidant, drill straight through it. Insert the screws and tighten the handle until it’s secure; repeat this for as many handles as you have until you're finished.

Buying Your Door Pull Handles

At Restoration Online you can buy door pull handles in our online shop, and we ship all over Australia. We offer a 21-day returns policy, so if your handles are not exactly what you’re after then you can organise for a return easily. 

If you're upgrading and restoring cupboards, drawers or general door furniture, be sure to check out our other sections on doors, these include: rim lock and standard knobsleversliding and screen door handles, and entry handle sets. We have a large range that will suit any restoration project.