Dresser Handles

Dresser handles

Dressers don’t stay looking new forever. A lot of the time, this is part of the charm of the antique item. However, even some beautiful antique dressers need a touch up here and there, to keep them functioning properly during the ageing process. There are many styles and types of dressers out there, including, wardrobes, tall boys, low boys, bedside tables and more. Not to mention dressing tables, chests of drawers, sideboards, and cupboards. Each type of dresser will always be outfitted with matching dresser handles. Overtime and with plenty of use, the handles on these dressers can start to deteriorate and often need replacing. That’s where Restoration Online comes in. With our fabulous range of traditional style dresser handles, suited to an array of different dresser styles, you will be able to find the perfect reproduction handle for your project.

Our handles are offered in many styles, sizes, and finishes, so we have all your dresser handle needs covered! These handles can be used for newly installed cabinets or any of your existing furniture to give it an instant facelift. Each handle is designed with unique decorative features to suit certain time periods and styles to achieve the perfect olden day era look.

Can you replace handles on a dresser?

Of course, you can! Restoring old furniture has been a common practice for centuries and is even a hobby among many keen DIY enthusiasts. The real question you may be asking however is, is it easy to replace handles on a dresser? The key is finding handles that match the existing style and aesthetic of the dresser. This is important as the dresser can end up looking mismatched and the handles will look out of place rather than blending in seamlessly with the antique background. When replacing handles, you want to make sure that your new handles will be able to cover up any pre-existing holes left behind. Uncovered holes can be unsightly and won’t give you a nice clean finished look.

When shopping for dresser handles, count the number of drawer pulls/knobs you require to replace the ones on your chosen dresser. Decide whether you wish to replace your current handles with a new style or whether you want to find handles that are a perfect match for your existing drawers or doors. Make sure to also take in the surroundings of where your dresser is located. This plays a big part in choosing the style of dresser handles and creating a desirable aesthetic appeal in the living space. This also aids in making sure that the theme of your room stays presently in contact with all other features that are also based in that room, including colour wise.

Styles and sizes

Matching to art periods are these handles speciality, tapping into all sorts of stylistic traditional eras. If you’re after a particular handle style to suit a certain age, then we have the dresser handles for you. Our handles are designed to be authentic reproductions of original dresser handles which are perfect for restoring antique furniture. Perhaps your antique dresser beckons for handles from the Edwardian, Art Nouveau or Victorian period. Many of our handles are ornate and are very decorative to give you a sense of luxury and character. Even though these items are often used on traditional wooden furniture, some of the simpler styles, can however, be used in contemporary home designs, to help spice things up a bit. The elegance does not stop merely at the architectural design of the product. It expands into the beautiful handles these items are offered in. If you’re looking to brighten up your everyday cupboard than polished brass is a great finish option to go with. Not only does it brighten a space, but it can also add a touch of luxury to furniture such as bedside tables. For the perfect antique, aged look, antique brass or antique copper should be your go to finish of choice. For more modern fixtures, you can always opt for chrome or black as they are neutral colours that can match anything.

Dresser handles are used for many purposes and projects and therefore need the ability to accommodate for this. The manufacturer of these products also knows how important this is and has designed the dresser handles in a range of different sizes to suit all different sized drawers. Sticking to the original authenticity many of these handles are created from sheet brass, which is the same material used in original wardrobe handles. Each of these dresser handles come with screws included, making them an easy DIY project, and is something you can work on yourself without needing to pay for a professional installer.

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Upgrading the cosmetic appearance of your wardrobes does not need to stop merely at traditional dresser handles. There are so many more handle styles that Restoration Online has to offer to help aid you in restoring your furniture! From furniture knobs, furniture drawer pulls, and furniture ring pulls to tear drop handles, furniture pedestal handles and furniture knob backplates, we have all your handle needs covered!

Once you have upgraded your wardrobes, you may feel impressed to upgrade other elements of your home also to have everything matching. While feeling motivated you can upgrade your kitchen handles and door handles, with door levers, door knobs, pull handles and kitchen knobs.

If you ever need help deciding on which handles or if you have any questions regarding our products, do not hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our friendly sales team members.


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